Koinly Review (Jan 2023): Cryptocurrency Tax Made Easy

January 8, 2022
koinly review

Koinly is a free cryptocurrency tax tool that makes tracking your taxes when trading cryptocurrencies simple. It offers many useful features, such as precise tax reports, broad international support, and an extensive blog covering crypto tax news and recommendations.

The software also allows you to link your account with 350 cryptocurrency exchanges, making it one of the most comprehensive crypto tax platforms accessible today. We recommend using the platform to assist you in managing your cryptocurrencies taxes.

What Is Koinly?

Koinly is a crypto tax software platform that allows you to automatically import your transaction history, monitor market prices, keep track of your wallet transfers, calculate your crypto gains/losses, and produce tax reports. It's designed for individual cryptocurrency traders as well as business or professional accountants who have clients that invest in cryptocurrencies.

Koinly allows you to add transactions for over 17,000 cryptocurrencies and has support for over 50 blockchains, 350 exchanges, and 50 crypto wallets. The platform can be used for free, but there are also paid plans available that range from $49 to $179 per tax year.

Koinly Features

1. Precise Tax Reports

Koinly has many tools to help you find problems with your transactions and make them as accurate as possible when creating a crypto tax report. Some of these tools include:

Double-Entry Ledger System Backs every change in asset balances with an entry, making it simple to troubleshoot problems.
Missing Transactions Highlights errors like incorrect imports or missing transactions that cause your accounts' balances to become negative.
Auto Import Verification Automatically verifies your wallets via API to ensure that all data has been correctly imported.
Duplicate Handling Duplicate handling. Skips duplicate transactions whether you use the API or CSV files to import.

2. Wide Array Of Supported Countries

Koinly is currently accessible to users in numerous nations across Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North America, with more countries being added as the platform evolves.

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Here is a list of the countries that Koinly currently supports:

United StatesUnited KingdomFranceLithuaniaSlovenia
New ZealandCyprusIcelandNetherlandsJapan
DenmarkCzech RepublicItalyPolandSouth Korea

3. Koinly Blog & Tax Guides

Koinly also provides free tax guides to help you learn about how cryptocurrencies are taxed in your country. Considering this topic is relatively new and somewhat fluid, Koinly's tax guides are a valuable resource.

The platform also has its own dedicated blog that is updated regularly and helps keep anyone up to date on the latest crypto tax news and advice, so it's worth following even if you're not a Koinly user.

4. Koinly Customer Support

Koinly offers a plethora of information on common inquiries through its extensive FAQ section, and it also offers a variety of customer support options to help clients through the following channels:

  • Email ([email protected]).
  • Koinly Help Center (via the “Resources” tab at the top right).
  • Live Chat (via the “Contact” tab at the bottom of the page).

Koinly also has a social media presence, and you can talk with the Koinly team through Facebook and Twitter as well.

Koinly Cost

Currently, Koinly is free to use for anyone. However, paying any of the plans available to you will grant you access to a variety of features that aren't available to free accounts, such as access to different tax report formats (like a Form 8949, Schedule D report) and custom file format imports.

Top Crypto Exchanges To Pair Koinly With

Now that you know how efficient Koinly is at providing you with accurate crypto tax reports, it's worth mentioning that the platform supports 350 cryptocurrency exchanges.

This means Koinly will be able to help you import every transaction from your accounts on all of these platforms, which is incredibly valuable considering how many different crypto exchanges are available today.

Here are a few of the top crypto exchange options that you can use to pair up with Koinly:

1. VirgoCX – $20 Signup Bonus

Best In Canada

Trading Fees: 0%
Security: 95% cold storage
Signup bonus: $20

Lowest fees + excellent platform.


Rated 4.9/5

VirgoCX is, without a doubt, the best crypto exchange in Canada. VirgoCX offers 50+ cryptocurrencies, charges zero trading fees, and only charges spreads between 0.5% – 0.95%, making it a cost-effective exchange.

VirgoCX’s trading platform and mobile app are intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners. It offers 24/7 customer support via live chat and email, plus an extensive FAQ section on its site.

VirgoCX charges no deposit or withdrawal fees on fiat and covers the first $6 in mining fees on ERC20 withdrawals. It requires 2-factor authentication on all accounts, and maintains a 95% cold storage policy to keep your assets safe at all times.

As a new VirgoCX user, you'll receive a $20 bonus upon funding your account, which you can use to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the dozens of assets VirgoCX supports.

If maximizing your investment potential is important to you, VirgoCX is a great choice.


