Rakuten Vs. TopCashback: Which Cashback Website Is Better?

January 14, 2024

Rakuten and TopCashback are two important online shopping websites that offer cashback rewards. This is why comparing Rakuten vs TopCashback is relevant to many people. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is an online shopping platform that offers cashback rewards to customers who purchase through its website. It allows you to earn cashback, deals, and shopping rewards by purchasing items from its wide selection of retailers. The cashback rewards that you made are credited to your Rakuten account and can be redeemed through a check or PayPal.

On the other hand, TopCashback is also an online shopping portal that allows you to earn cashback rewards on purchases from various retailers. Some of its well-known retailers include Apple, Adidas, eBay, Macy's, and Sephora. The best part about TopCashback is that it has the “Highest Cashback Guarantee,” which means that if you find a better deal from another website, TopCashback will match this offer once it's been approved. Redeeming your cashback rewards is as easy as 1-2-3 since you can redeem them through a bank account, gift card, or Paypal with no minimum amount required.

Those features alone are enough for us to recommend TopCashback over Rakuten since it gives you greater flexibility and the same or better rewards as other platforms.

Rakuten and TopCashback are two of the best-known cashback apps in Canada. In this post, we'll compare the two cashback websites – Rakuten and TopCashback—on their list of merchants, cashback rates, sign-up bonus, the payout schedule, and how well they can match their deals from other websites. So take a seat, and learn how to earn money through cashback from your online purchases.

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback

Let’s compare these two popular platforms side-by-side on different features.

#1 Cashback Rates

Rakuten and TopCashback are two of the most popular cashback platforms available. Both websites offer exclusive cashback, deals, and promos—however, the amount of cashback they provide varies.

In this comparison, we'll look closer at Rakuten’s and TopCashback's rates to help you determine which cashback platform offers the best value.

WalmartUp to 3%Up to 4.2%
Amazon.comN/AUp to 8%
Lowe’sUp to 2%Up to 4% 
Nike 12%Up to 14%
Best Buy Up to 1%Up to 2% 
ULTA BeautyUp to 4%4%
TargetUp to 1% 3.6%
AppleUp to 2%Up to 4.2%
eBay  Up to 1%Up to 1.5%
Macy'sUp to 2%Up to 10%
HiltonUp to 2.5%Up to 4%
* As of June 2023, cashback rates are also subject to change.

As we've seen above, TopCashback offers higher cashback rates than Rakuten. So if you're looking for a platform that offers the best cashback rate, TopCashback may be your better choice. But remember that other merchants may have higher cashback on Rakuten than TopCashback, so it's best to compare their rates regularly.

#2 Number Of Merchants

Rakuten and TopCashback have a wide selection of merchants you can choose from on their websites—however, specific merchants' availability and cashback rates depend on the region and time.

Rakuten's 3,500+ Vs. TopCashback's 7,000+ online retailers

As of 2023, Rakuten has partnered with over 3,500 online stores where you can earn cashback daily on everything you need, including clothing, accessories, groceries, and more. While that’s impressive, TopCashback beats Rakuten by partnering with over 7,000 online stores, from small to midsize brands, so it has double the reach.

Some of the popular merchants you can shop through Rakuten include:

  • Walmart
  • Macy's
  • Kohl's
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy

On the other hand, TopCashback gives you the highest cashback rates on well-known merchants such as:

  • Costco
  • Apple
  • eBay
  • Target
  • Sephora

TopCashback also has exclusive partnerships with specific merchants that Rakuten doesn't have. Some of the merchants are:

  • Gap
  • Levi's
  • Sam's Club

You can also check out TopCashback's Trending Page to help you find the recent popular merchants with the best cashback rates and deals.

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback: Which Cashback Website Is Better?

Although TopCashback offers the highest cashback rates and a wide selection of retailers, it's still best to check the rates regularly since they can change from time to time, and it's important to know which platform suits best for your shopping needs.

#3 Sign-Up Bonus

Both Rakuten and TopCashback offer a sign-up bonus to their new members. But what sets one apart from the other is the amount of bonus you'll receive.

