The Bay Seniors Day: Ways to Get Discounts As Seniors

October 1, 2023

The Bay Seniors Day is a monthly discount program tha happens every first Tuesday of every month at The Bay store. The program is targeted to Canadian seniors and offers 15% discounts on most of its products. To be eligible, seniors must be 55+ years old and have an ative Hudson's Bay Rewards account. Besides this program, seniors can stack offers on the same products double-dipping on discounts to save even more.

 If you are a senior who loves shopping at The Bay, you might be interested in The Bay Seniors Day, a weekly event that gives you an extra 15% off on everything in store. This offer is valid every Tuesday for customers aged 55 or better who are registered in the HBC Rewards program with a valid email address. In this post, I will explain how The Bay Seniors Day works, what items are excluded, and why you should take advantage of this deal.

What is The Bay Seniors Day?

To honor the senior citizens in Canada, The Bay hosts a Seniors Day program called the special “Timeless Style Tuesday Discount” a.k.a. The Bay Seniors Day. The Bay Seniors Day is a weekly promotion that offers an extra 15% off on almost everything in store for customers who are 55 years old or older and are members of the HBC Rewards program.

The Bay Seniors Day: Ways to Get Discounts

Although The Bay Seniors Day offers discounts on most products, some items are excluded from the offer. These include cosmetics, fragrances, gift cards, and clearance items. You can find more details about The Bay Seniors Day on their website or by visiting your nearest The Bay store.

Company Review

The Bay is the online shopping platform of Hudson's Bay, which is a physical luxury goods department store in Canada. The Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), whic owns both brands, was founded on May 2, 1670, by a royal charter granted by King Charles II of England.

It’s the oldest incorporated joint-stock merchandising company in the English-speaking world and was originally created to seek a northwest passage to the Pacific Ocean, to occupy the lands around Hudson Bay, and to trade with the Indigenous peoples for furs and other goods.

Hudson's Bay is the flagship brand of HBC. It’s a retail group business headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

When Is Senior Day At The Bay?

The Bay Seniors Day happens on the first Tuesday of every month, and customers need to show their valid ID and HBC Rewards card at the checkout to get the discount. The Bay Seniors Day is a great way to save money on clothing, accessories, home goods, and more from The Bay. The seniors must present their The Bay membership card and a valid ID for validation.

How To Get Discounts At The Bay

The Seniors Day at The Bay offers great exclusive benefits to senior citizens. However, the promo is only hosted once a month in which you can only get it on a specific date. If you are seeking other discounts aside from seniors day, there are other options you can choose to reduce the cost of your purchases.

The Bay Seniors Day: Ways to Get Discounts

The Bay provides various discounts, offers, and sales every day. It may not be limited only to senior citizens, but you can take advantage of it on or before the Seniors Day program day.

#1 Flash Sale

One of the programs that The Bay hosts is a flash sale online and in-store at Hudson's Bay. Like other flash sales, the store offers large discounts on selected items for a limited time. You can check the discounted items under the flash sale page of their official website.

The Bay typically provides promo codes which you can easily see under the selected items.

#2 Clearance Sale

The Bay hosts a clearance sale where the selected items are strongly discounted. These sales typically include itens that do’t sell well. If you’re a senior looking for some great discounts, you can check The Bay's clearance sale.

Similar to the other types of sales, The Bay usually allows the top-up of other discounts on the price of the sale items. This means you can get double discounts by combining the promo code with, for example, The Bay Seniors Day discounts. However, this deal is usually eligible only for a limited list of qualifying items.

#3 Featured Offers

The Bay provides featured offers which are everyday discounts on selected items. With this offer, you can buy products from various brands (typically beauty products) at discounted prices.

Depending on the store's label, you can also buy the featured offers with additional discounts. You can see the cost, discounts, and policies under the product's name in the online store. Some products may provide freebies if you reach the required cost of the store.

The Bay Discounted Services

The Bay doesn't stop at discounts for purchases through sales programs. The store gives out numerous options for other methods to get discounts. Senior citizens can generally benefit from these deals and offers even if it's not The Bay Seniors Day.

#1 The Bay Credit Card

The Bay offers several rewards and discounts for using their store credit cards. You can get these offers by signing up for one of the Hudson's Bay Credit Card. The benefits you can get if you have this card are:

  • You can have access to over 20 secret sales events.
  • Earn 4 points per $1 spent.
  • You can join a 25% sale, which is hosted twice a year.
  • Once you accumulate 2,000 points, you can redeem them for a $10 The Bay gift card.

You can apply for the Hudson's Bay Mastercard in three ways:

  • Through the mobile app: You can easily sign up on your smartphone by downloading the Neo app. It’s available for both Android and iOS users. 
  • In-store: You can also visit any Hudson's Bay store and get assistance from their store associates to apply in person.
  • Online: Finally, you can visit and apply for the card online.

