How To Get Free Samples (Quickly & Easily)

June 14, 2022

Name one person you know who doesn’t like free stuff. I bet you can’t. Still, we think it’s important to try out products before you actually spend your hard-earned cash on something you aren’t sure you will even like.

We love stores like Sephora and Kiehls, which are especially generous with spreading the love of their free samples! And somsetimes, if you get lucky, a company will search out consumers looking to try and test products. In other circumstances, companies outsource this work to other websites designed to get their products into the hands of shoppers like you.

Finding the websites where you can sign up to test these products can sometimes be hard to find – especially if you’re in Canada. We’ve compiled a list of the legitimate sites, all you have to do is sign up (which is 100% free), and they will email you when samples are available!

Companies Offering Free Samples

Huggies Diapers & Wipes

This is probably the best baby freebie- Huggies free samples.  With the “No Baby Unhugged” ProgramHuggies mails you a package of 32 newborn diapers with a small package of Huggies Natural Care wipes.

Of course, 32 newborn diapers don’t last very long, maybe three days, but still, it’s not bad at all!  They mail you a package within a few weeks.  If you have multiple emails or even friends you can mail a package to, it will really save on the cost of newborn diapers!  (Perhaps this is the reason why it’s so hard to find bulk large packages of newborn diapers!)

Newborn diapers are suitable if your baby is under 10 lbs, so make sure you order this ahead of time (and not after birth) because your baby will be too big for them soon enough!  Otherwise, if your baby is over 4 weeks old already, you’ll get Huggies baby products coupons instead.

After one year, Huggies will also send you a $1.00 off coupon on Huggies wipes to use just in time for your baby’s first birthday party (to wipe up all that birthday cake mess).

Walmart Baby Box

The link looks like you can sign up here to create a Walmart baby registry, but I checked with Walmart staff and they said there is, unfortunately, no Baby Box or Walmart registry right now.  

(You’ll get the $30 bonus if you make a purchase over $30 within 90 days of signing up)

This is what our Walmart Baby Box looked like, but I think the free baby samples in Canada for Walmart will be different for everyone.

Here are some of the brands featured in the Canadian Walmart Baby Box:

London Drugs Baby Welcome Package

Though London Drugs is only located in Western Canada (with British Columbia and Alberta being the predominant provinces), this is still a nice gift of free baby samples in Canada if you have a London Drugs near you.

The London Drugs Baby Welcome Package comes in a cute little box and has lots of trial size free samples, including some baby wipes, a package of Kleenex, nursing pads (though just one or two nursing pads), moisturizing cream, and other great things.

It changes slightly each year.

All you have to do is go to this page on the London Drugs website to sign up, and they will email you back a certificate to redeem at the customer service desk at your local London Drugs.  You can also sign up in-store at the customer service desk too and just ask for the London Drugs Baby Welcome package.

I picked this up in 2017 and 2019 and the contents within the Baby Welcome Package differed between the years, but all the baby freebies were very useful.

This baby freebie doesn’t get mailed to you; you have to pick up the London Drugs Baby Welcome Package in-store.

Babies R Us 

When you sign up for The Baby Registry and put 25 items in your registry, you will get a free gift bag filled with samples and coupons.  You will also get a $25 coupon off of a $75 purchase.  

I signed up using the Babies R Us Registry App and I got a registry number.  I showed that registry number to the Babies R Us staff and they gave me my swag bag.  See below for the stuff I got in my Babies R Us swag bag this year- a little too many pacifiers, but I like the creams and baby bottles. There are even a few bags to put dirty diapers in (the light blue square) when you’re on the go.

I signed up for the Baby Registry even though I didn’t have a baby shower and didn’t want people to look at my baby registry (since it was a fake baby registry).

The gift bag was great in 2017 and included some safety gear, free samples of trial-sized Cetaphil baby oil, Aveeno baby samples in Canada, a pacifier, a package of diapers, a package of wipes, and a lot of other great things.  

Updated for 2022, it is now $25 off your next purchase of $75 or more (in-store or online), before taxes (and some exclusions apply).

In 2017 before the $75 minimum purchase, I used the $25 coupon to buy nursing pads and a baby grooming kit which included baby nail clippers, a thermometer, and other useful baby freebies!  This has been useful even 5 years later (the grooming kit, not the nursing pads, lol).

The Baby Box Co.

Baby Box University is an initiative to provide education to improve safety (decreasing the risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) for newborns.  The Baby Box came from a Finnish tradition.

The boxes are distributed at certain centres (for me in Vancouver, it was a baby ultrasound clinic) but you have to finish a “Baby Box University” program which takes a few minutes of reviewing videos and answering some quizzes to test your knowledge.

You then get a certificate and you can pick up your Baby Box.  The Baby Box is great, it can replace buying a bassinet.  

The box has a little mattress and a mattress cover.  It came with a package of Pampers newborn diapers, wipes, a pacifier, coupons, some baby oil or wash, and even a little onesie that says “Remember to ‘bee’ safe and lay me down to sleep on my back zzzz”.  There were other things but I forgot what they were, to be honest!

My children still use the baby box to play with or snuggle in, and they take the little mattress out and play with it too.

As of 2020, Baby Box Canada is now called Family One.  Now, you can enter for baby freebies and giveaways such as baby car seats.  They had a $500 giveaway at one point.

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Buy Buy Baby

If you create a baby registry online through Buybuy Baby (Buybuy Baby is Bed Bath and Beyond Canada), when you go in store, you can pick up a BuyBuy Baby free goody bag and a Buybuy Baby coupon.

Sign up here for BuyBuy Baby free goody bag from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Indigobaby Memory Book

I love Chapters Indigo (especially shopping online) for baby stuff and they now have a baby registry and gift you a free baby book in Canada.

If you sign up for Chapter’s baby registry here, you can get:

You just need to be a Chapters Indigo plum® member and create a Baby Registry containing a minimum of 15 unique items (purchased or unpurchased), with qualifying pre-tax purchase(s) of $50.00. 

The registry has to be active for 14 days to qualify.

Also, you get 4.0% cash back on toys, gifts, and books (basically everything except electronics and gift cards, which is 2% cash back) at Chapters Indigo.

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Best Buy Baby Samplers Club

The Best Buy Baby Samplers Club give you the opportunity to review and test baby products and gear for free if you write a review. 

If you are selected (you have to be a Canadian parent and have a baby under the age of two), you get to test and keep baby products for free for writing an honest negative or positive review. 

Best Buy has been expanding their selection of baby gear and I have been impressed with their online selection.

Some of the products available include brands from Mountain Buggy, Levana, Munchkin, Baby Banz, and Safety 1st.

Though this isn’t exactly free baby samples in Canada, it’s still not a bad idea to try and sign up for.

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