Best Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings In Canada

January 18, 2024

The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring is a stunning jewelry piece with high-quality materials, an intricate split shank design, and customizable options. It stands out from traditional round-cut diamond rings with its unique style while still radiating brightness thanks to its exceptional cut. We recommend this ring for those looking for something classic yet modern. The ring’s 14K white gold and unique diamond are sure to symbolize your love and commitment forever!

Pear-shaped engagement rings are a classic and elegant choice for brides who want to stand out from the crowd. Pear-shaped diamonds have a unique shape that combines the brilliance of a round cut with the elongated elegance of a marquise cut. They can make your fingers look longer and slimmer, and they can suit any setting and style. In this blog post, we will show you some of the best pear-shaped engagement rings in Canada and tell you why they are a great choice for your special occasion. Whether you prefer a simple solitaire, a sparkling halo, or a modern bezel, you will find a pear-shaped ring that fits your taste and budget. Read on to discover the best pear-shaped engagement rings in Canada, and get ready to fall in love with these teardrop gems.

What Are The Best Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings In Canada?

#1 Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring—Best Overall

The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring is a stunning piece of jewelry. It features a pear-shaped diamond set in the center, surrounded by an intricate split shank design.

Best Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings in Canada

The beautiful combination of diamonds and metal creates a unique look that will wow your special someone on their big day! Its timeless style ensures that the ring won’t go out of fashion anytime soon, making it perfect for those who want something classic yet modern at the same time. Plus, you can be confident that with its high-quality materials, this gorgeous engagement ring will last for many years to come—so don’t worry about having to replace yours too often!

This particular engagement ring also comes with an array of customizable options, such as size and shape choices. This allows you to create something totally personalized for her taste and preferences – ensuring she feels extra special when receiving her dream engagement ring!


  • Split Shank: The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold features a unique split shank design that adds extra sparkle and elegance to the ring. This setting allows light to pass through the diamond, giving it more brilliance and fire than traditional styles.
  • Pear-Shaped Center Stone: At its center is a stunning pear-shaped diamond with exceptional clarity, colour, and cut quality, creating an eye-catching piece that captures everyone’s attention!
  • Round Accent Stones: Surrounding this beautiful pear-shaped stone are brilliant round diamonds set securely into the split shank, creating additional appeal for this exquisite engagement ring choice!
  • 14k White Gold Metal Band: The band is made from high-quality 14-karat white gold, which offers strength and durability, ensuring your special moment lasts forever!
  • Quality Craftsmanship: This engagement ring is expertly crafted to ensure the highest quality finished product you’ll be proud to wear for decades to come!
  • Secure Setting: The setting is securely crafted with quality materials ensuring it won’t come loose over time due to wear and tear from daily activities like hand washing or dishwashing etc.

Pros Of The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring

  • The white gold will not only match any skin tone but also look good with different metals used in wedding bands, too – making sure you always have something beautiful on your finger no matter what occasion.
  • This particular setting allows light to travel through it, giving off an extra sparkle effect due to its openness, making it even more stunning!
  • It has vintage vibes combined with modern sophistication, which would make any bride-to-be feel special & unique wearing such an exquisite ring
  • The large diamonds accented by many small ones emphasize the forever message in the ring. They symbolize love and commitment between partners who plan on spending their lives together. So there’s no better way than giving her this beautiful diamond ring before saying, ‘I do!’
  • This ring will stand the test of time and look beautiful as it ages – making sure your special moment lasts forever!
  • The split shank provides additional support and stability for the diamond while also creating a beautiful contrast against the white gold setting of the ring itself—perfect if you’re looking for something truly unique!

Cons Of The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring

  • Cost: The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring is often more expensive than traditional engagement rings due to the added cost of the split shank setting and extra diamonds used for accent stones.
  • Unconventional Style: While many people love this style of the ring because it stands out from typical round cut diamonds set into solitaire designs; others may find them too flashy or unconventional looking if they prefer something simpler or more classic looking instead


  • Pricing is mainly determined by the size and quality of the diamond used.
  • 0.5 Carat Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold starts at about $1,700.
  • 1 Carat Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring in 18K Yellow Gold starts at about $4,999.
  • Adding diamond accents will increase the price a lot.
  • Using cheaper synthetic diamonds could also lower the price by a lot as long as you know where to find cheap engagement rings.

Best For

  • Couples looking for brides looking to add a little sparkle and wow factor.

#2 Pear-Shaped Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring—Best Statement Piece

This Pear-Shaped Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring is a timeless classic that will be admired for generations. It’s the perfect ring to symbolize your everlasting love and commitment, with its unique pear-shaped diamond set in an intricate swirl design of 14k white gold. The shape of the diamond emphasizes its sparkle and beauty, creating a stunning effect when combined with the delicate curves found within this engagement ring’s swirling band.

