The Best Job Sites Canada Has To Offer

June 30, 2023

There are multiple job boards and job websites available for Canadians. However, Indeed stands out as one of the best job sites Canada has to offer for being the most widely used job search engine, collecting thousands of postings from other prominent job sites, corporate career sites, and major job boards. For beginners and mid-level workers, they are one of the top job sites. LinkedIn is also a good place to look for a job for people seeking executive-level employment opportunities. Finally, Canadians looking for work might greatly benefit from using CareerBuilder Canada.

Job hunting has always been difficult, but there are many ways to find jobs online, thanks to different resources like job search sites. However, there are hundreds of job sites to choose from, all of which have thousands of job opportunities. Each job site has its unique set of pros and cons for each type of job seeker, so how do you choose the one that's best for you? For the benefit of Canadian job seekers, we have made a list of the top job search sites in Canada based on factors such as popularity, usability, and filtering capabilities.

Best Job Sites In Canada

What Are The Best Job Sites Canada Has To Offer?

Applying for a job through a job site is easy and usually doesn't cost anything. It’s one of the most user-friendly and popular ways for job seekers to search for and filter job postings. If you’re looking for your first job, or if you’re looking for better employment opportunities than what you have now, here’s the list of the top six job sites for Canadians:

#1 Indeed Canada—Best For Lower-Level Jobs

Best Job Sites In Canada

Indeed is a major player among internet career resources. It aggregates openings from several resources into a single, user-friendly interface. Indeed collects job postings from all over the web, including company career pages and professional organizations. You can search locally or globally.

Job-seekers may use free tools, including a resume generator and a career blog. Many people have found success in finding their ideal careers using Indeed.

This site receives over 250 million unique visitors every month, has over 175 million resumes in its database, and 10 new positions are added globally every second, making it the most widely used and best site for your resume to be seen.


  • Large-scale hiring, sponsored job postings, and free job postings are simple approaches for businesses and organizations to fill open positions.
  • has an online resume builder that makes it simple for job-seekers to design resumes.
  • offers job searchers email-based job alerts.
  • Few employment sites cover as many sectors as Indeed, and you'll find ads for all job types: full-time, part-time, contract, on-site or remote jobs, and more.
  • You don't need a login to seek jobs on Indeed, and the account creation process is free, with no hidden premium features.
  • Your CV can be stored on the site for quicker applications, and your resume can be uploaded for instant review.

Pros Of Indeed Canada

  • You can create job alerts on Indeed for specific companies, keywords, positions, and locations.
  • A salary comparison tool allows you to see the available salaries in your profession.
  • Indeed has guides for writing resumes and cover letters for different jobs and information about how to start a new job.
  • Indeed has a review section where actual employees of companies that post jobs on the site can leave feedback.
  • The Indeed app has the same simple structure as the website.

Cons Of Indeed Canada

  • Although the platform has seen some success with lower-level jobs, higher-level positions have not fared as well.
  • Sometimes a job posting will direct job seekers to a company website instead of applying through Indeed.


  • Indeed is a free service for people looking for work. You can upload your resume, sign up for job alert emails, search for jobs, save them, and apply directly.


Best For

Indeed is best for entry-level and lower-level professionals.

#2 CareerBuilder Canada—Best For Canadian Job Seekers

Best Job Sites In Canada

CareerBuilder is a significant and long-standing player in the online job-hunting industry. This website hosts approximately 30 million job listings per year. CareerBuilder Canada is the Canadian version of CareerBuilder, an international job site.

CareerBuilder works with more than 70 applicant tracking system (ATS) companies and says it has more than 20 million active job seekers and more than 140 million resumes.

If you’re a Canadian looking for a job, you can find a job posting by telling the search engine what title, city, and salary range you’re looking for and what level of education you have. The site will tailor job suggestions to your previous activity on your next visit. It has a large number of Canadian employers, which will increase the chance of Canadians finding jobs that match their preferred location.

CareerBuilder works with Canadian news outlets to collect job postings and give people looking for work more options. They also use Google's AI to ensure you are matched with the best job openings. You can also find different career tools on the site, such as an extensive database of career counselling information.


