Receipt Hog Review

January 18, 2024

Receipt Hog is a popular app and browser extension offering a variety of activities to earn (or have the potential to earn) coins, which you can redeem for cash or gift cards. Compared to other reward apps, Receipt Hog’s reward structure is complicated, with receipts split into three categories, each offering a different kind of reward. Receipt Hog will not make you rich or earn as much cash back as other apps like Fetch Rewards, but it's an engaging, fun way to earn cash and win rewards.

What Is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is a cash back app and web browser extension where members earn coins from a variety of activities. You can then redeem those coins for cash or gift cards. There are three main ways to earn coins, the first of which is receipt scanning, i.e., by scanning valid shopping receipts to the app, a variable number of coins are credited to your account.

Next are the surveys and browser monitoring. You’ll earn more coins by sharing information about how you research and make shopping decisions.

Lastly, you can earn spins and sweepstakes entries to win even more coins.

Receipt Hog Review: Oinking For Cash Back

Receipt Hog was founded in 2016, and its base is in Chicago, Illinois. It’s part of the market research company Numerator. The company’s purpose is to gather and analyze shopping data and sell the resulting reports to brands and retailers who, in turn, fund the rewards you earn as a member. Their app’s Google Store rating is 4.5/5 stars, it’s Apple Store rating is 4.7/5, and you can use it in the U.S. and Canada. It has an active social media presence, with its Facebook page full of entertaining quizzes, games, and memes.

Features Of Receipt Hog

Like many cash back apps, Receipt Hog has several app and web features to attract and keep members interested. These all involve earning coins, which are the Receipt Hog’s currency. Below, we’ll review and explain some of these key aspects to clarify how you earn coins with Receipt Hog.

Receipt Scanning

  • Members can scan any grocery, gas, or general shopping receipt into the app. You can upload up to 60 receipts per week categorized to earn Coins, Spins, or Sweepstakes entries (20 eligible receipts for each category). Spins at the Hog Slots and Sweepstakes are fun activities that have the potential to earn more coins.
  • Coin-earning receipts are from general grocery retailers, and Spin receipts are those from other stores, including office supplies, apparel, and electronics. All receipts and those for gas, restaurants, and cafes earn Sweepstakes entries.
Receipt Hog Review: Oinking For Cash Back
  • Receipts must be clear and undamaged, and uploaded within 14 days of the purchase. Receipt Hog also accepts digital receipts.
  • When scanning receipts, you may need to answer questions about your shopping trip.

Coin receipts earn different amounts:

Receipt ValueCoins Awarded
< $105
$10 – $5010
$50 – $10015
$100 +20

Sharing Shopping Habits

Receipt Hog regularly offers the option to complete surveys for more coins. These can be app or web-based, and you must answer some qualifying questions to start with. The survey may be cut short if you’re not the required demographic, which can be frustrating. However, even if the survey is cut short, you’ll still receive a small amount of bonus coins as a reward. The number of coins earned through surveys will vary.

Receipt Hog Review: Oinking For Cash Back

Receipt Hog also gathers personal information from your account, and by using the app and/or web extension, you are permitting them to track your browsing patterns and shopping habits. This information, along with the surveys, can be used to provide targeted marketing to you and also sold to third parties for their use. Receipt Hog promotes the sharing of information by increasing the available rewards to members who give their consent.

Members of Receipt Hog also have the option to connect their email accounts to the app. This makes the validation of digital receipts easier. You will earn 100 coins immediately and you’ll then be offered Sweepstakes entries regularly.


By submitting qualifying receipts each week, members can earn bonuses. These are easy to achieve by uploading a receipt each week of the month. Accumulating bonuses levels up your ‘Hog.'

You can find bonus rewards on the homepage each month and they’ll increase as you level up. There are 40 available levels, and each time you reach one, you earn spins or coins as well as more bonuses.

Hog Slots

The Hog Slots are virtual slot machines, and you can earn Spins in various ways:

  • By uploading receipts in the Spin category (general retailers)
  • By completing tasks to earn bonuses (for example, uploading at least one valid receipt every week)
  • Moving your Hog through the lower levels

Any available Spins are shown at the top of the app screen in the green box. You play the Hog Slots by pulling down the on-screen lever. Rewards vary, and every day, one lucky person will win the value of their last uploaded receipt in coins. 

Receipt Hog Review: Oinking For Cash Back

Using And Redeeming Coins

Receipt Hog becomes more complicated as it splits the receipts into categories. Uploaded receipts are classed as Coin, Spin, and Sweepstake receipts.

