Joker Mastercard Review

December 20, 2022

The Joker Mastercard is a prepaid credit card that offers Canadians a very flexible option to make purchases and payments. It doesn't offer much in terms of additional perks and benefits, but it makes up for it with high security and the fact that you won't need to share any personal information when making online purchases.

With a cost ranging from $7.95 to $9.95, you can get a Joker Mastercard from more than 11 thousand retail stores, and you can load anything from $25 to $500. You can use it anywhere the Mastercard network is accepted, and it's a great option if you want to make online purchases while keeping your personal information secure.

What Is The Joker Mastercard?

Joker Mastercard is a non-reloadable prepaid credit card issued by Peoples Trust Company and licensed by Mastercard International. It doesn't carry any rewards or cashback programs for cardholders. You can purchase this card at over 11 thousand retail stores across Canada. 

The Joker Mastercard requires you to load funds in participating retail stores, and it has no benefits or perks. You can only deposit funds once, and after you use it all up, you can't reload it again. The minimum amount you can load into the card is $7.95.

Cardholders only need a little information to provide if they use it in online purchases. Unlike traditional credit cards, there will be fewer details required to register it. It reduces the potential risk of stealing your personal information. 

Joker Mastercard Features

Joker Mastercard is a straightforward prepaid card with no extra perks offered. Although you don't need to pay an annual fee, you will still need to buy it. The primary purpose of this card is for convenient access to virtual cards and less personal information linked to the cardholder.

#1 Split Your Payments Using Your Joker Mastercard

Unlike other prepaid credit cards, the Joker Mastercard is not reloadable and can only be used until you run out of funds; afterward, you'll need to get a new one. However, you can still use it to make purchases and pay just part of the bill with your Joker Mastercard.

Technically, you will use up all the funds in the Joker Mastercard first, then pay for the rest of the payment with cash. Take note, not all retail stores or merchants allow split payment. Make sure to inquire before you proceed, or else your card will be declined.  

#2 Load From $25 To $500 Without An Annual Fee

Without the annual fee, you can load Joker Mastercard from a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $500. The card has costs depending on the amount it can hold. It costs $7.95 for cards that you can load with $25 to $200 and $9.95 for $200 to $500 funds capacity. 

Since Joker Mastercard is disposable, no annual fees are needed. However, each card carries an expiration date which can be seen in the “Valid Thru” details. If you still have unused funds after the expiration, you can request a replacement without fees applied to continue using your available funds. 

#3 Available At Over 11 Thousand Retail Stores 

You can buy Joker Mastercard at over 11,000 retail stores across Canada. You can also buy it by scanning its QR code at the selected merchants. It requires you to scan the code, pay, and load it in the cashier. The card details will be emailed to you.

Additionally, there is also an online version which is known as Virtual Joker Mastercard. A virtual version of this card is emailed to Shop, Pay, or Pay Online after you purchase it. You can use it for purchases at stores where Mastercard is accepted. It requires personal information when paying online. 

#4 Use It To Pay At Fuel Stations, Restaurants, And Hotels

You can use the Joker Mastercard to pay at the fuel stations, except for some automated fuel pumps. However, it would be best if you spent time at the station attendant and not at the pump area. You can't use this card for recurring transactions. 

Paying at hotels, restaurants, and other services requires you to have higher available funds on the card than the items or services you're purchasing. It only applies to service charges or other expenses for using the card. You can also ask for split payment at the cashier if they allow it. 

Joker Mastercard Pros And Cons


  • Less information or data linked to the cardholders 
  • Available for online purchases (Virtual Joker Mastercard)
  • Load funds from $25 to $500
  • Purchase at 11,000 retail stores in Canada
  • Pay it anywhere as long as Mastercard and Visa are accepted
  • The card expires, but not the funds loaded in it


  • You can't reload it once you have used all the funds
  • Limited credit limit of up to $500 only
  • No perks, insurance coverages, and other benefits

Joker Mastercard Pricing

Joker Mastercard has a few costs needed to pay. It doesn't require annual fees like traditional credit cards. Moreover, this card has no insurance coverages or other credit card perks that come with typical rewards credit cards and is limited to payment purposes. The table below shows the costs and funds you can load into this card. 

Funds To Load/FeesCost
$25 – $200$7.95
$200 – $500$9.95
Foreign Exchange Fees2.5%
Monthly Maintenance Fees$3

There are no other fees to pay other than these except if an establishment or service provider will apply charges for using this card. Moreover, no purchase protection is offered for the items bought with this card.

As you can see, this card only makes sense if you choose the $500 card, since choosing a $25 card will come at a cost of 31.8%, and that's without taking the monthly maintenance fee into account. In short, this is better as a one-time-use card to make a particular payment or to make the payments you need throughout the month, to avoid paying monthly maintenance fees.

In Summary

Joker Mastercard is one of Canada's top picks for non-reloadable prepaid cards. It's a good choice if you want less information to provide on online purchases. It gives more security preventing hackers from stealing your personal information. This card allows you to load funds from $25 to $500. You can pay this at fuel stations, restaurants, and hotels, but service charges may apply. Although it lacks features, it is accepted at stores that accept Visa and Mastercard.

However, you should note that these types of cards can become quite expensive the longer you keep them because of the monthly maintenance fee, and it'll also become more expensive the lower the amount of loaded funds. It would make much more sense to get a secured credit card or a no-fee credit card like the CT Triangle Mastercard.

Joker Mastercard FAQs

How much does a Joker Mastercard cost?

A Joker Mastercard costs $7.95 for cards you can load with funds from $25 to $200. Meanwhile, it costs $9.95 for cards that hold $200 to $500. 

Is the Joker Mastercard worth it?

Yes, the Joker Mastercard is worth it. However, it depends on the usage of the individual if they want a temporary card because you can only use it once. You can't reload it after using all of the loaded funds. 

Is the Joker Mastercard safe?

Yes, the Joker Mastercard is safe to use. It does not require you to provide complete personal information, which lessens the risk of stealing your identity. 

Is the Joker Mastercard legit?

Yes, the Joker Mastercard is legit. It is under the license of Mastercard and can be used for stores that accept it and VISA cards.

Is the Joker Mastercard real?

Yes, the Joker Mastercard is a legit credit card. You can buy it at over 11,000 well-established retail stores in Canada, and many Canadians currently use it.

Can the Joker Mastercard be used anywhere?

Yes, you can use the Joker Mastercard anywhere the Mastercard and Visa cards are accepted. 

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