Efani Review: The Best Way To Keep Your Crypto Secure

March 23, 2021
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Efani Features & Benefits

Calling minutes in the US, Canada & MexicoUnlimited
Text messages in the US, Canada and MexicoUnlimited
Mobile data in the US, Canada and MexicoUnlimited
5G Ultra Wideband PerformanceIncluded
Wi-Fi callingIncluded
International data roaming (if your phone is eSIM compatible)Included

How Does Efani Work?

Efani works just like any other mobile carrier:

However, Efani only has one plan available—the SAFE plan—which costs $99/month (tax included) and includes all of the features and benefits in the table above.

Efani secures new and existing numbers, and their team of experts makes the transition process seamless. The transition from your old carrier to Efani takes 10 minutes max.

Why Choose Efani?

There are a few reasons you may want to choose Efani:

Efani's Safety Protocols

Efani's security measures are military-grade and virtually impossible to hack. They include:

  • 11-layer propriety military-grade client layer authentication
  • A 14-days mandatory cool off period before SIM swapping
  • Any major change must be approved by multiple Efani team members and run through a rigorous manual process

These security protocols prevent the primary way SIM swapping occurs, which is through social engineering. And if you aren't convinced that social engineering is so easy, watch this video that shows a hacker change the password to a reporter's phone account with a single phone call in under 2 minutes.

while I was lucky and avoided any financial losses, the experience was horrid, you had someone to call my telephone number, and then I started getting email then, but luckily for me, I didn't get any financial, you know problem with that but at the same time I suffered a lot of emotional loss and painful like you know, it was a painful, painful process and happened to me four times and that's how I started the company. So sin has been the only Billy ad it looks like someone just takes old cell phone SIM cards so they buy a brand new SIM card from the store on online and they transfer your number to their numbers and now they have, they can do whatever you can do with your telephone number they can pretend to be you get into your account in front of you, bring you, so they can take every piece of money that you have every money that you have and also get into your account or try to blackmail you with some information that they found or used for ransomware to get your account back. So that is that your Sim hacking it's pretty simple process generally done through social engineering or in some cases to bribe, where they will pretend to be you or you the fake ID or call that someone there you.

You lost your cell phone, and based on the information that's publicly available on dark web, they will just take over your telephone number, and you may not know it. Within like 10 1520 minutes or sometimes even up to, like, six to 10 hours, but like imagine someone said stop you at 10pm at night and you're sleeping, so you may not even know till you get up, and then everything that you had gone right I was so lucky that they attempted to do it at like two o'clock in the afternoon my time because I happen to be sitting there and watching what you just touched on is exactly what I thought was, oh my gosh if this had happened at 2am.

It would have been 10 times a nightmare and I actually know that recently Charlie Shrem told me and he tweeted about it that you helped him at two o'clock in the morning with his not first, but second or third sim swap the if the more people think that maybe you're protected and I think in your case too like when we tried to try to do something similar to that. A lot of people there that they, because I mean at&t Or like any other major carrier. I have told them in our biggest gifts in fact so have production on my phone. But 99.9%, we are still able to hack them, or the hack, and if I can hack them but think about it to white label white label matters what cyber criminals can do to them. So yes, think about earlier, are you traveling like imagine you're going on a vacation and you're just sitting on a plane for 10-15 hours.

And, you know, they hacked you In the meanwhile, right, and, you know, it's just a really crazy experience because you then go through the whole process you turn your phone off with T Mobile that was the first thing I did, I said absolutely shut my phone down, then you go through these next weeks of talking to their fraud department and all their experts and they tell you you know we've added this protection we've added this protection we've added this protection, you're good literally nobody can get it. And so then what happened when I called you to switch to your service, you sim swapped me in less than two minutes.

All right, I think you're done in like 50 seconds or 140 seconds, then you were in for a friend, and you had experience you told them that he put through, and they will assure you that we have gone through, it's impossible for them to stop it. I think that's what people don't realize, but I understand why someone would hack me, I'm, you know, a public figure in this space, it's my real information I'm Doc's I'm not an anonymous person, but do they attempt to Sim swap, uh, you know, anonymous people or or people that maybe are not as visible in the crypto space.

But certainly, so I'll give you example about that, we do get victims who are like old like 65 Plus or some people who are married, because they're still shopping there, they have two motivations right so number one could be financial, which is the biggest motivation, second is reputation now they want to fuck you or they basically want to make sure that you have. They destroy you, right, like you know social media account or something 30 emotionally they really want to hate you. So, if you believe that, you know, none in the world have either of these motivations to hurt you. I don't know what you're doing in your life right now right every right everybody's everybody's a potential target you.

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