Public Mobile Review: An Economical Alternative?

June 27, 2020
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Public Mobile has been gaining some positive reviews for giving consumers the opportunity to make their own plans. It is an economical and convenient alternative to bigger telecom operators that lets you make your own monthly usage plans without committing to any long-term plans. With a loyalty rewards program, a referral program and by helping others on the community forum you can earn lots of rewards. These rewards are in the form of discounts and rebates off your monthly bill.

Public Mobile is great for you if you are tired of long contracts and hidden fees. Join Public Mobile now for great rewards and affordable mobile service.

Public Mobile is one of the dominantly online telecom companies gaining popularity in recent times. It is famous for its flexible and simple plans. The rewards program that rewards loyal customers is pretty simple to follow and encourages long term relations with the cell phone provider. With a plethora of ready-made plans and customized plans, Public Mobile has something for everyone.

What Is Public Mobile

Public Mobile is a mobile services company that was launched in 2010. The company targets price conscious consumers by providing low priced data, call and text packages. They initially gained popularity before being sold to Telus in 2013. However, in recent years Public Mobile has reprised to gain its position in the telecommunication market.

Today Public Mobile boasts few physical stores as it is mainly an online company and you can order your sim online. Similarly, you can make your own mobile plans or choose one of the ready-made plans that Public Mobile offers. The customer services process is also completely online where you can go to the website and ask questions.

Similarly, Public Mobile offers its own community where customers can answer each other’s questions and queries. It is an interesting process as it decentralizes the customer service process because you do not have to call your provider and wait for a long period of time. Some of the most famous facets of being a Public Mobile customer are its low prices. Let’s have a look at some of the ready-made plans so that you can make an informed decision from our Public Mobile Review.

Pricing Structure

While with Public Mobile you can always choose and make your own plans, they also offer different packages for those who prefer ready-made plans. In the table below I mention some of these plans and their prices.

Price ($)DataCallsTexts
15250 MB100 MinutesUnlimited International and local
25500 MBUnlimitedUnlimited International and local
351 GB  + 500 MB BonusUnlimitedUnlimited
404.5 GB + 500 MB BonusUnlimitedUnlimited
508 GB + 500 MBUnlimited in US & CanadaUnlimited

An important caveat in all the prepaid plans that I have mentioned above is that the data speeds are 3G speeds only. This can make it a good viable option for you in the case that you do not use a lot of video streaming services and you are content with 3G speeds. However, despite being 3G plans you can see some good value in these prepaid plans. Nevertheless, you can also choose 4G internet plans but for most of them you will have to make your own plans.

The plans on the table have something for everybody. In case your usage is data centric you can use the $50 plan to get lots of data along with free calls and texts. However, if you are a light data user and mainly just use it for less data incentive activities like checking email and using maps, you may consider getting the $25 plan that gets you 500 MB data and unlimited calls and text messages.

Public Mobile Review and speed wow!

Earning rewards is a good way to save costs off your monthly bill. There are plenty of ways in which you can reduce your monthly expenditure and we'll cover those in the following sections of our Public Mobile Review.

Public Mobile Rewards & How To Earn Them

You can earn rewards by committing to different activities. Earning rewards can help you in decreasing the cost associated with your monthly plans. There is no formal points or scoring system. The rewards are pretty defined and you get them after reaching a particular milestone. Some of the things that can help you in gaining rebates are

  • AutoPay
  • Loyalty Pays
  • Refer A Friend Reward
  • Community Rewards For Helping Others

Auto Pay

AutoPay is when you simply set up your credit card so that your card can be charged for your monthly plan as the payment period. You can set up AutoPay so that you can receive $2 credit for auto pay for every 30 days. So for instance, if you autopay for a 3-month plan you will save $6.

Public Mobile Loyalty Pays

Loyalty Pays are the rewards that you get after being a loyal customer for a certain amount of time. There are 2 main types of contracts for Public Mobile customers. One type of contract is a 30-day plan and the other is a 90-day plan.