  • Coin receipts are from busy grocery-dominated retailers.
  • Spin receipts are from all other retailers, including apparel, home furnishings, and sports. Each Spin receipt earns a chance at the Hog Slots, where customers can win up to 5,000 coins
  • Sweepstakes receipts are from gas purchases and restaurant and cafe receipts. Each one (as well as ALL the coin and spin receipts) earns an entry into the monthly sweepstake draw, which could win another 5,000 coins.

New Members And Referral Program

Receipt Hog is not freely available to the public as there is a limit on the number of members. If you sign up, you may be on a waiting list until a spot becomes available. 

However, you can bypass this through referrals. As a member, you’re given a referral code to share with your friends and family. Once they set up an account and scan their first receipt, you earn an extra 250 coins, and they get five free spins on the Hog Slots.

While it's not the best referral bonus in Canada, it's still free money, which is always welcome.

Cashing Out

The minimum cash-out balance is 1,000 coins which equals $5. You can redeem these as follows:

Browser Extension

Receipt Hog offers a free browser extension, which earns 200 coins when you use it for the first time. By installing the extension, you’re giving permission for Receipt Hog to monitor your shopping patterns and browsing history.

Benefits Of The Browser Extension

A benefit of the Receipt Hog browser extension is that it allows you to connect certain retailer accounts like Amazon and Kroger. This automatically pays you coins and uploads e-receipts.

Receipt Hog Review: Oinking For Cash Back

Pros Of Receipt Hog

  • By scanning receipts, they are then electronically stored for future reference.
  • Customers do not need to activate offers to earn cash back from their receipts; they can just scan any receipt.
  • As your Hog moves up the different levels, bonuses become more valuable. For instance, when you hit Level 12, you will earn 100 coins per week.
  • Members can combine their rewards with other cash back receipt scanning apps, i.e., scanning receipts in Receitp Hog doesn’t prevent you from also scanning it in Fetch Rewards.
Receipt Hog Review: Oinking For Cash Back
  • The Hog Slots game is a fun activity that will potentially earn you more coins.
  • Receipt Hog has a good rating in both the Android and Apple app stores, with a score of 4.5/5 stars on the Play Store and 4.7 on the App Store.

Cons Of Receipt Hog

  • The privacy policy is lengthy and challenging to follow. It’s not clear what happens to your personal information.
  • To maximize your earning potential, you will need to keep track of how many of each type of receipt you have uploaded. The different categories and their benefits can be confusing.
  • Only 20 general shopping receipts qualify immediately for coin rewards each week.
  • There are reports of difficulties in photographing receipts and them being rejected. The instructions for scanning receipts is indeed lengthy and seems unnecessarily complex.
  • There is a complicated value scale for coins:
    • 1,000 = $5
    • 2,900 = $15
    • 4,300 = $25
    • 6,500 = $40


Receipt Hog is free to download and use. However, you may have to wait for a position to open up. They make their revenue from referral commissions with the affiliated retailer and brand partners.

In Summary

Receipt Hog is suitable for consumers who enjoy an interactive app with different features and ways to earn cash back. The earning potential from Receipt Hog is not huge, but the activities are relatively straightforward, with receipt scanning, survey taking, and bonuses. The Hog Slots are fun and potentially rewarding the more you use the app. However, consumers should check what personal information is being shared and that they’re ok with that.

That said, we recommend Fetch Rewards as a better alternative to Receipt Hog. It pays out more, it’s a simpler cash back rewards system that also has a referral program, and all your personal information is pooled and anonymized so nothing can be traced back to you.

Receipt Hog FAQs

Is Receipt Hog worth it?

Receipt Hog is a legitimate money-earning opportunity with very high ratings on mobile device app stores. Like all such apps, users need to invest time and effort to maximize their returns, but other than that, it’s free money, so it is worth it in the end.

How does Receipt Hog make money?

Receipt Hog is a market research company. Their goal is to improve sales for their customers, and they do this by selling information about your shopping habits and by promoting their products and services to you. Part of the commission they earn from these retailers is shared with their members as cash back rewards.

Is Receipt Hog better than other cash back apps?

The answer to this question really depends on what you want to prioritize and how much time you are prepared to spend on cash-earning activities. Apps like Fetch are more straightforward, with receipt scanning the primary way of earning cash back. Fetch is also more transparent and better at protecting your personal information. Apps like Receipt Hog are aimed at consumers who want a more interactive experience with games and slots.

How do I get the most out of Receipt Hog?

There are limits on how many receipts you can upload and how many coins you can earn each week, so you need to be prepared to engage with other activities. The more information about your shopping habits you’re prepared to share, the more coins you can earn. To maximize your earning you will need to upload receipts, connect store loyalty cards and complete surveys. You’ll also need to take advantage of any Sweepstakes and Hog Slots bonuses when they’re available.

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