Fetch Rewards Fake Receipts: Do They Actually Work?

January 2, 2023

If earning points fast is what you're looking for, Fetch Rewards fake receipts aren't the answer. Fetch has a skilled team of cybersecurity experts who work hand in hand with all of Fetch's partner retailers to verify the authenticity of every single receipt you scan into the platform, and you'll likely lose your account and all your points the moment they detect foul play. There are much better ways to earn points fast on Fetch, including legit Fetch Reward hacks that most people don't know about, starting with Fetch's referral program.

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Fetch Rewards is one of the best receipt-scanning cashback apps. The platform rewards you with points every time you scan and upload a receipt. Consequently, several shady characters got the clever idea of cheating the system by uploading counterfeit receipts, and today you can find many online blog posts and YouTube videos that supposedly teach you to do the same, but the real question is, do Fetch Rewards fake receipts really work? Is there a mysterious Fetch Rewards receipts generator that allows you to earn thousands of points without spending a dime?

The short answer is, No, and in this article, you'll learn why you should steer clear of these websites.

When you come across such videos or blog posts, you might think you discovered a goldmine, but it's one of those popular Fetch Rewards hacks that never work. Spoiler, if you upload a fake Fetch Rewards receipt to the platform, their team will instantly block your account, and all your points will be gone.

If that's not enough to keep you from even trying (it is awfully tempting to do so), let me give you a few other reasons to make my case.

#1 Fetch Has A Team Of Cybersecurity Experts

After catching a couple of fake receipts, Fetch Rewards increased its security measures and now has a team of cybersecurity experts that are excellent at detecting fake Fetch Rewards receipts. Even if you make top-quality fake receipts that look highly convincing, their professionals will detect the fraud using the latest AI software.

Once your account has been flagged for fake receipts, they will put a hold on your it to make sure you don’t do it again. Doing it again will result in a permanent ban where you will lose all your points and the chance of earning lots of future rewards.

If you ever feel the urge to try one of these fake receipt generators yourself, I suggest you stop and try to think long-term. You don't want to miss out on a lifetime of passive income just to make a couple of quick bucks.

#2 There Are Better (Legit) Ways To Earn Points Than With Fetch Rewards Fake Receipts

Fetch Rewards only play by the rules, so scanning fake receipts won't work. To earn more rewards than most people using Fetch, you can take advantage of the special offers that earn you up to 5,000 points in one go. You can also get a free $3 gift card (3,000 Fetch points) by signing up using our promo code YOREOYSTER.

An even better alternative is to can refer the Fetch app to your friends and family members. The Fetch Rewards referral program rewards you with 2,000 points for each successful referral. All you have to do is make sure they sign up with your personal referral code, and you’re laughing. There are plenty of ways to earn thousands of rewards. No need to waste all your points just by trying to cheat the system.

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#3 Fake Receipt Generators Don’t Work

You might have seen many fake receipt generators on the internet claiming to make fake grocery store receipts. These are the ones most blogs and videos recommend you use to cheat Fetch. Some of the most popular websites include:

  • ExpressExpense.com
  • NeedReceipt.com
  • ExpenseReceipt.com
  • MakeReceipt.com
  • ExpenseFast.com
Examples of online Fetch Rewards fake receipts generators

These websites are beginner-friendly and allow you to choose your desired grocery store. They have receipt templates for nearly all popular stores. You just have to enter all the products, brands, and prices to create a fake receipt.

The way people use these generators is they look for ongoing deals and special offers on the Fetch Rewards app, and then they use tools like the one on the list above to generate a fake receipt specifically for that offer, supposedly earning thousands of points in a short time.

At first glance, you will think they may work as they look exactly like the brand's receipt, but this is one of the oldest Fetch Rewards hacks, and they are well aware of it. Today, Fetch Rewards can verify your receipt with their partnered brands and retailers, so they'll know right then and there if it's fake or not.

So, if you don't want to get your account banned, avoid using these fake receipt generators at all costs. Stick to your real receipts instead.

#4 The Fetch System Always Remembers

So, what happens if you upload a fake receipt and the system catches you? If it's the first time, you'll get a warning, and the Fetch app will store the receipt in its database. If you try to upload it again, or if you try to add another fake receipt, the Fetch system will detect it, and your Fetch account will be permanently banned.

To prevent fraudulent activities, Fetch Rewards stores every fake receipt in its database so it can adapt to the new frauds and prevent people from getting free money.

#5 You Won’t Be Able To Create A New Account

If you upload fake receipts on the Fetch app, it won't just ban your account permanently, but it'll also block you as a user from creating a new account. In other words, if you try to upload a fake receipt on Fetch Rewards, you might not be able to use the Fetch app ever again.

As Fetch Rewards is one of the top cashback apps in the United States, getting yourself banned permanently will mean leaving a lifetime's worth of rewards on the table, especially considering you could double-dip by paying for your purchases using any one of the best cashback credit cards in Canada and even upload the same receipts to multiple cashback apps like Fetch.

#6 Fetch Can Take Legal Action Against Fraud

To protect the platform from fraud, Fetch Rewards not only has the right to terminate your account but also to take legal action. Uploading a fake receipt might not seem a big deal for most people, but it has severe consequences under American law. According to the terms and conditions of the Fetch app, uploading a fake receipt or doing anything illegal to get rewards can result in legal or equitable action.

In Summary

No matter how real they look, Fetch has ways of knowing when a receipt is fake. This includes employing cybersecurity specialists, leveraging AI, and cross-checking receipts with their commercial partners. So, the bottom line is that fake receipts simply don't work on the Fetch App.

Furthermore, using Fetch Rewards fake receipts to get some points worth a couple of tens of dollars while risking losing a lifetime of rewards, a source of passive income, and even risking a lawsuit, is not worth the hassle, in my opinion (not to mention it's straight up wrong). You're better off trying out its legitimate ways to earn more points, like taking advantage of special offers, refilling your prescription with GoodRx to get up to 10,000 points, or referring Fetch to your friends and family.

Fetch Rewards FAQs

Can you use fake receipts for Fetch Rewards?

No, you cannot use fake receipts for Fetch Rewards. It can result in the temporary termination of your account, getting blocked permanently, or even facing a lawsuit.

Can Fetch Rewards take legal action?

According to the Fetch app’s terms and conditions, Fetch Rewards may take any action against any fraudulent activity, including legal or equitable action.

How do you get 10,000 points on Fetch Rewards?

You can get 10,000 points by referring the Fetch app to your loved ones, buying items from the special offers, or refilling your prescription with GoodRx.

Is Fetch Rewards safe?

Yes. Fetch Rewards is perfectly safe. Fetch doesn't share your personal information with its marketing partners. The company makes money by selling anonymized, pooled data that can't be traced back to you in any way. Additionally, since Fetch is paying you and not the other way around, Fetch Rewards doesn't require any banking or credit card information.

What does Fetch Rewards do with scanned receipts?

Fetch Rewards pays you for scanned receipts and helps partnered retailers improve their selling strategies. In other words, they pay you for anonymous information about your spending habits, which is a gold mine for its partners' marketing teams.

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