Rakuten is currently offering a $10 sign-up bonus if you make a qualifying purchase of $25 or more within 90 days of becoming a member. Then you have to choose how you want to receive your cashback, whether through check or Paypal. After you complete those steps, it'll send you your welcome bonus on your preferred payment method.

TopCashback, on the other hand, offers a much higher sign-up bonus than Rakuten. You'll receive a $15 bonus using our special referral link, entering your email address and password, and earning your first $10 in cashback.

Keep in mind that these bonuses may vary over time, and it's essential to read the terms and conditions of each website so you won't miss the deadline and requirements of the bonuses.

#4 Payout

Rakuten's 3-Month Payment Schedule

With Rakuten, you can withdraw your cashback rewards every 3 months based on your payment schedule. If you earned $5 or less, you won't be able to withdraw, and those points will be carried on to the following period. You can check your schedule below.

Purchases Made BetweenPayout Schedule
Jan 1 – Mar 31May 15
Apr 1 – June 30Aug 15
July 1 – Sept 30Nov 15
Oct 1 – Dec 31Feb 15

Before checking your payout schedule, ensure you have already filled in your verified email address and Paypal account so you won't have any issues with your cashback payment.

TopCashback's Automatic Payment Schedule

Unlike Rakuten, you can withdraw your cashback payment at any time with no minimum threshold using TopCashback. It pays you your cashback rewards once they are available, and there's no specific payout schedule that you should follow quarterly.

Once the website has approved your cashback, you can request a payout anytime by going to the Payout section of your account. You can withdraw them by simply pressing the Payable button of your chosen payment method.

Overall, TopCashback is a better option if you want to receive your cashback rewards anytime. It also doesn't require you to pay any minimum amount to withdraw, thus, making it easier for you to use your cash back for other purchases.

#5 Customer Support

Both Rakuten and TopCashback have good customer support. They also had similar service features that you can engage and explore to see if they can help with your questions. Without further ado, let's check out which cashback website cares more about solving the problems of its customers.

Rakuten: 4.5 Rating On Trustpilot

Rakuten's customer support appears positive based on its 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. Many customers have left a review saying that Rakuten's representatives have been helpful on their cashback payment issues. However, some users have reported cases with slow response rates and difficulty in solving complex technical problems, leaving some unresolved.

TopCashback: 4.4 Rating On Trustpilot

While Rakuten gained a 4.5-star rating on its platform, TopCashback is still competitive with its service, garnering a 4.4-star rating based on 22,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Many customers have appreciated its helpful representatives like Rakuten. However, they have also reported slow response times and delayed payment using the website's support ticket.

To compare the different customer service features to assist you with your account, cashback, and payment, refer to the table below and see if one website is better.

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback Service Features

Search BoxYesYes
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)YesYes
Support Request/TicketYes (24 to 48 hours of response time)Yes (within 48 hours of response time)
Automated Live AssistantYesNo
Troubleshooting GuideYesNo
Direct Missing Cash Back ClaimNoYes
Highest Cashback Guarantee ProgramNoYes

Neither Rakuten nor TopCashback displayed their working hours and contact information, like phone numbers, on their webpage. To address your concerns, you have to go through their FAQs sections or use their support ticket/request and wait for a maximum of 48 hours to resolve the issue.

They also offer nearly similar customer support features. However, TopCashback's highest cashback guarantee program is one of its strengths since you only need to submit a claim on its website if you'd like to receive the best cashback offer on your purchases.

#6 Rate Matching

There's a key difference that makes TopCashback a better cashback website than Rakuten—and that is its “Highest Cashback Guarantee” Program. This program ensures that it will allow you to earn the highest cashback rates among its competitors.

For example, if you find a better cashback rate on another website that offers a 2% deal, TopCashback will match this rate and add an additional 10% rate, letting you receive a total cashback of 2.2%.

You can claim the highest cashback guarantee by completing a claim form on its website within 7 days of purchasing. You can refer to the screenshot below to see how to submit a claim for better deals.

