Fetch Rewards Hack: Boost Your Points Like A Pro

January 1, 2023

There are many tips and tricks to maximize your returns by joining the Fetch app and scanning your receipts. Besides taking advantage of the 3,000+1,000-points welcome bonus, the easiest way to earn points for free is by taking advantage of Fetch's referral program. By referring friends and acquaintances to Fetch and having them sign up with your referral code, you'll receive 2,000-5,000 fetch points for every successful referral. After that, buying your prescription medicine through GoodRx and scanning your receipts, and joining as many Fetch clubs as possible, are two great ways to maximize your points in record time. These are all 100% legal ways to earn extra points. Trying to cheat the system by forging receipts or otherwise trying to deceive Fetch will almost certainly result in a suspension of your account and losing all your points, so it's highly discouraged.

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There are many Fetch Rewards hacks online, but which ones actually work? If you try out a wrong hack, you can get your account permanently banned and lose all your points. As Fetch Rewards is full-proof, has various security checks, and a team of cybersecurity experts that check every receipt you upload, you should only try authentic Fetch Rewards hacks that are approved by the Fetch team.

In this article, I will show you some valid Fetch Reward hacks to boost your points, buy gift cards earlier than everyone else and turn the platform into a serious source of passive income. Without any further ado, let's dive deep into the details.

1. Get A Signup Bonus

Using a signup bonus can give you a headstart on your earnings. In the Fetch app, it's the easiest way to get up to 3,000 points. You can use the referral code of one of your friends and family members or use our code (YOREOYSTER) before signing up for Fetch Rewards to get a $3 gift card after uploading your first receipt.

As soon as you enter the code, you will have to scan your latest grocery shopping receipt and get points instantly. Besides the 3,000 points welcome bonus, you will also earn 1,000 points after scanning your first couple of grocery shopping receipts. When you would get 4,000 points, you can redeem them for gift cards and use them for a free coffee or whatever you desire.

Consider the signup bonus as your first reward without doing any effort.

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2. Refer Your Friends And Family to Fetch

Want to learn how to get a lot of points on Fetch Rewards? Instead of wasting your time on fake Fetch Rewards hacks and getting your account suspended, how about you refer the Fetch app to your loved ones and start earning free referral points? Similar to getting a signup bonus, you just have to pass your Fetch code to your friends and family members and get 2,000-5,000 points for every referral.

Want to know how to get points on Fetch Rewards without a receipt? This is the best way to do it.

Related: You can also get a $10 signup bonus by signing up to PayPal with my PayPal referral code.

3. Scan e-Receipts

The best part about Fetch Rewards is that you can also scan e-receipts and get rewarded. Unlike other cashback apps, you don’t only have to shop from physical stores to take advantage of special offers. Fetch Rewards is partnered with over 350+ online and international retailers, including Amazon and Apple, so you can shop from wherever you want and get points.

You just have to connect your email address to your Fetch account and it will scan all the e-receipts that are sent to your email. You can also select the “scan inbox” button and Fetch Rewards will automatically scan all your e-receipts.

Fetch Rewards Hack: scanning e-receipts

Remember: The e-receipt shouldn’t be older than 14 days and must be from one of the supported retailers.

4. Utilize Special Offers

Every day, you will find dozens of special offers in the Fetch Rewards ready to be utilized. You can use these special offers to earn up to 5,000 points in one attempt. Instead of buying from any of the mentioned Fetch partners, you have to buy a specific product from a particular store and get rewarded thousands of points.

Fetch Rewards Hack: Special offers

You can get 50% or even 100% rewards back on some deals. You have to look at the “Discover” tab in the app and go for the offer that suits your budget and needs ideally. Unlike other apps, the best part is that you don't have to show a coupon in the store or activate a specific offer. Buy the item, scan your receipt, and you will receive the bonus points. There is no need to waste your time learning how to hack Fetch Rewards when there are so many opportunities, right?

5. Know The Exact Type Of Receipts To Earn Points

The top Fetch Rewards receipt hack is to know which receipts work so you can save them from now on. You must scan the physical and e-receipts within 14 days of making their purchase. It should be from one of the 350 partnered retailers. Receipts that are not accepted by Fetch Rewards include:

● Airline receipts

● Service providers’ receipts

● Movie tickets

● Duplicate receipts

Receipts that the Fetch App accepts include:

● Grocery stores

● Pet stores

● Gas stations

● Restaurants

● Hardware stores

Now, you know which receipts to save and which receipts don’t get you points. This amazing Fetch rewards free points hack can save a lot of your time and get you extra points.