  • Lowest fees in all of Canada
  • Supports 50+ cryptocurrencies
  • Free fiat deposits and withdrawals
  • Free deposits and withdrawals on most cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 support available via live chat and email
  • User-friendly for both beginners and more advanced traders
  • 95% cold storage policy keeps your crypto extra secure


  • Account Opening: Free
  • Cash Deposits: Free
  • Cash Withdrawals: Free
  • Crypto Deposits: Free
  • Crypto Withdrawals: Free for all major coins
  • Spreads on trades: 0.5% – 0.95%

Signup Bonus

$20 when you fund your account with $100 or more using this link.

Best For

Investors looking for the lowest fees in Canada.

2. ZenGo – Most Secure

#2 In Canada

Trading Fees: 0% up to $200
Security: Best in class
Customer Support: Excellent

Top-notch security + low fees.


Rated 4.5/5

ZenGo is free to use, which means you get the industry's best security for no cost. Sending and receiving crypto to and from ZenGo is also free, and their 24/7 support team answers most queries in 5 minutes or less.

ZenGo’s proprietary keyless technology means that your crypto is protected by two independently created mathematical secret shares: one that lives on your phone, and another that lives in the cloud. This unique setup means that your coins are always 100% secure, and that you’ll never have any trouble accessing them, even if your phone is lost, stolen, or broken, or if ZenGo (the company) were to go bankrupt, commit fraud, or cease operations for any other reason.

As a new ZenGo user, you won't pay any trading fees on trades up to $200. ZenGo supports more than 75 crypto assets, and it takes less than 30 seconds to open your free account.

Overall, ZenGo represents the next generation of crypto: with top-level security inside an easy to use app, ZenGo offers the best of both worlds.


  • Supports 75+ crypto assets
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Extremely well-rated mobile app (4.7/5 on the App Store) 
  • Face scanning technology for even greater security
  • Up to 8% APY in crypto savings 
  • Cancel or speed up your sent transactions with one tap
  • Choose from the 3 network fees modes: economy, regular, and fast (applicable for BTC, ETH, and ERC20)


  • Account Opening: Free
  • Trading Fees: 0% on trades up to $200

Best For

Crypto investors looking for the most secure trading experience + low fees.

Sign up by January 30, 2023.

3. CoinSmart – $50 Signup Bonus

Good All-Around

Trading fees: 0.2% (Medium)
Security: 95% cold storage
Signup bonus: $50

Average fees, good platform.


Rated 4.4/5

CoinSmart supports 16 cryptocurrencies, verifies accounts instantly, prides itself on its helpful customer service reps, and has a beautiful, well-rated app.

CoinSmart has been designated a Registered Marketplace by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), is registered as a Money Services Business with FINTRAC, and is a member of the anti-money laundering group TRUST, all of which means they're a highly secure exchange.

CoinSmart maintains a 95% cold storage policy, and as a publicly-traded company, their financials are audited by a third-party firm at least once per year.

If you're looking for a solid all-around crypto trading platform, CoinSmart is a fine choice.


  • Average spreads on trades
  • 24/7 customer support available via live chat and email
  • Instant account verification
  • Supports 16 cryptocurrencies
  • Registered Marketplace by the OSC
  • Immediate deposits and withdrawals
  • User-friendly for both beginners and advanced traders
  • 95% cold storage policy keeps your crypto extra secure


  • Account Opening: Free
  • Trading Fees: 0.2%
  • INTERAC Deposit: 1.5%
  • Bank Wire Deposit: 0%
  • Bank Wire Withdrawal: 1%
  • EFT Withdrawal: 1%

Signup Bonus

$50 bonus when you sign up using this link and our promo code YOREOYSTER.

Best For

Investors looking to trade with low trading fees.

In Summary

Koinly is a cryptocurrency tax platform that makes it easy to keep track of the taxes you have to pay when trading cryptocurrencies. It has many interesting features, such as its precise tax reports, wide support in different countries, and an extensive blog dedicated to crypto tax news & advice.

The platform also allows you to pair up your account with 350 cryptocurrency exchanges, making it one of the most comprehensive crypto tax platforms available today. Considering Koinly is also free to use, we recommend that you consider using the platform to help you keep track of your crypto taxes today.

Koinly FAQs

Is Koinly Safe?

Yes, Koinly is a safe service to use. All of their data is encrypted in transit, their API and application endpoints are only available via TLS/SSL, and they obtained an “A+” rating on SSL Labs' tests. This implies that the platform exclusively employs strong ciphers suites with features like HSTS and Perfect Forward Secrecy turned on.

Is Koinly Legal In Canada?

Yes. Koinly is compliant with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements in Canada.

Does Koinly Report To The CRA?

No, Koinly does not report to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). However, the tax reports that Koinly creates allow you to report your crypto taxes to the CRA yourself.

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