Saskatchewan Income Support Payment Dates

December 10, 2022

As the cost of living continues to rise in Saskatchewan, low-income earning individuals living in the province may need financial support from the Saskatchewan provincial government through a series of income support and social assistance programs. One is the Saskatchewan Income Support or SIS program, which provides financial support to residents who may be in need due to low income, disability, or unemployment. In this post, you'll learn the SIS payment dates for 2023 and who is entitled to them.

What Is The Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) Program?

The Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) program is a financial assistance program offered to residents of Saskatchewan who find it hard to provide for and support themselves and their families due to low income, unemployment, disability, or illness. The program was introduced in July 2019 and is funded and sponsored by the provincial government of Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Social Services issues the SIS benefit on behalf of the provincial government. The SIS program provides financial aid to low-income residents to help them cover the costs of basic needs like shelter, food, clothing, and other things they might need.

The SIS also provides other benefits such as health support, accommodation benefits, child care benefits, and other essential benefits the individual might need. Finally, the program also provides employment support to help eligible individuals get a job.

Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) Payment Dates 2023

The Saskatchewan Income Support benefit payments are made the month before the benefit month. You can sign up to receive your monthly SIS payment by direct deposit or by cheque.

The following table shows the SIS monthly direct deposit payments dates for 2023, as well as the dates cheques will be mailed if you choose cheque by mail.

Benefit MonthSIS Cheque Mailing DatesSIS Direct Deposit Payment Dates
JanuaryDecember 22, 2022December 28, 2022
FebruaryJanuary 25 , 2023January 30, 2023
MarchFebruary 22, 2023February 27, 2023
AprilMarch 27, 2023March 30, 2023
MayApril 24, 2023April 27, 2023
JuneMay 25, 2023May 30, 2023
JulyJune 26, 2023June 29, 2023
August July 25, 2023July 28, 2023
September August 25, 2023August 30, 2023
October September 25, 2023September 28, 2023
November October 26, 2023October 30, 2023
December November 27, 2023November 29, 2023

Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) Benefits You May Receive

SIS benefits are divided into three categories:

  • Basic benefit 
  • Shelter benefit
  • Health and safety benefits

Basic Benefits

This monthly benefit payment covers necessities like food, clothing, travel, and personal and household items.

Shelter Benefits

This benefit provides monthly coverage for shelter-related costs like rent, utility bills, mortgage payments, as well as property taxes.

Health And Safety Benefits

The costs covered by the health and safety benefits include:

  • Household Health and Safety Benefits: This provides coverage to help with the costs of replacing household items or setting up a new residential home due to a disaster or interpersonal violence. You will also receive an additional amount for the shelter Stabilization Benefit to support recipients who struggle to maintain stable housing.
  • Short-Term Emergency Assistance: This benefit covers unprecedented emergencies that would cause harm if not addressed appropriately.
  • Prescribed Diet Benefit: This benefit aims to cover the costs of additional nutritional supplements or food for recipients with medical conditions that need them.
  • Travel Benefit: This covers transportation costs for work, work-related appointments, medical appointments outside the community, job interviews, or other approved reasons.
  • Alternate Heating Benefit: This is provided to cover the costs of an alternate heat source for recipients who cannot access natural gas from their homes.

Other benefits that may be provided depending on your situation include:

  • Employment and Training Benefit: This provides assistance to help with the costs incurred by starting a new career or training program. 
  • Child Care Benefit: This benefit is a supplemental income for the short term while searching for a job or going for a job interview.
  • Children's Benefit: This benefit is intended for parents who do not receive the Canada Child Benefit (CCB). It provides coverage for food, clothing, household essentials, and some other child-related costs.
  • Relocation Benefit: This provides coverage to assist with the costs of moving due to eviction, health emergencies, or any other approved reason.
  • Funeral Benefits: This benefit provides coverage for the costs of funerals.

Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) Eligibility Requirements

If you are in financial need, you (and your spouse or partner, if you have one) can apply to receive the Saskatchewan Income Support benefit payments. To be eligible to receive the SIS, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a citizen of Canada, permanent resident of Canada, refugee, or are in Canada under the Canada Ukraine authorization for emergency travel
  • You must be a Saskatchewan resident
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a low-income earner or have no income
  • You must have tried every other possible source to provide financial assistance for yourself such as getting a job

Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS): How Much Can You Receive?

The benefit amount you may be eligible to receive depends on your circumstances, such as if you:

  • Are married or in a common-law relationship
  • Have children or dependents
  • Pay rent or mortgage for your residence
  • Reside in a remote community

The amount you receive every month may change to reflect your situation. If you are eligible for the Saskatchewan Income Support or SIS, you will receive the following amounts:

For the Basic Benefit

If you live in the Northern Administration District, you will receive:

  • $380 If you are an adult (Adult Basic Benefit)
  • $65 for each child you have (Children's Basic Benefit)

If you live outside the Northern Administration District, you may receive $315, if you are an adult, for the Adult Basic Benefit.

