Opinion Outpost Review: Monetize Your Opinions

October 1, 2023

Opinion Outpost is a well-established market research company operating via website only and offering members a range of types of surveys in return for points. The main takeaway from this Opinion Outpost review is that the minimum cash-out balance is low, and there is a good range of redemption options, including gift cards, account credits, and cash through PayPal. Opinion Outpost is a good option for consumers who like interacting with websites on a regular basis, giving their views on a range of topics.

That said, filling out surveys like Opinion Outpost’s is a very hands-on approach to making money, and you’ll usually make only small amounts. Furthermore, Opinion Outpost is badly rated among consumers and is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, reducing trust. If you want to earn more in a  quick and easy way, consider Fetch Rewared as a better alternative.

Most people are looking for alternative ways to earn more money or to save more on the purchases they make. Making money online is one of the most popular choices available today, with many options available to all. Some of these options don't even need any particular skill set. Opinion Outpost is an example of such a platform, and in this Opinion Outpost review, you'll discover its features, pros, and cons to decide if it's the platform you need.

What Is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost is an online survey website that pays its users to fill out surveys and answer polls on behalf of their clients. It's part of the Dynata Market Research Group, based in Connecticut. It is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a rating of 1.17 / 5. It is available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany and customers must be over 17 years of age.

Opinion Outpost was formerly known as Survey Sampling International, initially formed in Holland in 1977, so it has a long history of market research projects. Opinion Outpost may conduct surveys on behalf of businesses, governments, public bodies, and other organizations.

The main feature of Opinion Outpost is completing surveys on behalf of brands and retailers. However, there's more to the platform, as they also offer product testing and diary studies, among others. It doesn’t have a mobile app, so all its services are through the website. It reports that it has over two million users worldwide and it fulfills over three million surveys per month, which pay out over $390,000.

Features of Opinion Outpost

As mentioned, Opinion Outpost has many different aspects, not just completing traditional, multiple-choice surveys. It offers a range of other ways to interact with brands and earn cash and rewards. Here we review those features and other aspects of the program.

#1 Signing Up

Signing up to Opinion Outpost is easy with a verifiable email address. You can earn a bonus of 10 points if you complete 3 surveys in your first week. There are six surveys immediately available, even before you have completed your profile. Surveys cover different topics like wellness, social topics, and entertainment.

Completing the profile is time-consuming as it is very long. Questionnaires must be answered on topics like health conditions, insurance, and investment. You're not likely to get any surveys allocated to you without completing your profile.

#2 Surveys

Most of the activities on Opinion Outpost are classified as surveys, but some are not in the traditional sense. The website categorizes its surveys as follows:

  • New product testing.
  • Advertisement reviews.
  • Diary studies on lifestyle habits.
  • Focus groups discussing. different topics
  • Targeted surveys (usually based on your location).
  • Google adverts feedback.

Rewards for completing surveys and activities are credited once the survey is completed. Some surveys (for example, those for diary studies and focus groups) can take up to six weeks.

#3 General Surveys

Surveys are allocated to you on the basis of your location and interests, and there is no limit to the number of surveys you can complete. It is essential that new members complete their profiles in thorough detail to give the best possible match to available surveys. Details required in the profile include shopping preferences, home and family, and healthcare. Most surveys take between ten and 15 minutes to complete, and payment is made in Opinion Points. The average payout for a survey is around 10 points but could be up to 250 points.

Members must complete a set of pre-qualifying questions before they are invited to complete the survey in full. This process is called screening out and ensures that only those members who fit the desired demographic complete the entire survey. All information from surveys is treated anonymously.

#4 Product Testing

This is a popular feature with manufacturers looking for feedback on prototype products before they are launched to the market. Members are sent the products through the mail and complete a feedback survey giving their opinions on them.

#5 Advert Reviews

Customers earn points by watching adverts before they are shown on T.V. or online and giving feedback on them via a survey.

#6 Focus Groups

Focus group surveys involve discussions completed online or by telephone with others to discuss the topic being surveyed.

#7 Location-Based Services

Opinion Outpost can send surveys about your local area by permitting the website to track your location. This may include giving feedback on nearby shops and restaurants. This can happen as you leave a shop with a notification asking you to complete a survey about your experience.

#8 Diary Studies

This activity is completed over a period of time. You will be awarded points by agreeing to track a particular aspect of your life in a diary or journal. This could be about eating habits, where you shop, or how much you interact on social media.

