Bank IT Expo & Conference

November 1, 2022

The Bank IT Expo & Conference brought banking solution vendors, software providers and banking industry experts into the same room. It was the go-to event where fintech startups and industry titans could meet and discuss their challenges on all levels of scale.

The expo was designed to stimulate interesting discussions around online and offline security, financial innovations, and the broader future of the banking and finance industries. It focused on aligning business and IT within a financial organization. More specifically, the conference focused on IT advancements within the retail banking, investment banking, corporate banking, insurance, and financial services sectors across Canada.

A lot of interesting questions come up when you put security front and center in an arena where returns generally take precedence. For example, “How much of our resources do we allocate to securing our high net worth investing clients vs. those who invest in GICs?” Or “Are we willing to accept significantly fewer new credit card clients in exchange for slightly less leverage on our balance sheet?”

The ideal attendees of the Bank IT Expo & Conference were software vendors (specifically those focused on banking security), other banking solutions vendors, and decision makers within information technology and fintech.

The Bank IT Expo & Conference was last scheduled to take place in Toronto in May, 2020, but it was postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. Still today, the conference hasn't taken place.

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