For the Shelter Benefit, the amount you may receive is shown below:

Region of Saskatchewan Single Individual Couple With No Children or DependentsFamilies with 1 or 2 Children Families With 3 or More Children 
Saskatoon or Regina$600$775$1,000$1,175
The Rest of the Province$540$665$765$865

You may also receive the following additional benefit amounts:

BenefitsPayment Amount 
Household Health and Safety Benefit$500
Shelter Stabilization Benefit $150 per month 
Prescribed Diet Benefit $50 to $150 
Alternate Heating Benefit $130 per month
Employment and Training Assistance $140
Children's Benefit $400
Child Care Benefit $30 per day
Relocation Benefit$200 to $300

Income Exemptions

The Saskatchewan Income Support program encourages recipients to look for work to earn more money and be financially independent. The income earned by beneficiaries from a job or from working, up to a certain amount, is exempt or does not affect the SIS benefit amounts they may receive.

The monthly earned income exemptions are:

  • $325 if you are single
  • $425 if you have a spouse or common-law partner and have no children or dependents
  • $500 if you have children or a dependent family

How To Apply For The Saskatchewan Income Support Program

You can apply for the Saskatchewan Income Support program online or by phone.

Applying Online

To apply for the SIS online, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • Step #1: Sign in or register to create a Saskatchewan account using an active email address
  • Step #2: Answer all the questions and attach the required documents
  • Step #3: You will have to complete and submit your online application within 15 days. After 15 days, the application will expire, and you will have to apply again.
  • Step #4: Once you are done, use the Sign Out feature to log out of your account.

Note that you should use Google Chrome or Safari as your internet browser when applying.

Applying By Phone

To apply by phone, call Social Services at 1-866-221-5200 or 1-866-995-0099 (TTY number). You can also visit the nearest Social Services office to start your application. The offices are open from 8 am to 5 pm on Mondays to Fridays except on public holidays.


To apply using any method, you will need the following:

  • Your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and your Saskatchewan Health Services Number (HSN)
  • Information about your children, your spouse, or your partner, including their SIN and HSN.
  • Income information such as receipts and pay stubs
  • Documents that verify your living condition, like a mortgage statement or rental agreement
  • A bank account you own, including an individual or joint account
  • A completed Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • Information on your income sources such as cash, money in the bank, investment, RRSPs, stocks, bonds, GICs, and other income sources
  • Information on properties, vehicles, and other items you own
  • Information on other benefits or pensions you may be receiving. 

You must provide all the needed information and documents within 30 days of submitting your application, otherwise, your benefits will be stopped.

Also, a Service Level Screening will be conducted over the phone within 30 days to determine how much you may be eligible to receive. If you are married or in a common-law relationship, you and your spouse must apply together.

A spouse or partner means that:

  • You are married or in a common-law relationship where you have lived with your spouse or partner for at least three months
  • Your spouse or partner is your child or children's parent
  • Your friends, family, or the public would think you are a couple

If you require assistance to complete an online application or do not have a phone or access to the internet, you can visit your local Social Services Office. From there, you can request help to complete an online application or access a computer or phone to complete and submit an application.

Changes That Can Affect Your Benefit Amount

The benefit amount you may receive for the Saskatchewan Income Support is reassessed monthly to reflect your current situation. Hence, you should always report any changes in your living situation immediately to keep receiving the right amount of money every month and avoid paying back benefits if you are overpaid.

Some changes that may cause your SIS benefit amount to be reassessed include the following:

  • Finding or quitting a job
  • Changes in salary or in the amount of money you earn
  • Changes in the size of your family, such as getting married, having a child in your care, and so on
  • Relocating to a new residence
  • Changes in your banking details
  • Changes related to your health or the health of your family members

If you have been overpaid, you have to repay the overpaid balance if you: 

  • Did not report a change in your situation immediately
  • Did not report any amount of money you received from any source
  • Provided the wrong information or details

In Summary 

Saskatchewan residents who need financial assistance due to low income, unemployment, disability, or illness, can apply to receive the Saskatchewan Income Support or SIS benefits. The Ministry of Social Services issues these benefits on behalf of the provincial government to individuals and families who find it hard to meet the costs of necessities for themselves and their families. The program also provides allowances to help beneficiaries get a job and earn a living.

The benefit amount paid to the recipients is based on their circumstances. So recipients should endeavour to report any changes in their circumstances immediately to the Ministry of Social Services so that they will receive benefits payments suited to them and avoid being overpaid or paid less than what they deserve.

Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) Payment Dates FAQs

How do I check the status of my SIS application?

You can check the status of your Saskatchewan Income Support (SIS) application by contacting the Client Service Centre at 1-866-221-5200.

Can I still apply for the SIS if I don't have a bank account?

Yes, you can still apply for Saskatchewan Income Support if you do not have a bank account by visiting the nearest Social Services office, where staff will walk you through the process of opening a bank account.

You are expected to try everything possible to open a bank account to receive your benefits by direct deposit. However, if you still cannot open a bank account due to any exceptional circumstances, you may be able to receive your benefit payment by cheque.

How much is Income Assistance In Saskatchewan?

The amount you will be eligible to receive for Saskatchewan Income Support benefits is $380 for adults and $65 for each child if you live in the Northern Administration District. If you live outside the Northern Administration District, you will receive $315 for the Adult Basic Benefit. You will also receive other benefits for the shelter and health and safety benefits.

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