  • CareerBuilder is straightforward to use if you're a job seeker. You may upload your resume, move it from a cloud storage site, or input your job and education background to have the site construct it for you.
  • You can find out how your salary stacks up against the average for your field and location and identify skill gaps that may keep you from making as much as possible.
  • Quick Apply is a time-saving feature that lets you apply to many positions and displays relevant job recommendations based on your recent search history.
  • You may sign up for job alert emails to be notified when new roles matching your criteria are listed.
  • CareerBuilder features a career guidance portal with information on high-paying careers, essential skills, job interview attire, and industry-specific locations.
  • It offers Android and iOS apps to look for jobs on the go or set up your custom job notifications. The apps will also send you alerts when employers post relevant jobs.
  • CareerBuilder's Social Referral system helps workers share available jobs on social media.

Pros Of CareerBuilder

  • Resumes are enhanced using AI.
  • Job suggestions are made using AI.
  • You can receive notifications when your resumes or job applications are viewed.
  • One-click application system for user-friendliness
  • Get instant alerts when jobs matching your criteria are posted.
  • CareerBuilder provides a clean, user-friendly UI that is mobile and desktop friendly.

Cons Of CareerBuilder

  • A common complaint about CareerBuilder is that it sends too many spam emails.
  • The search filtering tools provided by the platform are somewhat basic compared to other job sites.


  • As a job seeker, you can use CareerBuilder for free to post your resume and look for jobs.

Best For

CareerBuilder is best for job-seeking Canadians.

#3 LinkedIn—Best For Finding Work Through Extended Network

Best Job Sites In Canada

With more than 58 million companies registered on the platform and 50 million people looking for jobs on LinkedIn each week, it comes as no surprise that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn frequently. This top networking site helps you find a job not only through ads from employers but also through conversations with people in your network. In addition to being a digital resume, your profile lets you quickly find and share relevant information for your profession, get in-depth insights from thought leaders in your field, and ask for and give recommendations.

LinkedIn is not only a great place to make professional connections, but it’s also a powerful way to find jobs all over the world. Its sheer size and scope make it an excellent resource for anyone looking for work online. Job seekers will appreciate LinkedIn's abundance of helpful tools. You can get real-time updates on job openings by following companies you're interested in, joining organizations in your field and area, or setting up personalized job alerts. If you upgrade to a “Premium” account, you may monitor who is checking out your profile and learn more about your LinkedIn competitors.


  • Open To Work lets you announce to recruiters and the public that you are actively seeking new job opportunities on LinkedIn.
  • If you're looking to connect with people across time zones, LinkedIn's calendar chatbot can help you coordinate meetings.
  • LinkedIn implemented a feature that indexes hashtags inside comments so that hashtag searches on the platform now return results that include those comments.
  • Using the 20 seconds of built-in video on LinkedIn's Cover Story, you can connect with your target audience and attract the attention of the right recruiters.
  • A LinkedIn Creator mode is available for those who strongly desire to share their original, professionally-oriented material with the world.
  • LinkedIn Polls are much like polls you'd see on any other social media network, making them a simple but effective tool for audience engagement.


Pros Of LinkedIn

  • It's a simple, contemporary method for maintaining a Rolodex of relationships that might benefit your career.
  • A helpful tool for researching companies.
  • Excellent profile-building features, including the option to upload audio and video files.
  • LinkedIn provides online courses which you can use to learn new skills or improve current ones.
  • People can endorse and recommend you, which helps recruiters and anyone who looks at your profile gets a sense of what you've done and what you're good at.
  • LinkedIn's 10-second voice recording function solves the issue of people that might mispronounce your name.

Cons Of LinkedIn

  • This platform is not as well suited for low-skilled or manual labor positions as others.
  • Due to many LinkedIn business profiles, ranking highly in search results or getting your message seen can take time and effort.


  • There is a paid option with more features, but the basic free version also has a lot to offer.
  • Premium Career: $29.9 monthly.

Best For

  • LinkedIn is best for job seekers looking for high-level jobs.

