Amazon Prime Canada: A Review

May 5, 2020
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Amazon Prime is aimed at Canadians who want to upgrade their lives to revolve around technology.

This service has its ups and downs. You really have to use it to its full extent to reap the benefits that it offers. Otherwise, you could see yourself wasting money on a service that you don't even need. On the flip side, Amazon Prime has plenty of services which could make your life a lot easier.

We personally love the unlimited storage you get for pictures. This is something pretty much no one else provides. Amazon Prime in Canada offers faster shipping, streaming, music, and much more. If you use it correctly, you could save up to $400 a year.

Amazon Prime Review. Here's What You Need To Know

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows users to gain incentives from Amazon. This is widely understood to mean faster shipping, but there's a lot behind the scenes that could make an Amazon Prime subscription pure gold for the average Canadian.

If you squeeze Amazon Prime for everything it's worth, you're saving up to $400 a year, or even more. Keep reading to see how you can save all that money.

What Can Amazon Prime In Canada Offer You?

There's a whole package that arrives with Amazon Prime. Here's a breakdown of all of them.

Faster Shipping

amazon prime canada yore oyster

Getting your products shipped to you on the very same day that you ordered them is epic. At most, Amazon Prime Canada will take two days to deliver to you.

It happens more often than we'd like, that we need items in a hurry. In such scenarios, paying around $6.5 a month doesn't seem like much. It is much if you look at it from a yearly perspective. It's $79, after all.

You'll have access to same-day shipping and two-day shipping with Amazon Prime in Canada. Keep in mind that this faster shipping is only an Amazon Prime feature and doesn't come with regular shipping if you're not subscribed.

Not all areas in Canada are eligible for this, though.

There's No Minimum For Free Shipping

This is one of the biggest wins of Amazon Prime.

Usually, you'd have to have a minimum of $25-$35 worth of orders to have free delivery for your products.

However, with Amazon Prime, you'll have free shipping no matter what. Even if your product costs $2, you'll have it delivered to your doorstep for free.

It really makes a difference in the way ordering from Amazon works.

Students Get A Pretty Sweet Deal

Fifty. Percent. Off.

And that's after a 6 month free trial for you.

That brings you from paying $79 a year to a clean $39.5! It's a huge deal.

You're saving a ton of money here, and if you're a student, Amazon Prime just might be worth it for you. Students don't typically have time to go shopping for groceries and the like.

It's a lot simpler to order what you need. And what better than to get your order the very same day (or a day later)?

Oh, and get this. If you register for a course in a recognized institution, you're now a student. So … it's pretty neat that you can take advantage of that.

Unlimited Photo Storage

This can be a huge boon to some, but not all people. Personally, my phone's storage is always enough for me.

However, there are plenty of people out there who take hundreds of photos a day, and their phones run out of space fast. You could either pay for cloud storage or go with Amazon Prime.

With Amazon Prime, you'll have literally unlimited storage! You can take all the selfies, groupies, panorama shots, and whatnot, and you'll never face any problems. You can also sort your pictures through Amazon's interface. It's a solid offer right there.

Even if you cancel your Prime subscription, your photos will be available for 3 months before Amazon starts to delete them.

Amazon Prime Music

Gain access to a nearly limitless stream of songs to choose from when you opt-in for Amazon Prime.

It's a great replacement for Spotify, which has a $9.99 price per month. If you think about it this way, you're basically saving around $120 a year just by avoiding Spotify costs if you love your music.

Early Access To Lightning Deals

Amazon Prime has a huge sale once a year. People line up for them (not literally) and it's quite something to have the first bite of this apple.

You'll be able to order whatever you want 30 minutes before everyone else can. That means you'll never be hit with the ‘this product has run out' message when you click to order something.

This early access will help you land the best deals and perhaps your shopping for a few weeks.

Twitch Prime Subscriptions

twitch prime yore oyster

I don't even expect you to know what Twitch is. It's a streaming website where individuals or brands can stream themselves live. Others view them for entertainment.

The main audience of this website is people who want to watch their favorite streamers play video games, but there are other niches as well (you'll even find people programming and entertaining their viewers at the same time).

This website has what's called subscriptions. You basically pay a streamer you like, and in return, you get mini-rewards. These include the ability to chat in “subscribers chat” and will also get you access to exclusive emotes.

It's not for everyone, of course. However, if you're a frequent visitor of Twitch, then you'll be able to use your Amazon Prime to subscribe to a streamer of your choice once a month.

It'll help out your favorite streamer and enhance your streaming experience as well! You won't have to watch any advertisements while you're subscribed.

The subscription you'll get is valued at approximately $5 a month.

Kindle Prime Reading

Amazon Prime members in Canada will be able to read from a wide variety of ebooks available on the Kindle store. This is all free of cost, of course.

Once you become an Amazon Prime member, you can read these books (as well as comics) on a Kindle device or your phone as well. Just download the free Kindle app and start reading!

There are thousands of titles to choose from. As these books would normally cost you a lot, getting Amazon Prime would be a great bargain.

Movies And TV Shows For Streaming

Shows like Leave No Trace are highly sought out on Amazon Prime Video in Canada.

There are hundreds of movies and shows to choose from, but most people feel like there isn't enough content on this platform for it to be a sole source of entertainment.

