Ipsos iSay Review: A World Beyond Surveys

May 8, 2023

Those looking for a trustworthy survey platform that offers fair compensation can choose Ipsos iSay. This Ipsos iSay review shows you how you can make a difference in society by making your voice heard and letting brands know what you, as a user, expect from them. You'll be able to participate in surveys, new product reviews, and even in focus groups, all the while earning reward points you can then redeem for prizes and cash. Overall, Ipsos iSay is a great way to make some extra money in your spare time or try out new products.

That said, as with all survey platforms, pay is quite low for the time you have to put into each task. The most you can expect to gain from answering a survey is around $ 2 worth of points, and that's only for the longer surveys. The shorter ones will earn you no more than 50 cents. If you're looking for alternative ways to make extra income, you can consider investing in stocks or cryptos. If you decide to go for it, I suggest choosing our #1 best-rated broker, Capital.

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What Is Ipsos iSay?

Ipsos iSay is a community and survey site where users may earn points for providing feedback. The premise of iSay is straightforward: by taking part in surveys and other activities, you'll assist Ipsos in learning about the preferences of its target audience. You'll earn points in exchange for your time, which you may then exchange for cash and rewards.

Ipsos iSay is run by Ipsos, a leading market research company owned and operated by experts that conduct over 70 million interviews annually for over 5,000 customers in a wide range of sectors and over 100 countries.

Ipsos, which has been around since 1975 and now employs over 17,500 people across 80 countries, is the third biggest market research company in the world. This gives iSay a ton of credibility, making it a trustworthy brand.

Features Of Ipsos iSay

#1 Contribute Meaningfully And Let Your Voice Be Heard

Making your voice heard will directly impact how governments and companies respond to your concerns. Perhaps a news article, a new product, or a TV commercial or program you helped shape will include your ideas or comments.

#2 Multi-Channel Feedback

If you're interested in taking part in surveys, Ipsos iSay has plenty of options for you to do so. However, surveys are only one of the options they offer. You can try out new products, join online communities or discussion boards, and do research while you shop. So many questions may be resolved, and choices can be made based on your comments.

#3 Surveys

If you agree to do surveys, they may email you as often as once a day. At least one survey invitation is sent out to the majority of Ipsos iSay subscribers each month. Some users, depending on factors in their profiles (gender, age, etc.), may get more. It’s always optional to participate in a survey, but the more surveys you complete, the more rewards you'll get.

#4 New Product Reviews

Ipsos iSay offers rewards for trying out new products. The company will ask you to fill out a qualifying survey if it has a product test that you may be interested in. If you fit the target profile, they’ll ask you to participate in the research. By filling out your Profile Surveys, you may boost your chances of getting selected to participate in a product test.

If your profile information is current, you'll be offered more relevant surveys and product trials.

#5 Ipsos iSay Mobile App

So that you may take surveys wherever you go, Ipsos iSay has developed a mobile app for Android and iOS. The mobile app may be used in place of the main website. Signup and profile surveys are two things that currently need to be added to the website. You may set it up in the app if you want to be notified when a new survey becomes available.

#6 Referral Program

Inviting a friend to join Ipsos iSay is a simple way to earn extra rewards for yourself. If you're a member and want to encourage your friends to become members themselves, you may send them an invitation link. They'll be considered one of your referrals if they sign up using your exclusive link.

To get a reward for a referral, your friend must be located in the same country as you, complete at least one survey, and fill up their profile. Then, for each successful referral, you'll get 100 bonus points. Remember that although you’re free to invite as many people as you want, you’ll only be compensated for the first 60 individuals you refer each month.

#7 Polls

Ipsos iSay’s polls feature is a way to be a part of the Ipsos iSay community, not a way to earn more points. You can use it to connect with other users, view their accounts, follow them, read their bio, and see what polls other users have created or voted on. You can also create your own polls and have fun while you watch what others vote for.

#8 Focus Groups

Ipsos iSay’s Focus Groups feature is a type of qualitative research that allows you to share your opinions and experiences on various topics with a small group of selected participants. You can also listen to other users’ views and learn from their perspectives. A skilled moderator will guide the discussion and ensure that all the subject areas are covered. By participating in focus groups, you can make an impact on the future and direction of societies, citizens, and brands. You can also earn rewards for your valuable insights.

Ipsos iSay CTA

Pros Of Ipsos iSay

  • Participating in surveys with Ipsos iSay may earn you various perks, including gift cards, cash payments, charitable contributions, and free products.
  • They pay out quickly for their surveys.
  • Ipsos iSay is supported by one of the world's top research firms, Ipsos; hence this survey panel is trustworthy and legit.
  • The Ipsos iSay website is simple and intuitive to use.
  • You can choose to give some of your points to different charities.
  • If you've chosen to evaluate a product, iSay will contact you for your shipping information before sending you the item in question.

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Cons Of Ipsos iSay

  • Although many surveys may be listed, only a small percentage of respondents will qualify.
  • Pay is minimal, and there are you have to do a lot of tasks before you even reach the minimum payout level.

Ipsos iSay Earn Rates

A completed survey will earn you 45–200 points, depending on its length, while a failed screening will get you 5 points. Your points will remain valid for as long as you're an active member, so there is no rush to cash them in.

In addition to surveys and new product reviews, members of Ipsos iSay can also earn points by participating in sweepstakes and contests, as well as through a loyalty program and the referral program mentioned above. Here is a table outlining the points earn rates for each type of task:

Task TypePoints Earned
Surveys45 – 200
New Product ReviewApproximately 100
Polls5 – 15
Focus GroupsVaries
Loyalty ProgramVaries
Referral Program100 per referral

Ipsos iSay Redemptions

You can redeem the points you earn for different rewards by logging into Ipsos iSay and choosing Rewards from the menu bar. The rewards catalog will list all available rewards and the required number of points to redeem them.

