Review: The Cheapest Online Wills In Canada

June 1, 2021
legalwills landing page has been making it easy to create online wills for more than 20 yeras. It offers the widest array of wills available with the lowest prices out of any online will service in Canada.

If you're simply looking to have an online will done now and to never look back at it, might just be the right service for you.

However, both Willful and Epilogue Wills offer more streamlined experiences with unlimited editions for your wills. Each costs a bit more than the other, but the service is definitely worth it if you're looking for a bit more flexibility than the case mentioned above.

Taking a step towards a decision like making a will, is never an easy one. Add to this the cost of creating a will with a lawyer and anyone can see why most Canadians avoid doing it in general. However, companies have taken note of this and they’ve come up with a solution for people to make their own wills online. is a company that has been facilitating how to make online wills since the year 2000. This has given it the chance to perfect the art of online will making and offer what now is considered as the lowest-cost way to make a will online. Pair this up with the widest variety of products out there and you end up with one of the best options in the industry.

With that said, here’s our review:

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Main Features

As we’ve mentioned before, the most prominent benefit that online will companies offer is the speed of it all. promises that anyone can start making their own will online and be done in 20 minutes or less, which is impressive. Plus, the price of it all makes the option of making a will online very attractive to most Canadians.

Here are the benefits that call out the most to us about

  • Wills can be created in 20 minutes.
  • Individual wills start at $39.95.
  • Users can also get powers of attorney and living wills.
  • Mirror wills are available.
  • Users can get expatriate wills.
  • No lawyer required for the will before being signed.
  • Offers LifeLocker service (storing private information and belongings).
  • Offers the possibility for a lawyer to check your will and give you personal advice on it.

With the main benefits mentioned, here’s how product fare in price:


Pricing is the most important part of making an online will. If it was too expensive then why not go to a lawyer and get legal and personal advice instead, right? That’s why online will companies are breaking the mould. Take a look at’s prices:

Individual Will: $39.95

This is the most basic product that offers. It simply consists of a last will and testament only. The document comes ready to be printed and signed only for the cost of $39.95. However, this document can only be edited for one year after it has been completed.

Power of Attorney: $29.95

This product consists of a document in which the user designates someone to manage their finances if they ever become incapacitated.

Living Will: $19.95

This consists of the same benefits as the Individual will. However, this particular service consists of two wills that mirror each other completely. It’s aimed for couples that want to leave their assets to each other or a common denominator if each or both pass away.

Expatriate Will: $39.95 is the only online will company that offers this service. It consists of a will that can encompass including properties outside of Canada in a will. However, these properties must exclusively be situated in either the US or the UK.

Mirror Wills: $63.92

A set of two wills that mirror each other and prepare the users for the case in which one or both of them pass away.

LifeLocker: $29.95

It allows users to store private information to make it available to the executor later in the future (passwords, bank accounts, etc.)

Lawyer Review: $69.00

Have a lawyer review the document you’ve drafted and fix it if the document has any incongruencies or redundancies that could harm its performance in court.

legalwills pricing wills's prices on their website

Another thing worth mentioning here is that doesn’t allow unlimited free editing of its wills. Rather, each will comes with a one-year membership of editing included in the price. Once that period passes users will have to pay this membership fee again, depending on how long they want to access their wills in the future. It goes like this:

  • 1 Year of editing: $11.95
  • 5 Years of editing: $24.95
  • 10 Years of editing: $34.95
  • 25 Years of editing: $74.95

Now that we’ve gone over Epilogue wills main products and their pricing, let’s go over what we think are their highest and lowest points:

Pros & Cons


  • 20 years of experience in the market to perfect the formula of online will services.
  • Offers 5 different types of wills, which gives the widest variety of products in the industry.
  • Creating your first will only take 20 minutes.
  • Offers mirror wills.
  • Is the only service to offer expatriate wills.
  • Offers lawyer advice.
  • Wills can be edited anytime you like, for free during the first year or later if you pay for an extension.
  • Available in all provinces of Canada, both in English and French.
Legalwills lawyer testimony
One of the working lawyers that helped create


  • If anyone decides to buy all products offered, it’s gonna run a very hefty fee, even more so than the most expensive online will services.
  • Wills can’t be edited for free unless within the initial 1-year range of time.
  • The website bears a relatively outdated look, and the same applies to its platform.
  • Prices are purposely lower but will match other service providers' if the longest period for editing a document is purchased.


Overall, is in an interesting spot. If you’re only going to be buying the most basic products you need, it’s hands down the most affordable option. However, if your plan is to go all out and buy all the types of wills with the maximum period of editing, you’d be better served somewhere else.

So, if you’re simply looking to get a will done quickly and cheaply, there’s no better option out there.

However, if you’re not looking for the cheapest service out there, you might be inclined to go for Epilogue Wills. We consider this service to be the all-around best online will service due to the quality and depth of their wills. Pair this up with a solid platform and you’ve got a solid product offering that’s powerful and easy to use.

If price is a concern, but you’re still willing to go for something better, Willful is another excellent option. Although it’s a more streamlined version of making a will online and has the most developed platform of all companies, it comes with a rather simplistic selection of products.

As a final thought, it's worth mentioning that online will companies are great for creating a will for simple situations. However, if you have a complicated estate situation, you should always seek the advice of a lawyer.

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