A lot of people feel like it's enough as well. You'll just have to see for yourself. We recommend getting a free trial of Amazon Prime in Canada to find out whether this streaming service works for you.

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What Could Amazon Prime Improve On?

This service is far from perfect. There are a few areas we think Amazon Canada could really focus on.

It Really Lags Behind As Compared To The USA

The USA has a 2-hour delivery system that comes with Amazon Prime. The best that Amazon Prime in Canada has is same-day delivery.

Other than that, Amazon Prime Video in the USA is far better than what you have in Canada. There's a huge amount of shows and movies to choose from. It can actually replace Netflix by itself, something that Amazon Prime Video in Canada isn't even close to doing.

Amazon Prime Streaming Is A Bore In Canada

Seriously, you're much better off getting a Netflix subscription if you're into streaming movies and shows. Amazon Prime In Canada has pretty much nothing to show.

There's a reason behind it: they're relatively new to the game. Who knows, maybe they'll be a big player in the streaming industry a few years down the line.

Right now, however, the selection of shows and movies to watch from is abysmal.

You Need To Use The Full Package To Reap The Benefits

$79 a year, which is basically $80 a year (does anyone really fall for that trick anymore?) isn't a lot of money.

For the rewards it brings, I personally think a $79 price tag is a great selling point. However, you have to make sure that you're actually using Amazon Prime. If you have no need for it, say, and you use it just for the free picture storage it offers, you're doing yourself a disservice. There are cheaper options available.

Similarly, if you're looking for a streaming service, you'd be better off with Netflix instead of paying $79 for Amazon Prime if you don't need any of its other features. If you want Amazon Prime, you have to want it all – or at least many of its features, in order for it to be worthwhile.

Who Is Amazon Prime In Canada Made For?

If you're one of these people, you should really consider getting Amazon Prime.

For People Who Just Can't Wait

If you can't wait a week for your products to reach you, get Amazon Prime. You may be one of the many people living in the small towns of Canada, where not everything is available in local shops.

You could either plan everything ahead or get faster delivery. Most people would choose the faster delivery if they can help it. It really comes down to your lifestyle.

Are you frustrated by long waiting periods? Do you usually need Amazon orders to arrive quickly? This service might be just for you.

For Gamers

You'll get your games faster than non-Prime users, and that can make a gamer's life worth living. I'm not sure why it works that way, but it's true.

Besides that, preorders will save you money as well, so it's completely worth it to spend the extra $79 on this. You'll end up saving over 10% on costs.

Being a gamer, you probably frequent Twitch as well, which would save you another $5 a month. That alone covers $60 of the $79 you're paying for Prime.

For People Who Don't Go Out (Or Can't)

amazon shipping

Suppose you just had a baby. Or you live on the 21st floor of some building.

Suppose both of these are true. It'd be a nightmare to do your shopping by yourself. These days, an increasing amount of people simply don't want to leave their cozy houses, and I fully understand.

Some people simply don't have the vehicle to move around and buy what they need. Especially for parents with young children, items like formula and diapers are always in demand. It feels great to have them delivered quickly while they can spend time with what matters most.

Amazon Prime in Canada is a great option for you.

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For Amazon Prime Video Lovers

If you love Amazon Prime, the costs pretty much balance out. It's cheaper than a Netflix subscription. Much cheaper.

I really have to say, it doesn't offer nearly as much as Netflix does. However, if you're content with it, then it alone is reason-enough for you to get Amazon Prime in Canada.

And we have our fingers crossed that Amazon Prime Video will keep improving swiftly as the years go by. That should make it worthwhile for even the most frugal customers.

For Amazon Shopaholics

If you're already spending all your money on Amazon shopping, you might as well get Prime. With the lightning deals, you'll start saving up money.

It's worth noting that you might not usually find deals that are great for you. In fact, you could find yourself spending more just to justify your Prime subscription.

With that being said, if you can afford the extra $79 a year, you're going to appreciate all the features that come with Amazon Prime. The faster delivery alone will put a smile on your face.

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Here's How You Can Save $400 A Year With Amazon Prime

We won't cover all the nitty-gritty details, but a short overview should be able to show you the value you get when you apply for Amazon Prime.

ServiceAverage Value Per MonthValue Per Year
Prime ReadingAverage one book per month. The average cost per book being $5.$60
Amazon Prime VideoA Netflix subscription costs $13.99 a month.$168
Prime MusicA Spotify subscription costs $9.99 a month.$120
Twitch PrimeA subscription to a Twitch channel per month costs $5.$60
Amazon PhotosOneDrive costs $6.99 a month for a terabyte of storage.$84

So, adding these numbers together, you're getting a value of around $492 a month. Of course, it's a rough estimate. However, it gives a rough understanding of what Amazon Prime can provide you with.

If you take out the $79 this service costs per year, you're left with an extra value of approximately $400.

In Amazon Prime Really Worth It In Canada?

Our short answer would be … yes.

This subscription puts a lot of things in a package to make your life easier. A lot of people in Canada would be able to afford it, and for these people, we highly recommend it.

Yes, it's not perfect. However, it's going to improve slowly. While it lacks in many areas as compared to the USA version, it also costs more in the USA as well.

Amazon Prime in Canada covers all your needs, from grocery shopping to entertainment. If you're prepared to live an Amazon-centric life, this is the perfect subscription for you.

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