#4 Glassdoor—Best For Employer Research

Best Job Sites In Canada

Glassdoor is one of the biggest job and recruitment sites in the world. Glassdoor can also be a great way to get the word out about your company as an employer. The website posts job openings and gives former employees a place to rate their old employers and discuss the pros and cons of working there. This gives job seekers invaluable information about the company culture, values, and work atmosphere.

Here you may learn about a company's advantages, pay, and hiring procedure. While you should treat some employee evaluations with skepticism, the reviews on Glassdoor provide helpful information that may be hard to find elsewhere. The salary information on this job-hunting platform is also very valuable because it will help employers and job seekers negotiate a fair salary.


  • Start your job search, and Glassdoor will keep track of your activity, providing personalized suggestions.
  • Job Alerts inform you about fantastic new job opportunities, notifying you of new job postings matching specified criteria.
  • Search for employer reviews and ratings, and filter companies based on the things that matter most in your job search.
  • Compare companies to find the best one for you. Select two companies to compare using data only available on Glassdoor.
  • The Glassdoor Salary Calculator can estimate what you could be making based on the actual earnings of people in similar positions.
  • Read interview questions in advance so that you can prepare with confidence.

Pros Of Glassdoor

  • Detailed information about salary and benefits that are unavailable on other job sites.
  • Because of the risk of retaliation, employees are protected by anonymity when providing feedback about their company.
  • Comprehensive learning materials to make you a well-informed job seeker.
  • Glassdoor is a great resource for finding out what other professionals in your field are earning, which can give you more leverage when negotiating a salary increase or a new position.
  • Glassdoor gives prospective employees an inside look into what it's like to work for a company.
  • Candidates found on Glassdoor are 30% more likely to be hired than those found through other channels.
  • Glassdoor equips job-seekers with valuable information at every step of the search process, including finding open positions, researching companies, preparing for interviews, negotiating pay, and more.

Cons Of Glassdoor

  • Requires sign-up to use their services.
  • Lack of employee identification can make reviews less reliable.
  • There are no advanced search filters available to narrow down job results.


  • Job seekers don't have to pay anything to use the platform to look for jobs or rate their current or past employers.


Best For

Glassdoor is the best job board website for job seekers to research employers.

#5 Eluta—Best For Finding Jobs With Top-Rated Canadian Employers

Best Job Sites In Canada

Eluta is a website that helps people find jobs. It’s based in Toronto, and its website says it is the official job search engine of the top 100 companies in Canada. Although they also have other job postings from outside the top 100, the chances of you getting selected from one of the top 100 are higher in Eluta. If your job postings have already been published on your careers page, you may post them for free on Eluta. You can also make a sponsored job ad to make it more visible to people looking for work. Over 125,000 job advertisements have been sourced directly from over 10,000 employer websites. In addition, over 7 million unique visitors from Canada use Eluta each year. You can locate jobs that aren't listed anywhere else by using a search engine that indexes more direct-employer jobs than any other job search engine in Canada.

You can also actively look for jobs with companies that share your values, such as “Canada's greenest employers,” “best diversity employers,” or “companies with the most family-friendly packages.” Similarly, privacy is important to Eluta, which is why it is the only major Canadian job search engine that doesn't require registration, login, or the submission of any personally identifying information and doesn't store any resumes.

Job postings and editorial evaluations written by outsiders shed light on what it's like to work for various Canadian companies.


  • Canada's Top 100 Employers project runs the Eluta site, which lists more jobs with direct employers than any other search engine in Canada.
  • Eluta indexes jobs directly from employer websites. It finds thousands of unadvertised jobs that you won't find on search engines that just scrape job boards.
  • Monitors company websites for job postings and automatically adds them to organic search results.
  • Eluta aggregates openings from over 125,000 company websites in one convenient location to simplify your job search.
  • Independent editorial reviews of thousands of Canadian businesses are available on Eluta.

