4 Best Walmart Credit Cards In Canada

January 22, 2023

There are quite a few good Walmart credit cards in Canada, but some stand out above the rest for their low fees, high cash back rates, and generous rewards. I constantly keep up with the latest options and policy changes and make my recommendations below based on my years of experience.

The Walmart Rewards Mastercard is an excellent store credit card for people who shop often at Walmart's physical and online stores. With this credit card, you'll earn 1.25% qualifying purchases plus Walmart Reward Dollars, which can be spent at eligible partner stores at a rate of 1:1 with CAD.

What Is A Walmart Credit Card?

Walmart credit cards are a type of store credit card that offer cash back and rewards when purchasing at qualifying stores. Walmart credit cards don't have an annual fee and offer generous cash back rewards, going as high as 1.25% on select purchases and a flat 1% on most other purchases.

Walmart is one of the biggest retail corporations worldwide. It was founded in 1962 in the US and extended its services to Canada in 1994 by acquiring about 122 Woolco leases. Woolco is an American discount retail chain with branches in Canada. 

The two major credit cards issued by Walmart are the Walmart Mastercard and the Walmart World Mastercard. These cards yield higher Walmart Rewards Dollars for purchases made in its online and physical stores. You can also use these cards in stores or merchants where Mastercard is accepted

The Best Walmart Credit Cards In Canada

1. Walmart Rewards World MastercardBest For Earning Walmart Rewards Dollars


  • No annual fee
  • Up to 3% Rewards Dollars back from eligible purchases
  • Welcome bonus of up to $45
  • Pay your purchases in an installment plan


  • Limited complimentary insurance coverage
  • High minimum annual income requirement

2. Walmart Rewards MastercardBest For Low Income


  • No annual fee
  • Welcome bonus worth $45
  • Pay your purchases in an installment plan


  • No complimentary insurance coverage
  • Rewards are not flexible and only limited to Walmart 

3. MBNA Rewards Platinum Plus MastercardBest Alternative For Travel Rewards


  • No annual fee
  • Generous welcome bonus 
  • Earn up to 4 points from eligible purchases
  • Flexible rewards redemption options


  • Has an annual capping for earning points
  • High points requirements for $1 redemption

4. SimplyCash Card from American ExpressBest Alternative With High Welcome Bonus


  • No annual fee
  • Up to 2% cashback from gas and grocery purchases
  • Travel and shopping insurance coverage
  • Up to $100 statement credits bonus in the first ten months


  • No travel rewards offered compared to other credit cards
  • Low cashback than other cashback credit cards

How Do Walmart Credit Cards Work?

Walmart credit cards don’t have a vast difference from how other store credit cards work. Individuals need to apply and pass the eligibility requirements of the store to get the card. The credit limit provided to each cardholder is based on the income and credit history assessment.

Once you have acquired a Walmart credit card, you can earn cashback from purchases in the supported stores or branches. Walmart credit cards are accepted and can be used at merchants other than Walmart. Keep in mind purchases outside participating Walmart stores have lower cash back rates.

Meanwhile, Walmart credit cards technically don’t earn cashback, similar to other credit cards. It has its own rewards system where cashback earned is called Walmart Rewards Dollars. This works like a store “money” that can only be used at Walmart stores, and are equivalent to 1 CAD.

Why Get A Walmart Credit Card?

You may want a Walmart credit card if you often shop at Walmart stores. These cards have valuable earning rates for purchases in eligible online or physical shops. The ability to fully pay the monthly statement is another advantage these credit cards serve. 

Rewards To Look For In A Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit cards offer rewards that may benefit some individuals. If you would like to get one of these, take note of these rewards:

  • Earn an estimated $25 from $2,000 total monthly purchases
  • Up to 1.88% of Rewards Dollars earned from eligible purchases
  • $1 Walmart Rewards Dollar is equal to $1 cash you can redeem

Types Of Walmart Credit Cards in Canada

Walmart issues only two credit cards in Canada. These are the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard and Walmart Rewards Mastercard. You can also use other traditional credit cards in Walmart to earn points and rewards.