The Hudson's Bay Mastercard provides various features and benefits. You can check the table below.

Inactivity Fee$0
Overlimit Fee$0
Annual Fee$0
Cashback RewardsAverage of 2% at partner stores
Retailer Points Value0.5–2% cash equivalent
Every-day spend points value1% cash equivalent
Purchase Credit Rate19.99% – 24.99%
Cash advance rate or Annual Percentage Rate21.99% – 26.99%

#2 The Bay Gift Registry

The gift register by The Bay offers discounted costs for items the gift giver can purchase. They can get an additional 10% discount for the six-month registry items. This discount is possible only after you make a list.

#3 Free Shipping

Online shopping at The Bay entitles customers to free shipping. However, free shipping is only applied when the purchases reach a specific purchase threshold. Using the Hudson's Bay Credit also qualifies for the free shipping benefit.

There are several cases where customers can get free shipping. The following are the cost of certain products.

  • Purchases of $99 or above.
  • $49 worth of beauty product orders.
  • $45 and above worth of purchases with a Hudson's Bay Credit card.
  • $29 and above worth of beauty product purchases with a Hudson's Bay Credit card.

Meanwhile, the free shipping may exclude the following.

  • Furniture.
  • Home Appliances.
  • Canoes.
  • Barbecues.
  • Large products in general.

Another way to waive the delivery fee is to pick up the orders from the store. The Bay offers a “Buy Online, Pickup In-Store” option when you checkout online. This means you can purchase the items online, and pick them up yourself to save on shipping.

#4 The Bay Online Account

Customers can still earn rewards points without applying for a credit card by signing up at Once you already have an account, you can also access the Hudson's Bay Rewards program.

You can use the points you accumulated to lessen the cost of purchases. To redeem the points, you must enter the PIN associated with your rewards profile during checkout. You can also download their app.

The Bay app is available to all iOS and Android users. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Installing the app on your phone is more convenient as it provides a user-friendly interface. 

Can I Use Discount Coupons in The Bay?

Generally, yes. All customers can use coupons in The Bay. You can find these coupons on their official website. Additionally, you can also search for the newest discount coupons on different websites.

Coupons accepted in The Bay are commonly seen after you add the items to the cart on The Bay's shopping website. You will know then whether you can use the promos or not. You can copy the promo code in the online coupon and use it in your online shopping. 

In Summary

The Bay Seniors Day is a monthly discount program tha happens every first Tuesday of every month at The Bay store. The program is targeted to Canadian seniors and offers 15% discounts on most of its products. To be eligible, seniors must be 55+ years old and have an ative Hudson's Bay Rewards account. Besides this program, seniors can stack offers on the same products double-dipping on discounts to save even more.

The Bay Seniors Day FAQs

Is 55 considered a senior in Canada?

Generally, 55 years old is considered a senior in Canada in terms of acquiring discounts in stores, restaurants, and other establishments. Some may consider 65 years old as the basis where the senior age comes in. However, the definition depends on how seniors will use it. 

DoesHhudson's Bay offer military discounts?

Hudson's Bay and The Bay do not offer military discounts as of this writing. Meanwhile, online and physical stores offer huge daily discounts with promo codes applied. Customers can also benefit from the promo codes, which you can top up on some items you purchase. 

What can Canadian seniors get for free?

Canadian senior citizens can get financial assistance programs and income securities. The age range qualified for the government programs is from 55 to 65 years old and above. The notable programs are the Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Allowance for the Survivor.

The enumerated government programs require specific requirements for each. The general requirements to be eligible for these benefits are the contribution and residency period. You can contact your province or territory to learn more about how to acquire the programs. 

Does The Bay accept coupon stacking?

Technically, The Bay doesn't accept coupon stacking unless they state it on the promos or sale events they are hosting. However, they allow the usage of coupons on sale items on particular items. You can check their website to see their current discounts and events. 

How much OAS will I get when I turn 65 in canada?

The maximum monthly payment for the OAS pension when you turn 65 years old in Canada is $666.83. Senior citizens receive the amount from 65 to 74 years old. To get the OAS payment, the senior citizen must have an annual income of less than $129,757 before the current year. 

The Canadian federal government reviews the OAS pension in January, April, July, and October. The review reflects the cost of living increases based on the Consumer Price Index. If the cost of living decreases, the monthly pension will go down. 

Does The Bay offer free returns?

The Bay doesn't offer free returns; however, Hudson's Bay items are entitled to free in-store returns. Those items returned through the mail will have a $10 fee. Additionally, The Bay is an online platform, while Hudson's Bay is a physical store.

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