The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

August 19, 2023

Furniture prices are at an all-time high, and finding cheap furniture stores in Toronto offering good options at affordable prices can be cumbersome. However, it is possible to find some good options like The Singing Lady, Urban Barn, Parliament Furniture, IKEA, Structube, EQ3, Wazo Furniture, and Vintage Home Boutique. You’ll find quality furniture at great prices in any of these retailers. While some of them aren’t based in Toronto, they offer good shipping rates and comprehensive return policies in case you’re not satisfied with the product. This makes any on of them a great choice to find cheap furniture in Toronto.

Furniture stores in Toronto come in many different varieties: some offer high-end furniture, others have more affordable options, and others offer both pricey and cheap furniture. We researched dozens of furniture stores in Toronto and identified a few that offer the best features at the lowest price.

In this post, we're going to explain why furniture costs so much in Toronto. We'll also show you how to save money on furniture when on a budget and give you some of the best furniture stores in Toronto where you can get cheap, high-quality furniture. Some even offer free shipping within Toronto.

So, if you're looking for a furniture store that's both affordable and offers high-quality furniture pieces, you've come to the right place.

Why Are Furniture Prices So High In Toronto?

Toronto is one of Canada's largest cities and a central business hub, and with its high cost of living, it’s little wonder that furniture costs so much. However, living costs are just one part of the equation. Furniture prices are at an all-time high due to many factors, some of which are:

#1 Supply Chain Issues

Due to the worldwide pandemic, there have been recent shortages in the supply of furniture and raw materials for making furniture in Toronto and Canada. The pandemic has also led to more restricted movement and production delays of cargo and containers containing lumber or imported furniture in and out of countries.

This delay in the arrival of imported raw materials and furniture for furniture makers and sellers in Toronto leads to a hike in the price of pieces of furniture already available, making the customers pay more to get the piece of furniture they want.

#2 High Costs Of Lumber

Aside from the production delays in the import of raw materials and pieces of furniture, the costs of the raw materials themselves, like lumber used in producing furniture, are very high. High lumber costs ultimately lead to higher prices for finished furniture pieces.

#3 High Tariffs On Imported Furniture

The Canadian government recently increased the import tariffs on imported furniture by more than 200% to give furniture makers in Canada a more competitive market and encourage Canadians to purchase furniture from Canadian furniture makers. As a result, some imported furniture saw a big hike in prices.

#4 High Costs Of Transportation And Storage

Transporting and storing furniture to ensure continued good condition takes some planning and can cost a lot of money. After all, furniture pieces are usually quite bulky and heavy, making shipping costs quite high. This raises the cost of importing furniture from other countries and even of bringing it into Toronto from other provinces and territories.

Also, retailers need large warehouses to store the furniture such that the pieces remain in good condition, which doesn’t come cheap in large cities like Toronto. As is logically the case, all these costs get passed down to the customer.

Cheap Furniture Stores In Toronto

There are many furniture retail stores in Toronto that provide pieces of furniture at affordable prices. So, we did some research and found 8 furniture stores where you’ll find cheap sofas in Toronto, as well as cheap couches, dining tables, beds and everything else. Some of these stores have physical outlets in Toronto and online retail stores, while others only sell online.

#1 The Singing Lady

Location: 781-J The Queensway, Toronto, ON

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

Standing at over 13,000 square feet with the two stores, Flagship Store and The Annex, just 67 walking steps apart, The Singing Lady is a consignment store with an eclectic collection of affordable items from kitchenware to clothing items to household furniture and even jewelry. The Singing Lady provides household furniture like coffee tables, couches, dressers, and a whole lot of other modern and antique furniture for your living room, bedroom, patio, or kitchen at very affordable prices.

Also, when you spend $100 or more at the store, you'll receive an Encore card which you can redeem for an additional 10% off your next purchase.

#2 Urban Barn

Location: 181 North Queen Street, Toronto, ON

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

Urban Barn has you covered if you're design conscious or love modern furniture designs. Urban Barn is known for helping people create their desired homes with beautiful, modern, well-crafted furniture and trendy home accents. You can find inspirational pieces of furniture, from couches to mattresses to coffee tables and home accents, at affordable prices.

You can shop in-store at their physical store or visit their online store. Like in any retail store, you can visit the sales section to find even cheaper furniture items when shopping at their physical store.

#3 Parliament Furniture

Location: 465 Parliament Street, Toronto, ON

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

Located in the heart of Toronto, Parliament Furniture is a family-run business that has been operational since 1994 and prides itself on the small-town personal service it renders to its customers. Parliament Furniture provides affordable accessories and furniture for your home and office.

The furniture store also offers free delivery for local purchases made within Toronto and will assemble and set up the delivered furniture in your home. You can shop on the online store or visit the physical store to purchase your piece of furniture.

#4 IKEA Canada

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

IKEA is a Swedish online furniture retail store offering services to many countries, including Canada. The company aims to make life better for many people by providing quality, affordable home furniture produced with consideration for people and the environment.

With its fun-to-browse-through website, IKEA offers an extensive range of trendy, modern, functional, and minimalistic furniture pieces like mattresses, closets, patio furniture, dressers, and other household furniture for your home. Mattresses sold on the website come with a 10-year warranty and can be returned within 365 days.

#5 Structube

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

Like IKEA, Structube is one of the places to get cheap furniture in Toronto and has many stores and outlets scattered across the Greater Toronto Area. Structube offers an incredible assortment of contemporary, trendy, and stylish furniture and accessories for insanely low prices. You can find any furniture you want at Structube╾mattresses, couches, fireplace furniture, and even the entire dining room set. You can shop online on their website or visit any of their physical retail stores.

