SoloSuit Review: Solve Debt Collection In 15 Minutes

May 1, 2023

SoloSuit is a legaltech platform that helps individuals respond to debt collection lawsuits. SoloSuit uses artificial intelligence to generate legal documents and provide step-by-step guidance for users to file their responses in court.

SoloSuit also offers affordable pricing options and has helped thousands of people across the United States defend themselves against debt collection lawsuits. If you're fighting a debt collection lawsuit, we highly recommend using SoloSuit to protect you.

Every year, 10 million Americans are sued for debt, and 90% of these people lose by default because they don't respond within the 14-30 day deadline.

That’s why in this article, we're reviewing SoloSuit—a company developed to solve this problem and protect your money.

What Is SoloSuit?

SoloSuit is a self-help tool that helps you prepare your legal answer in a debt collection lawsuit.

This step-by-step web app was initially developed in January 2018 by LawX (BYU Law School’s legal design lab). And the tool has now emerged into a company of its own, based in Utah and led by former BYU Law student George Simons. Simons initially came up with the idea after being sold a faulty car and realizing how difficult it is for the everyday person to find legal help.

To date, SoloSuit has helped over 80,000 people protect their money, amounting to $472 million, and its success comes down to the helpful features this simple self-help tool provides users.

Let's go through SoloSuit's top features now.

SoloSuit Features

#1 Easy-To-Use Interface

Using SoloSuit to prepare your legal answer only takes around 15 minutes and is incredibly easy.

Here’s what the process looks like from start to finish:

  1. Upon accessing the SoloSuit web app, you’ll be asked all the necessary questions needed to complete your answer document
  2. When your answer document is completed, you can either print the completed forms to mail to the courts yourself, or if you pay SoloSuit a fee they will file them for you and have an attorney review the document
  3. Wait a few weeks to hear back whether or not your case has been dismissed

#2 Free To Use

SoloSuit has three different packages (at varying costs) available for customers to choose from.

Its lowest-tier package is its Free package, which, as the name suggests, can be used free of charge.

The great thing about the Free package is that it allows you to go through the entire process of creating a response document and downloading it as a PDF.

When you have that, all you need to do is print the document and send it to the court for review.

The Free package is great if you want to save money (or even test how SoloSuit’s interface works). But if you want complete peace of mind, SoloSuit also has two more packages that are loaded with even more benefits.

#3 Done For You

The next step up from SoloSuit’s Free package is their Standard package, which is priced at $47.

In addition to allowing you to create a response document and download it as a PDF, this Standard package also provides you with a filing fee calculation (some courts in the US charge filing fees to respond to a lawsuit).

But that’s not the biggest benefit.

Because when you choose this standard package, SoloSuit will do the work of filing your response document for you (which means you don’t have to deal with posting your answer document and worrying about whether or not you’ve sent it correctly.)

In addition to doing the legwork for you, SoloSuit will also send you status updates via text or email, letting you know when your document has been sent and when it has been filed with the court.

And that leaves us with SoloSuit’s $197 Premium package, which includes everything we’ve mentioned so far, with the addition of an attorney review.

As part of SoloSuit’s attorney review, one of their consumer protection attorneys will review your entire answer document to make sure everything’s up to scratch before filing.

With these three packages, SoloSuit lets you prioritize whether money is more important to you, or the peace of mind that comes with having the professionals process your answer document for you.

But that’s just one part of SoloSuit’s business.

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SoloSuit also has three more products that can help you protect your money:

#4 A One-Stop-Shop For Your Legal Needs

In addition to debt lawsuit responses, SoloSuit can also help you:

  • Respond to a collection letter. If your debt collector is harassing you with annoying phone calls and letters, SoloSuit can help you send them a debt validation letter. As SoloSuit states on its website, after receiving this letter, many debt collectors simply give up
  • Force a lawsuit out of court. Does your credit card or loan agreement include an arbitration clause? If so, SoloSuit’s Motion to Compel Arbitration document uses it against the collector, making it more expensive for them to come after you
  • Offer to settle. SoloSuit’s Debt Lawsuit Settlement Letter offers the collector an arrangement to settle outside of court. This allows you to potentially close the case by paying them less than the face value of the debt

As you can see, SoloSuit is loaded with features that help the “little guy” protect their money.

Now that we’ve gone through SoloSuit’s main features, let's give a quick overview of both the pros and the cons of the service.