#9 Google ADH

Opinion Outpost has joined with Google to run surveys based on advertisements shown by both Google and its associates. Following the viewing of an advert, a survey will be offered.

#10 Blog

Opinion Outpost has an informative and interesting Blog with posts about:

  • Cultural events like International Women’s Day.
  • Lifestyle features like digital detoxing.
  • Research advice like how to complete honest demographic details on your profile.
  • Entertainment features like Opinion Outpost having a Halloween makeover.
  • Money articles like saving at Christmastime.

Cashing Out

In Opinion Outpost, 100 points are worth $10, on average. However, the points required for the different possible redemptions vary, so users should check them carefully. Some rewards are given in physical form, and some digitally. Physical rewards can take up to six weeks to be delivered.

There are several ways in which members can redeem their points.

  • Food gift cards for Domino’s or Chili’s 3-choice.
  • Home improvement gift cards from Home Depot. 
  • Target and Amazon accounts can also be credited.
  • Department store and entertainment gift cards from CV's, Macy's, Nike, Apple, and Game Stop.
  • The cash value can be credited to your PayPal account.
  • Virtual Visa prepaid cards can also be chosen.

Achievement Levels And Tiers

The more active you are on Opinion Outpost, the more you will earn. Members work through levels by completing certain activities. These levels are called Badges. You must complete tasks for each level to move up the ladder.

BronzeSign up and activate your account.
Silver– Complete your first activity.
– Complete at least 25% of your profile.
– Complete at least one activity last week.
Gold– Complete 50% of your profile.
– Take surveys in two consecutive weeks.
– Complete ten activities.
Platinum– Complete 75% of your profile.
– Take surveys in three consecutive weeks.
– Complete 25 activities.
Diamond– Complete 100% of your profile.
– Take surveys in four consecutive weeks.
– Complete 50 activities.

There are other Badges available to earn as you complete more activities on the site. As you earn more Badges and Achievements, bonus points are awarded. These can be seen as community achievements on the survey history page of your account. These Badges and bonuses can be earned just for completing certain activities, for example, answering your first survey.

Pros Of Opinion Outpost

  • Opinion Outpost states they ‘will never try to sell you a product or service.' Their surveys are transparent, and customers will not receive other adverts. 
  • The website is easy to navigate, well laid out, and intuitive.
  • Completing the surveys is relatively easy and can be interesting.
  • The minimum cash-out balance is low and there are many redemption choices.
  • Every month Opinion Outpost donates $10,000 to the American Red Cross.

Cons Of Opinion Outpost

  • No mobile app.
  • The help page search function just spins with no results. The FAQ section is also lacking and unhelpful with multiple broken links.
  • There's no referral program.
  • You must wait until surveys become available, and then you will have to pre-qualify for them.
  • After registering, customers will have to wait to become a full member. This could be weeks or months, and you cannot complete any activities until you are accepted.


Once accepted as a full member, Opinion Outpost is free to use. They earn their money from conducting market research on behalf of their partner companies. 

In Summary

Opinion Outpost is a classic market research company in digital form. A comprehensive profile questionnaire enables it to match users with relevant surveys. The surveys themselves vary in form and type, and all have different levels of involvement, from multiple choice questionnaires to discussions and diary keeping. You can start cashing out with a low minimum balance, and there are many choices about how to redeem your balance.

The major downside is that you have to wait until surveys become available, and then you must qualify for them. If there are no surveys available, you cannot earn any money. This lack of control over your earnings can be frustrating.

Opinion Outpost FAQs

Can you really make money with Opinion Outpost?

Yes, you can make money from Opinion Outpost, and it is relatively straightforward to complete the surveys. However, you have to wait until surveys are allocated to you. There may not be any available when you want to complete them. 

Is Opinion Outpost worth it?

Yes, Opinion Outpost is worth it if you have some spare time to complete the surveys. Most surveys are worth around ten points but could be worth up to 250 ($25). With 100 points being worth $10, your cash balance builds reasonably quickly.

How long does it take to get money from Opinion Outpost?

Most points from surveys will be credited to your account once the survey is completed. Some of the more in-depth surveys, like the diary keeping and focus groups, will take up to six weeks to be credited.

Is Opinion Outpost legit? 

Yes, Opinion Outpost is legit. It is part of Dynata, a leading market research company, and used to be Survey Sampling International. All these companies are long-standing, respected U.S. firms.

What is the best-paying survey site? 

Opinion Outpost is definitely a user-friendly website where members can earn cash regularly in an interesting way, answering questions about their day-to-day lives.

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