#6 EQ3

Location: 222 King Street East, Toronto, ON

                 3-51 Hanna Avenue, Toronto, ON

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

With outlets and showrooms across Canada and the United States, EQ3 is another retailer that offers quality timeless and contemporary furniture at affordable prices. The company designs and produces custom upholstery in its headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada. You can custom order, visit any of their retail outlets or shop on their website for affordable and long-lasting furniture such as sofas, dining room chairs, and mattresses of any kind, as well as furniture for your office and other accessories.

#7 Wazo Furniture

Location: 140 Wendell Avenue, North York, ON

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

Wazo Furniture is a Canada-based furniture company that produces quality solid wood furniture. Their designs are original, and have a wide variety of solid wood furniture, such as this Mango Wood bed and Acacia bed. They also have an extensive collection of live edge tables.

Wazo Furniture produces affordable furniture; you can find anything from sofas to dining chairs to unique solid wood tables, intricate bed frames, and other household and industrial furniture. You can shop at their online store or visit their physical retail outlet and showroom in North York.

#8 Vintage Home Boutique

Location: 1639 St Clair Avenue West, Toronto, ON

The Best Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto Has To Offer

Vintage Home Boutique might be the right place for you if you're into vintage and antique furniture. This furniture store produces high-quality, vintage-styled, affordable, eco-friendly, sustainable furniture constructed from locally-sourced wood. You can also custom order any piece of furniture you want for any room in your house.

Aside from producing vintage and antique furniture, Vintage Home Boutique also allows you to sell your Mid-Century Modern furniture and have your old and worn furniture restored and reupholstered.

How Do You Buy Furniture On A Tight Budget In Toronto?

If you're looking to buy furniture in Toronto on a tight budget, chances are that your choices are limited, and you're aiming for the cheapest options available to meet your very restrictive budget. As every dollar counts, you're also looking for ways to save money on furniture purchases.

Here are a few ways to buy furniture while on a tight budget and some tips to help you save money on furniture while staying within your budget:

#1 Buy Second-Hand Furniture

If you're on a tight budget, buying second-hand furniture is a guaranteed way to pay less for the piece of furniture you want. You can find second-hand furniture on online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Kijiji. On these sites, you'll find people willing to sell fairly used items and furniture they no longer want at very affordable prices. Feel free to negotiate prices with the seller. Also, ensure that you check the furniture very well before paying to avoid being scammed.

#2 Refurbish Your Old Furniture

If you're looking to replace an old piece of furniture, chances are that the old one needs a little paint job, a hardware replacement, or some general polishing. You can refurbish your old furniture with just a little elbow grease to make it a brand new piece and avoid spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on new furniture.

#3 Garage And Estate Sales

If you're looking to buy high-ticket furniture at giveaway prices, visiting garage sales, or looking out for estate sales in your local newspaper is one of your best bets. However, feel free to haggle the price to bring it down. Also, scrutinize each piece of furniture before paying for them.

#4 Sell Or Exchange Your Old Furniture

You can sell your old furniture and save money towards buying a new piece or trade an old piece of furniture with a friend for a piece you want.

#5 Buy From Thrift, Antique, Or Resale Stores

Resale, thrift or antique stores usually resell fairly used products at heavily discounted prices. However, you won't find the piece of furniture lying around; you'll have to do the search for the item you want. It may take a few visits, but when you do find it, the price will definitely be worth it.

#6 Browse Through Online Stores

Online retail stores are the rage these days; most offer promotions, discounts, offers, and sales. You can find different online furniture retail stores that will have the piece of furniture you're looking for either on sale or at a lower price.

#7 Purchase Furniture From The Manufacturer Or At A Warehouse

To save money on furniture, you can purchase your items directly from the manufacturer or the furniture warehouse. This might require you to do most of the heavy lifting yourself, but you'll save a lot of money because you'll purchase the furniture at wholesale prices.

#8 Make Your Purchase At The Right Time

You've probably been eyeing a piece of furniture at a local retail store or even online and waiting for when the item will be on sale to finally get it. The best times of the year to get a piece of furniture at lower prices is at the end of the month or quarter, especially in January, February, July, August, and September. You could also find grand sales during festive periods like Christmas.

The Bottom Line

With the high cost of living in Toronto, it's essential to find places to purchase items at cheaper rates and how to save even more money when buying them. Furniture is one highly priced item in Toronto, and Canada, at large, and many furniture stores in Toronto offer high-end furniture. However, some stores offer affordable furniture, free delivery within Toronto, and other amazing deals.

You can also learn how to save money when buying furniture on a tight budget by following the tips outlined in the article above.

Cheap Furniture Stores Toronto FAQs

What's the cheapest way to buy furniture in Toronto?

The cheapest way to buy furniture in Toronto is by purchasing second-hand furniture through garage or yard sales, antique stores, thrift stores, and online marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You can also buy cheap furniture by taking advantage of clearance sales, discounts, and promos offered by furniture stores.

Is Structube similar to IKEA?

Structube is similar to IKEA in that both companies sell quality furniture for affordable prices. However, Structube offers furniture at slightly more affordable prices than IKEA.

Why is the price of furniture so high in Toronto?

Furniture prices are high in Toronto due to supply shortages, high production costs, increased tariffs on imported furniture, and high transportation costs.

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