10 Ways To Get Paid To Talk To Lonely Men

August 3, 2021

Although this may seem like an odd way of making money at first, there are actually plenty of remote job opportunities that involve chatting with other people in order to get paid.

It’s worth noting that it doesn’t only involve lonely people looking for others to talk to. In fact, most of the time, it’s essentially a customer service role, where you’ll work for companies like Amazon to resolve customer queries. Some of the most popular platforms are Fiverr, the Chat Shop and Chat Recruit.

Regardless of the specifics of the job, being able to get paid to chat is a win-win situation for you and the person you’re talking to. On one end, getting paid to chat is a great remote job opportunity that you can take advantage of. On the other end, the person you’ll be talking to will have their problem solved, whether you’re working as a virtual assistant or if you’re getting paid to talk to lonely people.

Another neat advantage to consider is that you probably already have most of the equipment you need to talk to people – after all, the two most important components to get paid to chat are you have a computer and a stable Internet connection.

So, in this post, I’ll go through everything you need to know about remote chatting jobs. But first, a few FAQs and some key distinctions to make.

How Can I Earn Money By Chatting?

The way you earn money by chatting is going to depend on the specific job and company you choose. However, a few modalities to get paid to chat exist, and these can be divided as follows.

  1. Per Hour (Or Per Minute Basis): Like most part-time or casual jobs, the hours you’re present (even virtually) are the hours you’re paid for. This modality might not be as lucrative when compared to other modalities, though, which is an aspect that warrants consideration.
  1. Talk Hour Basis: This modality is intended to motivate you to work more — it basically means that you’ll only earn money by actually chatting to customers. It’s worth mentioning that per-talk-hour rates are usually higher than standard per-hour rates, but some find this modality stressful because any breaks you take translate to hours you’re not receiving any money for.
  1. Sales-Based Commissions: If you’re in a sales role, some companies will pay you a commission for each actual sale you make. These commissions can be pretty hefty if you’re good at promoting companies’ products and services. However, if you have a slow day or you’re still learning, it could mean that you may not earn as much, which can be stressful as well.

How Can I Get Paid To Chat Online?

While the specific steps to let you get paid to chat online will differ slightly from company to company, there are some job requirements that are pretty standard. These are as follows:

  • One of the first things you should ensure is that you meet the technical requirements for any chatting jobs you’re interested in. You usually only need a computer and a stable Internet connection, but some of these jobs could need a second screen or a headset in order for you to qualify (although you might want to consider getting a headset even if it’s not a requirement for the job. It makes things easier!). 
  • The second thing you should consider is whether or not the hours you have to do fit with your schedule. Many of these chatting job opportunities offer part-time hours, but considering that customer service jobs require that customers are able to reach a virtual assistant at any given point, you may need to work weekends or overnight.
  • Next is considering whether or not this type of job is for you. Customer service can be extremely tiring, even if it’s not done in-person – the customer may not always be right, but you always have to show enthusiasm and solve the problem in order to be successful in this particular niche. 
  • Lastly, you should consider whether or not you’re comfortable with the nature of the particular chatting job you choose. Getting paid to talk to people online about their delivery issues or tech questions is fine for most people, but if you’re expected to get paid to flirt, the job may or may not be for you, depending on how comfortable you are with this type of work.

Getting Paid To Chat Vs. Getting Paid To Talk To Lonely People

There are a lot of legitimate companies that pay you to chat with customers online. In fact, you may have even spoken to one of these workers when you called a company when you’ve raised your own customer issues.

On the other hand, if you specifically want to get paid to talk to lonely people, it’s important to go into it while being fully aware of what that line of work entails.

Most of the time, you just get paid to chat with people who may not have anyone else to talk to. This type of work often evolves into an exchange where you get paid to listen to people’s problems or anything else they want to share with someone who’s attentively listening to them.

Occasionally, though, there’s an adult element to these jobs, especially when referring to sites that offer chatting job opportunities but specifically say that they only hire women to talk to men.

That may or may not be your thing, which is perfectly fine. However, it’s also a great way of illustrating why it’s important to know what you’re signing up for when you agree to get paid to talk to lonely men, and whether or not you’d prefer to consider another chatting job opportunity.

Top 10 Companies That Pay You To Chat And Talk To Lonely Men

Without further delay, here are my top 10 picks of companies that will pay you to chat and talk to lonely men.

#10 Accolade Support

Accolade Support is a company that works with other companies in order to provide them with call center services — basically, when customers call the company’s customer support numbers, the call will be redirected to someone working for Accolade that can help them with their problem.

However, different companies have different needs, so Accolade Support has a wide variety of different roles that you can consider for work. These include:

  • Customer service representative
  • Telemarketer
  • Technical support

Of course, the compensation you get will vary depending on the type of position you choose. For example, someone working for Accolade in a customer service role can earn up to around $12 an hour

For someone working on sales and telemarketing, however, they’d be the one making the calls to potential customers, which means that they could be paid on a commissions-sale basis and earn up to $100 per sale.

#9 Asurion

Asurion is a company that provides tech support, insurance, consumer appliances and other related services. 

Offering effective customer support is a very significant part of their business model, and this means they’re always eager to find potential workers to get paid to chat with customers.