Best Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings in Canada

The quality craftsmanship ensures that each curve has been beautifully executed to create an eye-catching piece of jewelry that radiates elegance and class from every angle. This gorgeous engagement ring also features accent diamonds on either side to complete its sophisticated look while still allowing you to customize it according to your personal taste by choosing between different gems to pave the ring or accent the main stone if desired! For those looking for something extraordinary, this Pear-Shaped Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring offers style and substance – making it ideal and essential wear on a bride’s hand!


  • Diamonds along the band: The ring features small diamonds set along the band for extra sparkle and shine.
  • Swirl accents on the sides of the shank: The swirl design adds additional interest to this beautiful engagement ring with its clean lines and modern look.
  • White gold metal setting: Crafted from 14K white gold, this piece has a bright finish that stands out against other metals like yellow or rose gold jewelry pieces.
  • Prong settings holding stones securely in place: Each diamond is held securely within four prongs, so they are not likely to loosen over time or become misplaced during everyday wear.
  • Round brilliant cut side accent diamonds: These brilliant round cuts add sparkling detail down each side of your finger when wearing them together as one complete piece.
  • Milgrain detailing adding texture & dimension: A milgrain edge surrounds each stone, giving texture, depth, & charm all around, making sure no two rings will ever be alike!
  • Decent total carat weight: With approximately 1/5 carat total weight of diamonds, this ring is the perfect balance between size and sparkle.
  • Ring measures 4 mm in width: The band is a comfortable 4 millimetres wide so that it can easily fit under most wedding bands without looking too bulky or thick.

Pros Of Pear-Shaped Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring

  • Comfort fit shank design: The band has been designed specifically so that it fits comfortably against your finger when worn, making sure no discomfort occurs during wear.
  • Mix & Match stones: You can customize this style by adding different coloured gemstones in between the white diamonds creating a unique look each time!
  • Neutrality: White gold is a neutral colour, so it’ll look great with any skin tone or style.
  • Sparkle factor: With so many small diamonds spinning around one larger one at the centre, there’s an intense sparkle that can’t be denied.
  • Comfort fit band: The inside curve of this engagement ring’s shank makes it comfortable enough even when worn all day long!
  • Conflict-free diamonds ensuring quality assurance: All stones used are conflict free, guaranteed to provide peace of mind while showing off these beautiful gems on your finger!

Cons Of The Pear-Shaped Diamond Swirl Engagement Ring

  • Cost: Pear-shaped diamond swirl engagement rings in 14K white gold are more expensive than other types of rings due to their intricate design and craftsmanship. This is especially true when the ring uses high-quality diamonds for both the centrepiece and accents.
  • Costly Maintenance & Repair Requirements: The need for frequent maintenance may come up from time to time depending on how often you’re wearing your ring (and what kinds of activities) – especially because the nature of this style means that pieces will inevitably move around within their setting eventually after too many knocks! Therefore, making any necessary restorations costly since they require professional services.


  • The Base price of the ring is typically about $1,800. This applies to natural diamond rings.
  • Lab-grown diamonds are slightly cheaper.
  • Additional gems add to the price depending on the quality.  
  • Some sellers have additional costs for engraving, shipping, and customization.

Best For

  • Romantics with a unique sense of style.

#3 Solitaire Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring—Best Classic Look

If you’re looking for a spectacular and timeless engagement ring, look no further than the Solitaire Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring. Crafted in 14K white gold, this elegant piece will take your breath away with its graceful lines and exquisite sparkle.

Best Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings in Canada

The unique pear shape of this diamond will draw attention to its beauty while enhancing the brilliance of the central stone. This classic cut displays an impressive display of fire that reflects light from every angle as it delicately catches rays dancing around its sparkling surface. With a single round brilliant-cut centre stone set atop five gracefully curved prongs, you can be certain that her eyes will never leave the dazzling face of her beloved solitaire diamond ring! The ring features superior craftsmanship from experienced jewellery artisans using only top-quality materials like 14k white gold. This ensures unmatched durability combined with luxurious style – perfect for the special occasion when she wants nothing more than to show off her beautiful new piece on everyone’s arm!


  • Solitaire: A single diamond is the centrepiece of this design, set in a pear-shaped silhouette for an elegant look.
  • Pear shape: The classic and timeless pear-shaped stone makes a beautiful statement with its graceful curves and pointed tip at the top that tapers to a rounded bottom edge.
  • White gold setting: Crafted from 14K white gold, this ring offers durability and stunning beauty for years to come.
  • Diamond quality: GIA-certified diamonds are used, which ensures optimal clarity, colour, and cut grade, so you know your purchase has been verified by experts in the industry who have examined it closely under 10x magnification or more.
  • High polish finish: The polished metal creates brightness throughout, resulting in maximum brilliance when light reflects off each facet of your centre stone – making plenty of sparkles!
  • Prong setting: Five prongs hold secure your diamond while allowing ample amounts of light into all sides, ensuring maximum fire within each unique stone, giving added depth & dimension to any piece crafted using them