After 12 months of being a Public Mobile customer, you will start to earn a recurring loyalty reward for as long as you remain an active member of Public Mobile on that account. Regardless of the plan that you choose to use, you will continue to reap rewards. However, if your account is inactive for 60 days in a year, your loyalty rewards will be delayed by the number of days that your account was suspended or inactive for.

Some of the monthly discount on prices that you can get for being a loyal customer are illustrated in the table.

Loyalty Reward Amount30-day plan90-day plan
After 1 Year$1$3
After 2 Year$2$6
After 3 Year$3$9
After 4 Year$4$12
After 5 Year$5$15

The loyalty rewards that you get are simple. If you are on a monthly plan it gives you more flexibility to change your plans but it will give you fewer rebates. Similarly, if you choose a 3-month plan, they will yield more rewards in the long term and you can see that after 5 years you can get a rebate of $15 on your monthly plan which could almost end up being half the price on your contract right now.

Refer A Friend Reward

If you refer a friend you will earn $1 for every 30 days for each friend that you refer to Public Mobile. Your referral should subscribe to Public Mobile using the unique referral code given to you during activation. Your friend will also receive a one time credit of $10. You will continue to get your reward until your referral is a loyal customer of Public Mobile. So if you are on a 90-day plan you will earn $3 for every 90 days for each friend that joins the network and stays with Public Mobile.

Related: In case you are looking for good loyalty programs from a mobile services provider, you can also check out our review on Fizz.

Short Case Study On Referring Friends

Mariah is a fashion-savvy social influencer. She wants to avail free Public Mobile for a year, she currently has a $15 monthly plan. She quickly works out that she can get free Public Mobile by referring 15 friends who take a 3-month contract. This shaves of $15 for 3 months off her contract. All she needs to do is ensure that her friends renew their contracts on time and she will have her free Public Mobile for a year.

She can also obtain her goal if each of her friends remains active for the year with one-month contracts. However, with one-month contracts, individuals can easily switch to other providers so she plans to convince her friends to try the service with 3 months. With the chance to win $10 for joining the network her friends think, why not? so they end up joining and Mariah gets free Public Mobile for a year.

Be like Mariah and take advantage of the great referral system of Public Mobile to shave your monthly bill.

Continue reading our Public Mobile review to see how you can actually refer someone.

How To Refer A Friend

Referring a friend is simple. When you become a Public Mobile customer, you will be assigned a unique referral code that is linked to your account. All you have to do to get referral bonuses is:

  • Find your referral code on the overview page of the self-service option in your online account.
  • Mention Public Mobile to your friends and convince them to join.
  • Send them your unique referral code.
  • After that, when your friend is activating their sim card, they need to enter the referral code into the bottom of the Public Mobile Online Activation form.

That's all there is to it. Once your friend activates their 30 or 90-day plan, you'll both receive your respective bonuses.

Take note that, if your friend forgets to enter the referral code when activating their sim, it cannot be manually entered later down the road and you'll both lose the bonus. Hence, try and ensure that your friend enters the referral code.

Apart from referrals and loyalty, Public Mobile lets you gain loads of rewards by contributing to the community of users, which is explained in the following section of our Public Mobile Review.

Community Rewards

Based on your level of involvement in the Public Mobile Community you can earn rewards.  You can earn up to $20 in rewards per month, depending on how much you contribute in accordance with the community guidelines. You get more rewards if you keep contributing consistently. The top-level contribution is the Oracle level and you can earn $20 for every 30 days.

Contribution LevelEarn
Top 1 %$15
Top 5%$10
Top 10%$5
Top 25%$2
Top 50%$1

For instance, if you are in the top 1%, it means that you are contributing amongst the top 1% members of the community. So if you are a regular contributor to the Public Mobile community you are likely to get a decent discount off your monthly bill.

Public Mobile review and rewards yum!

Now that you have an idea of rewards and how they work, let’s have a look at some of the things you should keep in mind if you travel internationally.