Also, the company has positions where the minimum age to work is 16 years old, so this could be a great remote job opportunity for any teenager looking to make money.

#8 FlirtBucks

While FlirtBucks involves women talking to men, the job is still mostly about chatting. The company describes the job as being a “chat hostess”, so while you can actually get paid to flirt, you also don’t have to exclusively discuss adult topics, which makes it one of the better options as far as getting paid to talk to lonely men is concerned.

You can talk with clients through text or through the use of a webcam, and the amount of money you can earn on Flirtbucks will be directly influenced by which one of the two you choose to do.

For example, if you choose to talk to clients through text chat, you’ll earn $0.10 per minute in your first three months. This then increases to $0.12 per minute, and once you reach the six-month mark, you’ll earn $0.15 per minute.

On the other hand, if you choose to talk to clients through your webcam, you’ll be getting paid more: in this case, you would earn $0.40 per minute for the first three months, $0.45 per minute for the next three months and $0.50 per minute afterwards.

#7 FriendPC

FriendPC is a company that pays you to talk to users who are looking for a friend. The good thing about this company is that you can use almost any communication method you can think of: whether it’s an online call, text messages, using an online chatroom or even a regular phone call.

FriendPC is free for those signing up to get paid to chat, and you can expect to make anywhere from $15 to $50 per hour, with average earnings of $20 per hour.

FriendPC can also be used by people looking to learn a new skill or looking to hire a life coach, which means that if you can offer these kinds of services, you’d be able to make even more money using the platform.

#6 Amazon Chat Support

Amazon’s Customer Service Associate roles involve resolving customer queries relating to their deliveries, purchased products and more. 

All of the roles featured are remote, and it’s worth noting that there are also plenty of options for doing these job opportunities as either full or part-time work. These jobs also have a seasonal aspect you need to be aware of, which means that you can earn extra money for working on holidays (during Amazon’s peak traffic periods).

Depending on the job you choose, there’s a possibility that Amazon will ask you to be located in a particular country, so you could get paid to chat in English or in a different language depending on the job’s location. Given Amazon’s reach, it’s very likely that there’ll be an opportunity for you no matter where you live, which is a huge plus.

#5 ChatOperatorJobs

ChatOperatorJobs is another company that is primarily focused on women talking to men, but the key difference is that you can only chat through text messages here. 

This company, in particular, has a much more apparent focus on adult themes, and you can expect to be paid around $0.20 for any messages that you type. The company also allows you to work as much or as little as you like, with the only requirements being that you have to be at least 23 years old and have a PayPal account so you’re able to be compensated for your work.

#4 Apple

Apple’s “At Home Advisors” is a service that offers similar jobs to Amazon’s customer service team. 

They accept employees on both a part-time and full-time basis, but one of the key advantages of this chatting job opportunity is that they give you an iMac and a pair of headsets in order to perform your tasks.

You’ll also have access to employee discounts, paid time off, and the chance to take advantage of other Apple career opportunities down the line, meaning this is one of the few options on this list that offers legitimate career growth.

#3 Chat Recruit

Chat Recruit is a chatting job that involves women being paid to talk to men online (as well as being paid to work as a phone psychic, interestingly enough). While there’s the option to use a webcam, it’s not obligatory to do so in case you’re not comfortable with the idea.

One advantage of this chatting job is that you use Chat Recruit’s “chat and earn money” app, so you won’t be taking calls on your personal phone. You can log in whenever you want to, with no minimum time requirements — the only limit being that you have to be at least 18 years old. 

You’re also able to be based from anywhere in the world, which means that you’re able to be paid no matter where you live, with the going rate being about $2 for every chat time minute.

#2 The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is a company that, like Accolade, provides live chat support to other companies. This means that, if you work for The Chat Shop, it’s very likely that you’d be answering to customers who have problems on the behalf of other companies from all walks of life.

The work is divided into three categories: customer service, tech support and sales. It’s also worth mentioning that the company isn’t exclusive to the U.S., meaning that you can get paid to chat online from the U.K. too.

You will need to meet a few qualifications, though, which include:

  • Having two computer monitors
  • Being able to type at least 65 words per minute (with an accuracy above 97%)
  • Working for a minimum number of hours per week (often 16 to 32 hours, which may include some weekends)

The company is also upfront about their salary, with most positions paying you £9.97 per hour for those in the U.K. (or $11.90 per hour for those in the U.S.) It's not a huge salary and won't get you to $100K per year, but it will be an important step forward.

#1 Fiverr

While it’s true that Fiverr isn’t a dedicated place to find chatting job opportunities (it's more about creative jobs like design and writing), you may be surprised to hear that there are hundreds of people on their advertising services in this particular category.

Some of the chatting jobs that are available on Fiverr right now include:

  • Doing mock job interviews with feedback on the client’s performance
  • Listen to other people’s problems
  • Being a psychic
  • Life coach/relationship advisor

Rates can vary from job to job, with most being between $5 to $10 per session, but nothing’s stopping you from charging more if you expect to be talking to the person for some time.

In Summary

There’s a huge variety of remote chatting jobs that you can take advantage of in this current day and time, and not all of them involve talking to lonely men.

Of course, there are plenty of options in this list as well in case you want to get paid to talk to lonely men, but before you choose any of those job opportunities, make sure you’re fully aware of what that implies.

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