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback: Which Cashback Website Is Better?

Rakuten doesn't offer a similar program. Although there was a link that could be directed to its guarantee program, no information was placed on its help center.

Thus, TopCashback is a better online shopping platform that offers competitive cashback rates and has a rate match guarantee to help you get better rewards and deals every single time.

How To Sign Up For Rakuten

It's simple and free to create an account at Rakuten. To sign up for Rakuten, you must follow these steps below:

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback: Which Cashback Website Is Better?
  1. Go to its website at Rakuten.com.
  2. Click the “Join Now” button on its homepage in the top right corner.
  3. Fill out your email address, create a password, and click “Join Now.” Or you can automatically create an account by connecting to your Google account.
  4. Choose your preferred payment method to receive your cashback rewards.
  5. Begin your shopping spree at Rakuten to earn unlimited cashback.

You can also install its browser extension on Google Chrome to activate cash back directly from stores or automatically apply its coupons at checkout.

How To Sign Up For TopCashback

Signing up for TopCashback is completely free, and you can earn cashback immediately. To sign up for TopCashback, follow the simple steps below:

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback: Which Cashback Website Is Better?
  1. Go to its website at TopCashback.com.
  2. Click on the “Join/Login” button on the top right corner of their homepage.
  3. Enter your email address and create a password.
  4. Verify your account by going through your emails and clicking the “Verify” button.
  5. Start shopping through TopCashback to earn cash back on purchases.

If you've made any transactions before verifying your account, you don't need to worry about it since they won't be affected, and your cashback will still be tracked normally.

The Bottom Line

Rakuten and TopCashback are online shopping platforms that offer competitive cashback rates and have many merchants from which their customers can choose. Although Rakuten has more positive reviews with a 4.5-star rating for its customer support, TopCashback is better for its payout schedule since it allows you to request your payout whenever possible, unlike Rakuten, which pays out every 3 months.

Both sites offer good customer support, but TopCashback is a better cashback website option. TopCashback usually offers higher cashback rates than Rakuten, and it has a “Highest Cashback Guarantee” Program that allows you to match rates to earn the best cashback deal on your purchases. Thus, making it an excellent choice for people who like to earn more rewards.

Rakuten Vs. TopCashback FAQs

How does cashback work?

Cashback works by letting customers receive a portion of the money they spent back in cash. This happens when you purchase items using your cashback credit card or through a cashback website like TopCashback. The amount of reward you receive varies on your credit card, website, and the merchant you purchase from.

How do I use cashback websites?

To use a cashback website, you must go to its website and sign up for an account. Once you have verified your account, you can click the link to your favourite store, pay for your purchase, and the cashback website will reward your account with a cashback. You should also use the store's link on the cashback website to receive the reward; otherwise, you won't be able to receive it.

What are the benefits of using cashback websites?

The benefit of using a cashback website is that it allows you to earn money back with the money you spend on purchases. These websites also offer exclusive discounts and promotions that aren't available in the official stores. Lastly, they provide additional features such as coupons and cash rewards for referring a friend.

What are the drawbacks of using cashback websites?

The drawback of using a cashback website is that you must spend at least a minimum amount to receive the reward. Looking for the best offers is also time-consuming since you must compare them with other cashback websites. Lastly, using a cashback website can also lead you to spend more than you intend just to earn more cashback rewards.

How much cashback can I earn?

The amount of cashback that you can earn depends on the cashback website and the retailer. For example, some retailers offer a cashback percentage of a purchase price, while others provide a fixed amount. When it comes to TopCashback, it doesn't have a limit on how much cashback you can earn, but the retailers may have restrictions on the amount you can reach per month.

Can I use Rakuten and TopCashback at the same time?

Yes, you can use Rakuten and TopCashback at the same time. You can use both cashback websites to search for your favourite retailer and receive cashback from your purchases. But remember that some retailers don't allow you to earn cashback from multiple websites or use different promo codes for the same purchase.

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