Epilogue Wills Review: Top-Notch Online Wills

June 29, 2021
Epilogue Wills landing page

Epilogue Wills is our top choice for online will services in Canada. An individual will costs $139, and couples get a great deal by getting two fully customizable wills for $229.

With a team made of lawyers, wills that are editable for life, and a streamlined will creation process that takes just 20 minutes, Epilogue Wills is the gold standard for online wills in Canada. They offer the best price-quality ratio out of all online will services, so we recommend creating your will with Epilogue Wills today.

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Use our code YOREOYSTER20 for $20 off your order today.

Choosing to make a will is always a difficult step to take, especially when going to a lawyer can cost upwards of $500. However, many people need to make a will so legal tech startups have come up with the solution in the form of online wills services. That’s exactly why companies like Epilogue Wills are garnering a steady following thanks to easy-to-make and affordable online wills.

Epilogue Wills was established in 2019 by a pair of two former estate lawyers. Since then, they’ve been focusing on offering the most thorough online will-making process in Canada. The best part is that making an online will is nowhere near as costly as hiring a lawyer and can be done in 20 minutes.

With that said, here’s our Epilogue Wills review

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Features Of Epilogue Wills

The first benefit that has to be mentioned about Epilogue Wills, and all other online will services, is that they offer the quickest way to have a legal will in your hands from your home. Anyone can go to Epilogue’s Will website, sign up and create their own will right from their couch.

Epilogue Will’s process consists of signing up and answering some questions regarding your personal life. You’ll have to identify some of your assets that you’ll leave to your loved ones and other specifics. Once the process is completed, you will have a completely legal will that just needs to be printed and signed in the right manner.

Here’s a summary of what we consider to be the most important benefits of Epilogue Wills:

  • Wills can be created in 20 minutes.
  • Individual wills start at $139.
  • Users can also get powers of attorney.
  • No lawyer required for the will before being signed.
  • Most in-depth wills in the online will market.
  • The team isn’t advised by lawyers, it’s made up of lawyers.
  • Great platform that’s easy to use.
  • Wills are editable for life.

With the main benefits mentioned, here’s how Epilogue Wills' products fare in price:

Epilogue Wills Pricing

Pricing is the most important part of making an online will. If it was too expensive then why not go to a lawyer and get legal and personal advice, right?

That’s why online will companies are breaking the mold. Take a look at Epilogue Wills’ prices:

Individual Will: $139

This is the most basic product that Epilogue Wills offers. It consists of a last will and testament only. The document comes ready to be signed in the proper way only for the cost of $139 and is editable for a life.

Will + Incapacity Documents: $179

This is the counterpart of the individual will and comes with all the benefits of it. On top of what you get with the individual will, it also includes powers of attorney (PoA), which covers you in the case of both death and incapacity.

Epilogue wills regular pricing

For couples, two wills cost $229, while two wills plus incapacity documents cost $289.

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Now that we’ve gone over Epilogue Wills' main products and their pricing, let’s look at a few more benefits.

Benefits Of Epilogue Wills

  • Offers the most thorough online wills in the market.
  • Creating your first will only takes 20 minutes.
  • You can have your will sent over regular mail for a small fee.
  • Wills can be edited anytime you like, for as long as you like, for free.
  • Available in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia (with the rest of Atlantic Canada coming onboard by the end of summer 2021!).
  • The team is made out of actual lawyers that have many years of experience in estate law.

In Summary

Epilogue Wills is the best and most thorough online will provider in Canada. Their wills are highly customizable, simple to create, and not intimidating at all.

In an industry known for its complex legalese, Epilogue Wills is removing barriers that have held people back from their financial goals for centuries. If you're looking to create a will online, we highly recommend doing it with Epilogue Wills.

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