International Roaming

Keep in mind that, no matter how good Public Mobile may be while you're inside Canada, they don't offer a lot of options to keep you connected when you travel. In fact, the roaming plans are only applicable to the USA and no other countries. Additionally, there are some things you should be aware of even if you do travel to the US:

  • You need to activate US roaming before you travel to the US.
  • The roaming add-on only lasts 10 days.
  • If you're travelling for more than 10 days and you want to purchase the same add-on twice, you will have to wait until the first add-on expires before you can upload the second one.
  • Services are available in all 50 states of USA along with Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands
  • If you purchase 2 different types of roaming packages, each of them will expire 10 days after you activate it. For instance, you bought a call package for the US on August 1st and a data plan for US on the 5th of August. The first one will expire on the 10th of August and the second one on the 15th.
  • Ensure that you have added sufficient funds to your account before you try and buy an add-on for travelling.

In order to enjoy Public Mobile's roaming plans, you have to activate roaming on your phone first. Let’s revisit how to enable roaming on your phone so that you can be travel-ready.

Enabling Roaming On Your Phone

Enabling roaming on your phone is easy, but let's quickly explore how to do this so that you do not have to grapple when on the road.

Switching On Roaming On Your iPhone

To activate Public Mobile Roaming on your iPhone, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Go To Settings

Select the settings option in your phone.

Step 2: Move Data Roaming To On Position

Locate the ‘Data Roaming’ cursor and slide it to the ‘ON’ Position and you're set.

Switching On Roaming On Your Android Device

To activate Public Mobile Roaming on your Android device, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Go To Settings

Select the settings option in your iPhone's home screen.

Step 2: Go To Wireless & Networks Options

On the Wireless & Networks options, tap on “More”.

Step 3: Enable Data Roaming

Choose ‘Mobile Networks’ and add the checkmark by tapping the ‘Data Roaming’ option.

Note that the process to activate international roaming is not consistent from device to device as it depends on the specific manufacturer and the OS version your phone is running, so your phone could have a slightly different system for enabling roaming.

You may be wondering what happens with your account and your plan if you lose your phone or if it is stolen. In case this happens, there is a simple process for suspending your account so that your details cannot be misused by anyone, as you will find out in the following section of this Public Mobile review.

Lost Or Stolen Phone

If you have lost your phone, you can simply suspend your service, especially if you would like to stop any calls or messages going in or out of your phone. Doing so will not keep your plan from expiring; but, it will ensure that your credit card is blocked and not charged in the next month if you use AutoPay.

The steps to suspend your account are simple and as follows:

Step 1: Log Into Your Self Service Public Mobile Account

You can visit Public Mobile's site from your computer or another device and log into your self-service account.

Step 2: Navigate To Lost/Stolen Phone

You first have to scroll to and click on the “Plan and Add-ons” option. In the menu click on the “Lost/stolen Phone” option.

Step 3: Suspend Service

Once you're in the Lost/Stolen Phone section, select the option to suspend the mobile service and you're done.

Note that after 90 days in suspension, your account will be deactivated permanently. Hence, ensure that you return to this page in the case that you find your phone or get a new sim card in order to reactivate your account.

Now that we have reviewed some of the main features in our Public Mobile review, you should have a clearer view os whether or not this is the right mobile services carrier for you.

Public Mobile Review Summary

Public mobile is a simple mobile service provider that stands out in terms of low cost and versatility. It is a no-nonsense network that has something for everyone. The monthly plans are economical and easy. If you become a loyal customer you can get lots of discounts on your monthly bills. You should definitely join the network if you are looking for simplistic plans without any hidden costs that can become even cheaper through referrals or contributions to the community.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Public Mobile is the simplicity of its rewards program. As you earn more rewards you simply get more rebates and discounts. However, its downside is that it could use more rewards options like free data or minutes and texts like the kind of rewards that other competitors offer. Additionally, the reach of the network is quite limited for international roaming coverage as it only covers the USA, contrary to competitors like Fizz that have you covered across continents.

Public Mobile is right for you if you are someone looking for an economical mobile plan that you will use primarily inside Canada, and if you travel frequently only to the US. If you are tired of long-term contracts and hate hidden costs and long bureaucratic processes, then you should definitely consider becoming a customer of Public Mobile.

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