Efani Review: The Best Way To Keep Your Crypto Secure

March 23, 2021

Efani Features & Benefits

Calling minutes in the US, Canada & MexicoUnlimited
Text messages in the US, Canada and MexicoUnlimited
Mobile data in the US, Canada and MexicoUnlimited
5G Ultra Wideband PerformanceIncluded
Wi-Fi callingIncluded
International data roaming (if your phone is eSIM compatible)Included

How Does Efani Work?

Efani works just like any other mobile carrier:

However, Efani only has one plan available—the SAFE plan—which costs $99/month (tax included) and includes all of the features and benefits in the table above.

Efani secures new and existing numbers, and their team of experts makes the transition process seamless. The transition from your old carrier to Efani takes 10 minutes max.

Why Choose Efani?

There are a few reasons you may want to choose Efani:

Efani's Safety Protocols

Efani's security measures are military-grade and virtually impossible to hack. They include:

  • 11-layer propriety military-grade client layer authentication
  • A 14-days mandatory cool off period before SIM swapping
  • Any major change must be approved by multiple Efani team members and run through a rigorous manual process

These security protocols prevent the primary way SIM swapping occurs, which is through social engineering. And if you aren't convinced that social engineering is so easy, watch this video that shows a hacker change the password to a reporter's phone account with a single phone call in under 2 minutes.

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Earn $347 From Our First Email