Study: Canadian Christmas Trees Are Getting More Expensive

January 9, 2023

Canadian Christmas trees are more expensive this year for a reason you wouldn’t expect: the 2007-2008 financial crisis. With the economy in such a mess at that time, farmers couldn’t afford to plant as many new trees, and since Christmas trees take around 15 years to grow to full height (6-7 feet), we’re only fully seeing the ramifications of the crisis today.

According to tree farmers and the Canadian Christmas Tree Association, today's shortage is due to several other factors as well:

  • Inflation has caused higher costs for labor, seeds, fertilizer and fuel for the farms’ machinery and trucks for transportation
  • Canada has 20,000 fewer acres of land growing Christmas trees relative to 10 years ago
  • Higher demand for real Christmas trees with fewer being planted
  • Climate change has caused extreme weather, which takes a toll on crops

According to the Canadian Christmas Tree Association, prices for Christmas trees in 2022 were up about 10% relative to 2021. And with the stock market and cryptocurrency markets significantly down, these higher prices are coming at the wrong time for Canadians.

Here are some more numbers on Christmas trees in Canada:

Domestic Exports by Province (2023)

Source: Statistics Canada  – Domestic exports (HS 0604.20.10) by province (The world — October 2022)

The top provincial exporters of Christmas trees in Canada are Quebec, British Columbia and Nova Scotia, while Canada's top trade partners are the United States, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Aruba, Saint Martin, and Curaçao.

The U.S. is Canada’s largest export destination, receiving 73% of our exported trees. 

Canadian Christmas Tree Exports By Export Partner

Source: Statistics Canada  – Top 10 trade partners (HS 0604.20.10) Canada — October 2022

The five top-selling Christmas trees across Canada are the Balsam Fir, Scots Pine, Fraser Fir, Nordmann Fir, and Douglas Fir.

Here are the average price range of fresh-cut Christmas Trees across Canada:

Fresh Cut Balsam Fir Christmas Trees

Tree HeightPrice
2.5 ft – 3 ftStarts from $26
5 ft – 6 ft Starts from $34
6 ft – 8 ftStarts from $59
8 ft – 9 ft Starts from $69
6 ft (Premium)Starts from $150
7 ft (Premium)Starts from $175 
8 ft (Premium)Starts from $200 
9 ft (Premium)Starts from $225 

Fresh Cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

Tree HeightPrice
5 to 6 ftStarts from $79
6 to 7 ftStarts from $99
7 to 8 ftStarts from $139
8 to 9 ftStarts from $169
9 to 10 ftStarts from $239 
10 to 12 ftStarts from $349 
12 ft -14 ftStarts from $499

Fresh Cut Scots Pine

Tree HeightPrice
5 ft – 7 ftStarts from $79

Blue Spruce, White Spruce & Norway Spruce

Tree HeightPrice
10 ft – 12 ftStarts from $295
12 ft – 14 ftStarts from $395
14 ft -16 ftStarts from $595

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