Members of Ipsos iSay can redeem their points for a variety of gift cards and digital vouchers from popular retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Walmart. The points required for each redemption vary depending on the retailer and the value of the gift card or voucher.

Members can also choose to redeem their points for PayPal cash, with a minimum redemption of 1,530 points for $15.00. Ipsos iSay also offers the option to donate points to charity, with a minimum redemption of 500 points for a $5 donation.

Lastly, members can use their points to enter sweepstakes for a chance to win various prizes. The points required for each sweepstakes entry vary depending on the prize. The following table summarizes each category’s redemption value.

Redemption CategoryPoints RequiredRedemption Value
Gift Cards500 – 2,500$5 – $25
Digital Vouchers500 – 2,500$5 – $25
PayPal Cash1,530 – 15,300$15 – $150
Charitable Donations500 – 5,000$5 – $50
Sweepstakes Entries100 – 300Varies

It's important to note that Ipsos iSay may add or remove redemption options and change the point values at any time.

Some specific redemption examples are provided below. The stated value is given in British pounds, and we provide the estimated value in USD in parentheses, using the current exchange rate as of writing this post.

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Gift Cards

  • £5 ($6.32) Amazon.co.uk gift cards – 439 points
  • £10 ($12,64) Amazon.co.uk gift cards – 878 points
  • £10 ($12,64) Decathlon gift cards – 900 points
  • £10 ($12,64) Sports Direct gift cards – 900 points

Featured Reward

  • £8 ($10,11) CharityChoice. Pick from over 1000 charities – 1000 points

Digital Vouchers

  • £5 ($6.32) Virtual Prepaid MasterCard – 490 points
  • £10 ($12,64) Virtual Prepaid MasterCard – 980 points
  • £25 ($31.60) Virtual Prepaid MasterCard – 2450 points
  • £50 ($63.20) Virtual Prepaid MasterCard – 4900 points
  • £5 ($6.32) Tesco – 495 points
  • £10 ($12,64) Tesco – 990 points
  • £5 ($6.32) Marks & Spencer – 495 points
  • £5 ($6.32) Starbucks – 490 points
  • £10 ($12,64) John Lewis & Partners – 990 points
  • £10 ($12,64) Argos – 960 points
  • £5 ($6.32) Google Play – 500 points

Ipsos iSay Pricing

The registration process for DailyRewards is free and easy. Simply go to the sign-up page and enter your email address and password. You'll then proceed through a quick survey that will reward you with $0.50 worth of rewards once you're done.

Additional Ways To Collect Points

By far, doing surveys is the best way to get points on Ipsos iSay. The website's main objective is to gather user feedback; hence, surveys provide the highest payouts. However, there are a few other ways to increase your points balance, particularly if you're a regular user:

Ipsos iSay loyalty program

By providing incentives for continued participation, the loyalty program encourages panelists to keep answering surveys. Every year, the loyalty program runs from January 1 to December 31. Your bonus points increase in proportion to the number of surveys in which you participate (up to 600 loyalty points in a year). For example, if you do 5 surveys, you’ll get 25 extra bonus points. To get a maximum of 600 bonus points, you’ll need to do 200 surveys.


Ipsos iSay members can usually choose from several contests at any time, such as Click Draw, Poll Predictor, and Picture Perfect Rewards Contest. The number of points you can earn with contests varies.

In Summary

Ipsos iSay is an easy way to make money on the side. You can get started for free without downloading anything or meeting other prerequisites. Anyone in the world is welcome to sign up, although certain surveys may only accept responses from members of specific groups. This platform is more convenient and user-friendly than survey aggregators, which send you to several websites to answer surveys.

Earning money as an Ipsos iSay panelist is not only possible, it’s easy. Your earned points are worth $0.01 when redeemed for cash, gift cards, or charitable contributions. It's not complicated at all and relatively easy to understand. There are more ways to increase your earnings on the site, such as joining their loyalty program, inviting friends, and participating in frequent contests.

Consider signing up with Ipsos iSay if you're looking for a fun way to earn some additional cash in your spare time. But if you're serious about making extra income, you should consider trading stocks or cryptos. If you decide to go for it, I suggest choosing our #1 best-rated broker, Capital.

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Ipsos iSay FAQs

How much does Ipsos iSay cost?

There is no cost to join Ipsos iSay. Membership is completely free. There are no additional expenditures; they will cover everything, including mailing costs for product tests and rewards.

Is Ipsos iSay worth it?

Yes, Ipsos iSay is worth it. You can use it in your spare time to bring in some extra cash. You can also use the app if you're okay with sharing your information with third-party companies. Additionally, the app allows users to instantly redeem gift vouchers that may be used in the app's store.

Is Ipsos iSay safe?

Yes, Ipsos iSay is safe. To ensure the safety of your information, they have implemented many safeguards, such as Standard Contractual Clauses.

Is Ipsos iSay legit?

Yes, Ipsos iSay is legit. Ipsos iSay has been around for longer than most other survey sites. Its parent company, Ipsos Emea Holdings, Ltd, a London-based firm, has maintained the site since its inception in 2003.

Do Ipsos iSay points expire?

Points earned in Ipsos iSay don't expire as long as you're an active user of the service. That said, if you cancel your Ipsos iSay membership, your membership status changes to “inactive,” or you're deactivated, your points account will be deleted, and all remaining points will be lost.

Ipsos iSay will notify you of your termination from the program and give you 45 days to redeem any leftover points if you haven’t opened any survey invitation links or taken any surveys in more than three months.

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