Pros Of Eluta

  • Company websites are “crawled” daily to find the most recent updates.
  • Eluta is the only place online where you can specifically target companies named among Canada's Top 100 Employers by Eluta's parent business.
  • The only major Canadian job search engine that doesn't need registration or personal details to search; they don't keep a database of resumes or sell the users' data in any way.
  • More direct-employer posts than any other search engine in Canada.
  • Free job posting service with aggregated postings.

Cons Of Eluta

  • It does not have as many job postings because to be included for free in's organic results, companies must list vacancies on their own website.
  • There are no additional features, such as a resume database, company branding services, or an applicant tracking system.


  • Standard Posting (Aggregated from company websites): Free
  • Sponsored Job: Single Posting /30 days – $199.00
  • Sponsored Job: Single Posting /60 days – $375.00
  • Sponsored Job: Single Posting /90 days – $550.00

Best For

Eluta is best for finding work in Canada's top 100 employers.

What Is A Job Site?

A job site is a website that focuses primarily on jobs or careers. It serves as both a search engine and a database of job openings from different employers and CVs of potential employees. Some organizations even help people looking for work with high-end career counselling and resume writing. Online job boards are a great resource for people of all skill sets and educational backgrounds to find jobs. If you are unemployed and looking for work, use a job search website to help you find as many good jobs as possible and apply for them.

Benefits Of Job Sites

There are a few significant benefits to using a job site:

  • Automatic Notifications: Getting alerted via email when a job posting matches your search criteria can save you valuable time. Instead of spending hours every day scouring the internet for fresh job advertisements, you may just go on with your life, and job postings will come to you so you won't miss out on a chance to apply for your dream job.
  • Employers Approach You: By uploading your CV to online job boards, you increase the odds that an employer searching for your skill set may come across it and contact you for an interview. The process of looking for work is greatly simplified.
  • More Jobs: By registering with many job sites, you will have access to a larger pool of potential employment opportunities. Listings from many different places are put together in one place, so you don't have to keep searching sites.
  • Improved Job Searching: You may narrow your job search to exactly what you're looking for using their advanced search feature. Most sites allow users to filter search results based on various criteria, including location, education level, experience level, salary range, and keywords.
  • Cost-Effective: No cost is associated with using a job site to look for work. With the help of an online job site, you may upload your resume and then wait for a response from your potential employer.
  • Efficient: Online job search sites are the most effective tools for job hunting. Using a job platform to apply for your dream job is quick and easy. It has never been easier to update your resume and get hired.

How Do Job Sites Work?

Online job boards, or simply “job sites,” serve as a conduit between recruiters and potential new employees. Job-seekers can make a profile, attach their CV, and look for openings that fit their qualifications. Employers can also make a profile and post job openings to which job seekers can apply. Setting up job notifications, saving job listings, and applying to several positions with a single click are just a few of the extra services offered by many job sites. Recruiters can be found on some job sites to aid both the hiring company and the job seeker in their job searches. It's a place where employers and job seekers can meet.

Best Job Sites Canada FAQs

How much does a job site cost?

Most job sites let people looking for work use their services for free, but some require paid memberships.

What is the best job site in Canada?

The best job site in Canada is Indeed. When it comes to job postings, few sites can compare to Indeed, and it doesn't just stop there; it also offers a variety of valuable extras. While many sites provide comparable services, few offer both a streamlined interface and an extensive database, as this one does. Indeed should be one of, if not the first, employment sites you visit.

Is using a job site worth it?

Yes, using a job site is worth it. To increase your chances of success, search through as many different channels as possible, such as word-of-mouth, social media, and corporate websites. Online job sites put thousands of job postings in one place, making it easy to find jobs and companies you might not have found otherwise. Larger job sites provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds, skill sets, and locations, whereas more specialized ones may only fit some.

Are job sites safe?

Yes, job sites are safe to use. These platforms are just as safe as any other place online where sensitive information can be shared. Many people looking for jobs would like to use a computer or smartphone to send in their applications. Both parties may benefit from this efficient method of communication.

Are job sites legit?

Yes, job sites are legit. However, users of online job search sites need to be wary of possible fraud on the part of recruiters. When you're looking for a job or sending in your resume online, you should be aware of a few common financial scams that people who pretend to be employers or recruiters pull.

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