#1 No Annual Fee Credit Cards

All of the Walmart credit cards don’t have annual fees. It’s advantageous for the frequent shoppers of the store as it reduces their entire expenses throughout the year of these credit cards. However, it will still charge various service and transaction fees. 

#2 Cash Back Credit Cards

Walmart credit cards technically don’t follow the standard cashback programs of other credit cards. It has a cashback system where cardholders earn Rewards Dollars or store money. These Rewards Dollars are equal to real cash that you can use to redeem rewards offered by the store. 

How To Choose A Walmart Credit Cards In Canada

Before deciding which Walmart credit card to get, assess some of the crucial factors influencing your usage and fees. These credit cards don’t have annual fees, so you should focus on other vital points offered by the cards. 

Welcome Bonus

Walmart Rewards World Mastercard and Walmart Rewards Mastercard offer the same welcome bonus. Currently, it provides up to a $45 bonus to new cardholders. There are conditions observed before you can get the total bonus. 

Earning Rate

Earning rate of the Walmart Rewards World Mastercard is higher than Walmart Rewards Mastercard. However, it also requires a high annual minimum income for personnel and households. You can get one of these cards depending on the assessment of Walmart. 

Insurance Coverages

A significant drawback of Walmart's credit cards is the lack of or limited insurance coverage offered to its cardholders. Walmart Rewards Mastercard doesn’t have complimentary insurance, while Walmart Rewards World Mastercard only provides two ranges. 

Rewards Flexibility

You can only redeem the Rewards Dollars you earned to reduce the total purchase amount during checkout. You can use it for shopping at Walmart's physical and online stores. Otherwise, there are still no other offers where you can also use these points. 

Exclusive Features

Walmart credit cards are all straightforward and don’t relatively offer exclusive or unique features. However, cardholders can access Walmart programs such as installment plans, Walmart Financial Services, money transfers, etc.  

How To Redeem Your Walmart Credit Cards Rewards

You must first download the Walmart mobile app to redeem your Walmart credit card rewards. It is the only way to use your Rewards Dollars for online and physical store purchases. Here are the two methods you can use: 

In-Store Using The App

  1. Log in to your Walmart app using the account where you add the items from the Rewards Center.
  2. Scan the QR code at the checkout area
  3. Choose the Walmart Rewards balance you would like to apply to your purchase.

Online Purchases

  1. Log in to your Walmart app using the account where you add the items from the Rewards Center.
  2. Add items to your card
  3. Place order
  4. Choose Walmart Rewards balance at the checkout page to reduce the total purchase

How To Apply For A Walmart Credit Card In Canada

Walmart observes eligibility and requirements before an applicant can get a credit card. The three major factors they assess are eligibility, income, and credit score.  


The standard eligibility before an individual can apply for Walmart credit cards in Canada are the following: 

  • You must be a Canadian resident
  • You must possess the majority of the age in your province or territory. For reference, the age of the majority in Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island is 18 years old, while 19 years old in all other provinces.

Credit Score

Walmart requires a decent credit score from applicants ranging from 640 and up. If you possess this score, there’s a high possibility you can get credit card application approval. 


The Walmart Rewards World Mastercard requires an annual income of at least $100,000, while the Walmart Rewards Mastercard only requires a minimum of $12,000. 

Walmart Credit Cards FAQs

Are Walmart Credit Cards worth it?

Walmart credit cards are worth it for people who often shop in Walmart branches or partner stores. The income requirement and credit score are also significant factors in determining whether you qualify for these cards. As for individuals who rarely shop in Walmart, it may offer them low earning rates from their purchases. 

Moreover, welcome bonuses for new cardholders are also a bit lower than other store credit cards. You can always opt for traditional credit cards if you seek high bonuses, such as the SimplyCash Card from American Express. Additionally, there is nothing much to expect when it comes to special or unique features since these are straight forwards store credit cards. 

Walmart credit cards don’t have annual fees. However, it doesn’t also carry comprehensive insurance coverage. 

Is it easy to get a Walmart Credit Card in Canada?

Generally, not really. Walmart Rewards World Mastercard and Walmart Rewards Mastercard require an excellent credit score of 640. The annual income needed is $12,000, while the World Mastercard should be $100,000 or more. 

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