Moomoo Promotion: 16 Free Stocks + $100 Cash

June 1, 2023

Moomoo is a commission-free platform for trading stocks, ETFs, and options. Moomoo hosts a variety of educational resources to help users learn about investing, and is consistently rated one of the best investment apps.

To capitalize on Moomoo's special promotion running from June 1 to 30, click below.

Moomoo's June 2023 Promotion

Moomoo is currently offering a promotion for new users who open a brokerage account from June 1 to June 30. Here are some more details about the campaign:

  • New users who deposit $100 during the promotion period will receive 5 draws for a free stock
  • New users who deposit $1,000 will receive an additional 10 draws for a free stock plus $100 in cash.
  • Each of these free stocks are valued between $3 – $2,000
  • The $100 cash reward can be used as a deduction when your stock purchase order exceeds $1,000

As a special bonus for Yore Oyster readers, if you complete a net deposit of $5,000 you'll also get 1 free share of either Tesla (TSLA) or Google (GOOG). This means you can receive up to 16 free stocks plus $100 in cash.

Moomoo Promotion

To take advantage of this Moomoo promotion, open a Moomoo brokerage account and complete a net deposit of $100 or more by June 30. Once you've made your deposit, you'll receive your free stocks in accordance with the breakdown above.

Australian Moomoo Users

If you’re signing up with Moomoo from Australia, the terms of the promotion are slightly different:

  • New users who open a Moomoo account and deposit any amount will receive 3 free stocks
  • New users who deposit A$2,000 during the promotion period will receive 10 free stocks

Australian users can use the same Moomoo referral code to open their account.

Moomoo Australia Promotion

How To Sign Up With Moomoo

Here are the steps to follow to open your Moomoo account, earn your signup bonus and start trading:

#1 Open Your Moomoo Account

First, go to Moomoo’s website and click “Open Account”. Enter your email address and choose a password for your account.

#2 Verify Your Moomoo Account

Before you're able to trade, you'll need to verify your account. To verify, you'll need to provide the following through Moomoo’s online portal:

  • Proof of ID (e.g. passport, driver's license, etc.)
  • Proof of address (e.g. bank statement)
  • Employment status
  • Financial status
  • Tax information

Moomoo generally completes the account verification quickly, often within the same day.

#3 Fund Your Moomoo Account

Once your account has been verified, you're free to fund your account. Moomoo has no minimum deposit threshold, and supports USD as a base currency. AUD is also accepted for Australian users.

Moomoo accepts the following deposit methods:

  • ACH transfer
  • Domestic wire transfer
  • International wire transfer

If you plan to capitalize on any of the promotional bonuses listed above, make sure that your first deposit is large enough to hit the threshold you're aiming for.

Pros & Cons Of Moomoo

Here are some of the pros and cons of Moomoo:


  • Commission-free trading of stocks, ETFs, and options
  • Zero monthly or inactivity fees.
  • A variety of features and tools to help you trade
  • Educational resources to help users learn about investing
  • Limit orders, market orders, stop orders, and stop limit orders
  • Unlimited customization of alerts and notifications
  • Great customer support


  • No trading of cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, bonds, or CFDs

In Summary

Overall, Moomoo is a great option for new investors looking for a commission-free trading platform with a variety of features and tools. The platform is also home to a variety of educational resources to help you learn about investing.

To learn more about Moomoo and the June promotion, click the button below.

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