SoloSuit Pros

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No download is required to use the software
  • Free package gives you everything you need to start filing your answer document on your own
  • Paid packages do all the legwork for you
  • Text and email status updates are included with both paid packages
  • SoloSuit provide a 100% guaranteed filing with the court or your money back

SoloSuit Cons

  • Hard to reach customer service according to some complaints
  • $197 Premium package is expensive just for the addition of the attorney review

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In Summary

If you have a debt collection lawsuit filed against you and you have no idea how to respond to it, SoloSuit offers a promising option for you to protect your money before the 14-30 day deadline.

While SoloSuit does have a couple of issues—customer service being the main one—it’s completely free to try if you’re happy to file your answer document yourself.

If not, the $49 Standard package may be perfect for you, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

Try SoloSuit out for yourself now by clicking the button below. It will take you directly to the registration page of their website where you can create an account and get started.

SoloSuit FAQs

Is SoloSuit legit?

Yes, SoloSuit is a legitimate company. Not only has it helped 80,000 people protect a total of $472 million to date, but SoloSuit has also been featured in well-known media outlets and magazines including Fast Company, NPR, and Bloomberg.

SoloSuit also currently has 384 reviews on Google with an overall rating of 4.8 stars out of 5:

“First time getting sued by a debt collector and I was searching all over YouTube and ran across SoloSuit, so I decided to buy their services with their attorney reviewed documentation which cost extra but it was well worth it! SoloSuit sent the documentation to the parties and to the court which saved me time from having to go to court and in a few weeks the case got dismissed!”


“I did exactly like the solo suit team asked and filled out all the documents with thier preloaded response software and mailed everything in as instructed. Little did I know we didn’t even need to go to to court because it has been dismissed after receiving my response but it’s ok. It was the exact outcome we were looking for. Thanks solo suit and if we ever have any problem like this again I know where I’ll be coming to for advice.”

—John R.

“I had a lawsuit filed against me and after researching the process online i decided I wanted to file a response and found SoloSuit. They made it super easy, stepping me through all the questions and gathering the information and turned it into a proper legal response. They were also very responsive to questions during the process via email and on the phone. Couldn't have asked for a better outcome either!”

—David B.

Is SoloSuit safe?

SoloSuit does not guarantee that your case will be successful, and they’re not liable for any money you owe as a result of a defeat (this includes money paid to government entities like filing fees and taxes).

However, all orders are covered by the “SoloSuit Satisfaction Guarantee.”

In short, if you’re not satisfied with their services, they ask you to contact them immediately and they will correct the situation or provide a refund. You can do that by emailing them at [email protected].

What is SoloSuit’s success rate?

The success of your defense relies on the claims you present and your ability to prove them. On their website, SoloSuit claim that 50% of their customers’ cases have been dismissed.

That’s not a bad dismissal rate, and according to George Simons, SoloSuit’s CEO, it’s all because of the software’s ability to see people through the filing process, which is critical:

“Responding to the lawsuit is also important because it actually gives you an edge in the lawsuit. Many debt collection companies actually bet on people failing to file an Answer, thereby allowing the debt collector to obtain the aforementioned default judgment. When you respond to their lawsuit, many debt collectors are genuinely surprised and may even be inclined to offer a negotiated settlement in the hopes of avoiding the cost of actually litigating your case.”

—SoloSuit CEO George Simons

One thing you should consider that can boost the odds of success in your favour is to ensure the claims you present can be proven. If you use false claims, the judge will likely see through them and issue a judgment against you. That’s why SoloSuit writes on its website:

“The more evidence you can provide to support your claims, the better. For instance, if you claim the statute of limitations expired, provide copies of the last transaction in the account. If you believe you are the victim of identity theft, file a complaint with the FTC and your local authorities. If you have previously settled the debt, produce copies of your receipts or a canceled check.”


How do I file a response with SoloSuit?

If you opt to use SoloSuit’s Free package, which allows you to create and download your answer, you can file it yourself by following these steps:

  1. Print out two copies of your answer
  2. Personally sign and date them
  3. File one answer with the Clerk of the Court, and send the other to the attorney of the person suing you

Please note that you may have to pay a filing fee to the court.

Not all courts charge filing fees, though some courts (California courts, for example) can charge as much as $450.

Again, SoloSuit’s Standard and Premium packages will provide you with a filing fee calculation for your specific court.

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