Best Stores for Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses In Canada

January 14, 2024

Bridesmaid dresses eat up a large portion of a wedding’s budget, so looking for cheap yet good-quality dresses is important. Some of the best cheap bridesmaid dresses Canada has to offer come from brands like Asos, Outnet, Lulus, David’s Bridal, Amazon, and Revolve. By choosing one of these brands or retailers, you’ll be paying less than $1,000 per dress, even though the average bridesmaid dress costs closer to $1,600. Alternatively, you could also rent your dresses to make things more affordable.

Some of the most popular bridesmaid dress styles that are currently trending are one-shoulder dresses, the off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress, the split skirt dress with spaghetti straps, the V-neck bridesmaid dress and the trumpet-mermaid bridesmaid dress. You can find most, if not all, of these designs on the retailers or brands mentioned above.

Why spend your whole income on a dress you'll probably only wear once when getting ready for your big day is already stressful enough? The average cost of a bridesmaid dress in Canada is about $1,600. However, many brides and their crew prefer wearing less expensive bridesmaid dresses down the aisle. It’s entirely up to you to determine how much money you are willing to spend; after all, it is your day.

However, if you want to save a little cash, you are lucky to be here! We listed several brands and retailers that provide budget-friendly options that make you look rich without breaking the bank. You will also get to know how to pick the perfect bridesmaid dress that goes well with the bride and the top Trends for the best bridesmaid dresses Canada has to offer. Ready to know more?

Best Stores for Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses In Canada

Best Stores For Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses In Canada

To make it simple for you to locate your ideal bridesmaid dress, we've compiled a list of some of the best retailers offering a wide variety of dresses for far under $1,000. There are more options than you may imagine, including stores that offer exclusive discounts via online sales and even renting options.

Even if you have a limited budget, there's still something for you.

#1 ASOS Bridesmaids Dresses

While you may already love ASOS as your go-to online store for comfortable t-shirts and jeans, the British retailer also offers a full selection of bridesmaid dresses from various designers in addition to its in-house bridal line.

Whether they are halter midis, deep-plunge maxis, or sequined shift dresses, the majority of the dresses are priced around $300, with several being even more affordable at $200. The fashionable store also sells lingerie and accessories to match your ideal bridesmaid dress. Their Product Price Starts at $58, and their Dress size ranges from 0 to 24.

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#2 Revolve

Revolve may be known to many as a source of beauty care products or fashionable items, but did you know the special company also includes a bridal section? It's not specifically bridal in any way, but that's better for your wallet.

The aptly named ‘Did It My Way Dress’ from BB Dakota is just $119, and we can't stop picturing it at a sweet, rustic-themed wedding. They also have a ton of options that would be ideal for a non-traditional ceremony or a rehearsal dinner. Their Product Price Starts at $85, and the dress size ranges from XXS to XXL.

#3 The Outnet

Do you have your heart set on high-end bridesmaid dresses but have a low budget? There's no need to be troubled because The Outnet was designed for instances like these.

A wide variety of amazing labels, like Badgley Mischka, Marchesa Notte, and Halston, are significantly discounted—up to 85% off. If the amazing best-selling bridesmaid dresses they have don't convince you, the price most likely will. Their Product Price Starts at $19, and their Dress size ranges from 0 to 16.

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#4 David’s Bridal

David's Bridal may have skipped your mind, but don't worry—you shouldn't forget about them. Any aspiring bride will find her life a lot less hectic thanks to the cheap bridesmaid dress store's wide selection of alternatives for all sizes.

The sheer amount of options you have at David's Bridal, many of which are actually under $300, may pleasantly surprise you. It's a joy to wear these amazing pieces of clothing as they are all comfortable and cheap.

Their Product Price Starts at $89, and their dress size ranges from 0 to 26.

#5 Amazon

Although there are many trustworthy brands available through Amazon Prime, Amazon fashion is also another bridesmaid dress channel to exploit.

Take Adrianna Papell as an illustration. From its floor-skimming hem to its semi-sheer boatneck, this Metallic Floral Gown is embellished with three-dimensional floral embroidery for an amazingly romantic appeal. Their products sell for as little as $40, and dress sizes range from 0 to 16.

#6 Lulus

You've probably already purchased essentials from the fast-fashion website Lulus, but did you know that the company also produces wedding dresses under its label? They never go over $500 and start as little as $48 for an embroidered strapless dress.

One of their best double-digit selections is the Timeless Grace White Lace Backless Mermaid Maxi Dress, which features long sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. Since the website sells all different kinds of clothing, you may even order bridesmaid gowns and honeymoon attire in one go.

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How To Pick Bridesmaid Gowns That Are Perfect For The Bride

One of the hardest choices a bride may have to make during the wedding preparation process is choosing a wedding dress. Whoever you are, you obviously never have to deal with the enormous challenge of figuring out how to pick bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for you as a bride.

Best Stores for Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses In Canada

Now let's face it: picking out bridesmaid dresses for your crew is difficult enough without considering your bridal appearance. Your crew most likely all have different body types, fashion tastes, and spending ranges, which can make finding bridesmaid dresses an extremely difficult task.

In addition, you also need to consider how to style your bridal party so that they match your wedding dress flawlessly. It seems impossible, right? Maybe, but maybe not. Many other brides before you have accomplished this feat, so why can’t you? There’s no need for a bridal stylist when choosing bridesmaid attire; simply follow these guidelines.

Consider Your Clothing Style

Keep in mind the style of your wedding gown in order to choose the best style for bridesmaid attire. For your bridesmaids to wear stylish gowns with contemporary silhouettes, if your wedding dress is vintage-inspired would look extremely out of place.