6. Use Other Cashback Apps As Well

Although Fetch Rewards is the most famous cashback app in town, there are other apps as well that you can benefit from. You can upload the same receipt on Fetch Rewards and other receipt-scanning apps to earn more rewards. For instance, you went grocery shopping and later uploaded the receipt to Fetch Rewards to earn points. To multiply your earnings, you can upload the same receipt to other authentic scanning apps, including Ibotta and Upside.

Furthermore, you can get even more returns on your purchases if you pay using any one of the best cashback credit cards in Canada.

7. Scan Up To 35 Receipts Every Week

Within seven days, you can upload up to 35 physical and e-receipts. From the date you snap a receipt, the 7-day period starts. You might think that 35 receipts are too much, and you won't be able to upload these many on Fetch Rewards. But you would be shocked to see how many receipts you get every single day.

Here are some of the places that you might go to each day and get a receipt for your shopping:

● Morning coffee receipt

● Lunch receipt

● Amazon order e-receipt

● Grocery shopping receipt

● Uber Eats e-receipt

● Refilling prescription receipt

Remember: You have to upload a receipt within 14 days of your shopping. If you have exceeded the limit and the 14 days have passed, you can’t use that receipt.

8. Join Clubs To Get Extra Points

The best and easiest Fetch Rewards hack 2023 is to join as many clubs on the Fetch app as possible for exclusive offers. For instance, newborn parents can join the Huggies Rewards+ program and get offers on all Huggies baby products. Unlike everyday offers where you get 1,000-2,000 points, you can earn up to 5,000 points by purchasing eligible products. There are many other clubs as well, including Pepsi Tasty Rewards.

If you already do a lot of shopping at these brands, it’s worth joining the Fetch Rewards clubs and earning much more than other users.

9. Upload Receipts Within 2 Weeks

A great tip is to upload your physical and e-receipts within two weeks of purchase. According to the Fetch Rewards' terms and conditions, you can't upload a receipt older than 14 days. You won't get points for that as the Fetch app doesn't compensate for an older receipt.

Sometimes, people shop from the grocery store, stuff the receipt into their pocket, and forget to upload it. Doing that will cause you to miss free points and make you wait longer for your next gift card. I, for many times, have made the same mistake many times and lost thousands of free points.

The best way to avoid this is to upload your receipt as soon as you are done with the shopping. Once the cashier gives you the receipt, scan it and upload it on the spot so you don't forget it.

10. Refill Your Prescriptions With GoodRx

After signing up on the Fetch Rewards and getting your first signup bonus, refill your prescriptions with GoodRx and instantly get around 10,000 points. This amazing reward is for the first time and after that, you will get 1,500 points, which is not bad either. For users who want to know how to get more points on Fetch, this is a must-know.

As GoodRx is the exclusive prescription savings provider of the Fetch app, you can get great deals most of the time. It’s an excellent receipts Fetch rewards hack that can significantly boost your points and get you a $10 gift card on your first purchase.

Remember, you have to tell your pharmacist to enter the GoodRx information that you have in the app to get the points.

In Summary

There are enough legitimate hacks to help you earn more points on Fetch Rewards without risking your account and your hard-earned rewards. Start with using a referral code to sign up, then start spreading the word among your friends so they can do the same. If you're on prescription medicine, refilling your prescriptions with GoodRx is another great way to earn extra points, but so is taking advantage of special offers and club memberships.

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Fetch Rewards Hack FAQs

How do you hack Fetch Rewards?

You can't hack Fetch Rewards. The only way is to learn the tips and tricks of the Fetch app in order to earn high rewards on your purchases.

How can I get free Fetch points?

The best way to get free Fetch points is to sign up using a referral code and refer your friends and family. This way, you can earn thousands of points for free.

Can you make fake receipts for Fetch Rewards?

No, you cannot make fake receipts for Fetch Rewards. The Fetch app has several security checks and a team of cybersecurity experts that will instantly ban your account from doing this.

How many dollars are 2,000 points on Fetch worth?

2,000 points on Fetch are equivalent to $2.

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