Pros Of Solitaire Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Comfort fit band: The comfortable rounded interior of the shank provides an enjoyable wearing experience for you each day, as it slips on easily and rests comfortably against your finger.
  • Customizable sizing: This ring can be resized to accommodate your exact size specifications creating an even better wearing experience.
  • Conflict-free diamonds: The diamonds used are conflict-free, so you can feel good about making a purchase that supports ethical practices in diamond mining.
  • Handcrafted: Each engagement ring is crafted with care by skilled artisans who take pride in their workmanship – ensuring every detail meets or exceeds expectations!
  • Heirloom quality: The Solitaire Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold is a timeless classic that will last generations.
  • Easy to wear: This ring can be worn with almost any outfit, making it the perfect accessory for all occasions!

Cons Of Solitaire Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

  • Taste: The solitaire is a traditional ring style, so its design may not suit everyone’s tastes.


  • The Solitaire Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring typically starts at around $1,000.
  • Price can range up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size and quality of the diamond chosen.
  • It is important to note that other factors, such as setting type, metal choice, or additional features, may influence the overall cost.
  • Generally speaking, though, a 0.5-carat pear-shaped diamond in 14k gold with no extra details will fall within this starting price range, while larger sizes could be upwards of 10 times more expensive for higher grades diamonds.

Best For

  • Couples looking for something traditional and classic.

What Are Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings?

Pear-shaped engagement rings are characterized by one large diamond cut in a round shape with one sharp or tapered end. The distinctive silhouette, also known as teardrop diamonds, features one end wider than another, which gives this type of ring its signature look – one that’s both feminine and eye-catching no matter what design you choose. The rings’ design ranges from simple bands to intricate vintage-inspired ones with engravings, each style being equally breathtakingly beautiful.

The unique shape and exquisite sparkle make the ring a timeless classic in jewelry. Pear-shaped engagement rings are a beautiful symbol to commemorate your special day. From traditional solitaire designs to modern halo settings, these stunning pieces combine romance with sophistication and elegance for any bride-to-be looking for something unique on her big day.

A popular cut since the early 1500s when diamonds were first used in jewelry making, this romantic shape has become increasingly sought after by brides over time as more styles emerged.

Benefits Of Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

There are a few major benefits of using a Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring:

  • Flexibility: This type of cut can work well in modern and vintage settings, making it suitable for most tastes or budget ranges you may have in mind when selecting your ideal ring design!
  • Compliments All Hands & Fingers: Its curved lines flatter all finger shapes as it elongates them while providing an interesting silhouette that won’t overpower small hands like some larger cuts might do, giving you plenty more options on how to wear your chosen piece!
  • Maximizes Brilliance & Sparkle: The curve complements different hand sizes and helps maximize light reflection off the diamond, giving even greater brilliance than many other standard cuts. So, expect lots of sparkle from yours if that’s what you’re after!

In Summary

The Pear-Shaped Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring is a stunning jewelry piece with high-quality materials, an intricate split shank design, and customizable options. It stands out from traditional round-cut diamond rings with its unique style while still radiating brightness thanks to its exceptional cut. We recommend this ring for those looking for something classic yet modern. The ring’s 14K white gold and unique diamond are sure to symbolize your love and commitment forever!

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Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings FAQs

How much does a pear-shaped engagement ring cost?

A Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring costs range from $200 to $10,000. The price of a pear-shaped engagement ring will vary depending on the materials and quality used.

Are pear-shaped engagement rings safe?

Yes, pear-shaped engagement rings are safe to wear. The metals used in many types of jewelry, including engagement rings, are generally non-allergenic and do not cause any allergic reactions when worn. However, if a person is sensitive or has an allergy to certain metals such as nickel or cobalt, they may experience some skin irritation when wearing the ring, which could be avoided by choosing a different metal for the ring setting.

Are pear-shaped engagement rings legit?

Yes, pear-shaped engagement rings are a legit choice for an engagement ring. This type of diamond cut is known as the teardrop shape. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique look that combines aspects of both round and marquise cuts. The distinctive shape can often make it more eye-catching than other traditional styles while still providing plenty of sparkle from every angle. It’s also a great option if you want something different or unexpected but don’t want to go too far outside the box with your selection.

What is the perfect pear shape diamond?

The perfect pear-shaped diamond has a sharp, symmetrical tip and tapered sides with smooth curves. The ideal length-to-width ratio for a pear-shaped diamond should be between 1.45:1 and 1.75:1, with the length being greater than the width. The diamond should also have excellent symmetry, clarity, colour grading, and a well-defined cut grade from an independent laboratory such as GIA or AGS.

Which way do you wear a pear-shaped engagement ring?

A pear-shaped engagement ring is typically worn with the pointed end facing toward the wearer’s hand.

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