Are there beautiful and romantic elements in your bridal dress? A bridesmaid dress with flowy fabric and ruffled sleeves would be appropriate for your group.

If your wedding style can only be described as dramatic and cutting-edge, think about giving your bridesmaids spectacular dresses with various materials or eye-catching jumpsuits.

Take Note Of Dress Specifics

Before choosing bridesmaid dresses, don't forget to take into account the style of your wedding dress as well as the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) features of your wedding dress. For instance, it would be great for your bridesmaids to wear bridesmaid pieces with lace tops to compliment your dress without exactly matching if you’re wearing a lace wedding gown.

Are you donning a colour other than white for your wedding gown? For a picture-perfect look, select bridesmaid dresses in colours that go with your bridal gown. For a stunning effect, you might dress your girls in dresses in various blue tones if your bridal gown is light blue. However, not every aspect should be the same.

Avoid selecting bridesmaid dresses that closely resemble your wedding dress. It is your special day, and you should be the centre of attention, right?

The neckline is one feature that you and your girls should never discuss. If the neckline of your wedding dress is sensual and plunging, make sure you choose a different neckline for your girls. Avoid removing the element that makes your outfit stand out!

The same is true with your dress's accessories. If your dress is already completely covered in bling, your bridesmaids don't need to glitter. It is advisable to keep all the rhinestones for yourself as the upcoming bride.

Maintain The Formality

The formality of your bridesmaids' gowns should always be matched. Your squad will look out of place in boho bridesmaid dresses that are more appropriate for a desert-chic wedding if you are wearing a ball gown bridal dress.

Start by thinking about the dress lengths to maintain the same level of formality. If your wedding gown is a full-length one with a voluminous silhouette, your bridesmaids should wear full-length bridesmaid dresses with clothing accessories appropriate for your elegant wedding venue.

Utilize Accessories To Unify Everyone's Look

There should always be at least one or two components that bind everyone's appearance together, even though your bridesmaids shouldn't match you too closely. One of the simplest ways to do this is to choose a bridal bouquet that goes well with your bridesmaids' gowns.

To make your wedding party look colourful and unified, you can have everyone carry blush bouquets if your bridesmaids are wearing blue bridesmaid gowns.

Don't forget that you can coordinate everyone's outfits by using stoles and pashminas as well. Make sure to pick a pashmina or stole that is slightly different from your girls' if you don't want to look overly coordinated.

Be Innovative

Don't be afraid to experiment with unusual prints and materials when picking bridesmaid dresses. Purchasing cheap bridesmaid dresses should be easy and enjoyable for you and your girls! If you heed this advice, you can be sure that your crew’s bridal attire will be flawless when the time comes to exchange vows.

Bridesmaid Dress Trends

What your bridesmaids wear plays a significant role in creating the most unforgettable experience on your big day. Colours and styles will always vary, but some trends and styles have a bigger impact than others. Here are the top picks for the hottest bridesmaid dress trends.

#1 One-Shoulder Dresses

With their A-line silhouette and sparkling details, these types of outfits are fashionable and adaptable. It's an amazing choice for being both informal and enjoyable. It has a one-shoulder neckline, giving your wedding party a lovely and refined appearance. Additionally, it is available in a wide range of sizes and colours. This bridesmaid dress has a fashionable look that can be worn after the wedding. With a broad belt or some fresh accessories, it can be transformed into a completely different dress.

#2 Off-The-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Best Stores for Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses In Canada

This bridesmaid dress is the perfect choice if you're searching for a sleek, classy design. It features pleated decoration and off-the-shoulder sleeves. High-quality fabric is used to make this dress, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. Any bridal or formal event goes with this dress.

#3 Split Skirt Dress With Spaghetti Straps

The chiffon fabric of this floor-length dress is amazing and wrinkle-resistant while yet being exquisite. It also features a stunning split that makes it even more elegant. Any bride who wants her bridesmaids to stand out should use this because it is perfect for all body types.

#4 V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

The lovely appearance of a V-neck bridesmaid dress makes it suitable for a variety of wedding types. This type of dress is fashionable and reasonably priced, and the style is truly timeless. Simply add a pair of heels and a beautiful necklace to complete the appearance when wearing this dress.

#5 Trumpet-Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

The trumpet-mermaid bridesmaid gowns are elegant and unique. If you want your bridal party to look amazing on your special day. Everyone's curves will be highlighted by the silhouette, which hugs the hips and stretches out from the top of the knee downward. This dress is adorable not only because of the wonderful design and variety of colours but also because it is cheap in comparison to other dresses.

In Summary

Having gone through this article, you should now know the best stores to get cheap bridesmaid dresses in Canada and the tips to look out for when purchasing bridesmaid dresses for your crew.

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses will come cheap and go without hassle if you can apply all the tips stated in this post. You can be sure to make your wedding day a memorable one by having your bridesmaid dressed in elegant gowns.

Have a wonderful shopping experience!

Best Stores For Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses In Canada FAQs

What is a fair price for bridesmaid attire?

A moderately-priced bridesmaid dress typically costs between $45 and $120. Keep in mind that the price does not include tailoring or hemming.

How early should bridesmaid outfits be ordered?

You'll need to decide on the bridesmaid dress (or gowns) your bridesmaids will wear about six months before the wedding. You must create enough time for adjustments because dresses often take two to three months to arrive.

Is it reasonable that bridesmaids pay for their dresses?

Bridesmaids are always expected to cover the cost of their attire.

Can bridesmaids wear all-black attire?

Black has the significant benefit of being a uniform colour, so if you want to let your bridesmaids pick their gowns, you won't have to worry about mismatched tones. Even better, selecting a black bridesmaid dress assures that your ladies can wear it again.

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