Americas Mailbox Review: A Mailbox By RVers For RVers

September 21, 2022

Americas Mailbox is a small virtual mailbox company with its headquarters in Rapid City, South Dakota. It was founded by a couple of avid travellers who value their customers more than anything and act accordingly. Americas Mailbox is highly rated, they are among the few virtual mailbox providers that offer a referral program for their loyal customers, and they provide local pickups of your mail, throwing in an RV campground and several guesthouses for those who happen to be passing by to pick up their mail after a long trip.

That said, Americas Mailbox offers very few services with most of their plans, despite the fact that they are much more expensive, charge an upfront setup fee of $25, and don’t offer mail scans for their lower-tier plans. If you’re looking for thousands of addresses to choose from, better service at much lower rates, and premium services that cater to companies big and small, try our #1-best-rated virtual mailbox, iPostal1.

What Is Americas Mailbox?

Americas Mailbox is a mail forwarding service founded in 2007 by David and Barbara Humes after finishing their travels around the country. Its main aim is to rely on common sense and constantly improve its customer service to provide a fantastic experience to its customers.

It prides itself on the fact that it is not like other companies that are greedy and charge high rates or “hidden charges” for their services. Its top feature is the excellent customer service it provides for its customers that keeps them coming back. They’re also committed to providing multiple tips and tricks to help their customers save money.

Features Of Americas Mailbox

Americas Mailbox Review: A Mailbox From RVers To RVers

#1 Reliable mail forwarding services.

Americas Mailbox features a very detailed mail forwarding system to keep your mail organized and ensure it gets delivered on time and to the right address. Users get to set up their own mail forwarding schedule on Americas Mailbox, allowing them to get their mail forwarded as early as possible or on a recurring schedule of their choice.

Americas Mailbox notifies users every time mail is sent from its facility to the user's chosen shipping address. The service is super quick, too—if you set up your mail to be forwarded as soon as possible before midnight on a day, you can rest assured that your mail will be sent out the very next morning.

#2 Referral and membership bonus.

A great feature of Americas Mailbox is the rewards and bonuses it offers to its loyal and kind customers. If a customer of Americas Mailbox refers one of their friends or family members to Americas Mailbox service, they receive either a $25 restaurant gift certificate or a month of FREE membership added to the length of its plan.

All you need to do is inform Americas Mailbox about the name and box number of the friend or family member you referred, and you’ll receive your reward. Americas Mailbox also makes sure that its annual members feel fairly treated. All members who sign up for the annual membership on one of Americas Mailbox plans get a McDonald's gift card upon request in its main office in South Dakota.

Americas Mailbox Review: A Mailbox From RVers To RVers

#3 Variety of plans according to user preference.

Americas Mailbox features a wide variety of plans to choose from specially made for its users. Some plans are made for people who hardly need a virtual mailbox for their home but may need it from time to time while travelling. On the other hand, some plans are made for medium-scale businesses so that they can handle large amounts of mail.

This variety of plans helps users genuinely understand what plan is best for them and what features might actually prove helpful in the near future. For example, Americas Mailbox's most basic plan is its Bronze plan, which only offers seven incoming mail as a limit per year. While this is great for users that rarely go on trips, it is not optimal for small businesses that can benefit more from the Titanium plan.

#4 Campground for RVs.

The ones who need virtual mailboxes the most are RVers, who constantly travel around and don't have a fixed address. Apart from offering them the perfect solution in the form of a virtual mailbox, Americas Mailbox goes one step further to help them with their temporary camping needs by arranging a special campground and lodging for its users.

The Americas Campground and Lodging are right next door to its main office and is open all year round, making it easy for RVers to come to the office and pick up their mail in person. The campground currently features slots for 64 full hook-ups, 14 electrics, and 12 boondocks, with a total of 90 sites.

It currently has three guest rooms and one suite as well, where travellers can stay if they don't happen to have an RV.

Americas Mailbox Review: A Mailbox From RVers To RVers

#5 Wide range of delivery carriers.

Along with careful handling of all your mail and packages, Americas Mailbox also features a wide range of delivery carriers to choose from. This wide range of options allows users to select the delivery carrier they trust and prefer the most. Currently, Americas Mailbox offers delivery using USPS, UPS, FedEx Air, and FedEx Ground.

All shipments get their own tracking number, which is sent to you via email as soon as your package is shipped out. Americas Mailbox even features delivery insurance and guarantees on a select few carriers, such as FedEx Air. Americas Mailbox has a very efficient mail forwarding system thanks to these delivery carriers—you ask your mail to be forwarded to your address the night before, and your mail will be sent out the very next morning.

#6 Local pickup.

Another great feature of Americas Mailbox that many other virtual mailbox providers don't seem to have is an efficient local pickup. If you can't forward your mail to an address or you happen to be in South Dakota on the way, you can choose to pick up all your mail locally instead of having it shipped elsewhere, saving even more on shipping fees.

All users need to do is set up a customer pickup on Americas Mailbox's homepage by midnight the day before you plan to pick up the mail, and it will be ready for pickup at the front desk by 10 am. If you came with an RV, you could also choose to rest in the nearby campground or its lodging before heading out on your way.

Pros & Cons Of Americas Mailbox


  • A great and active customer support team active from Monday to Friday, 9–5 that can be contacted through phone at (605) 718-1234 or email at [email protected].
  • Referral bonuses and rewards such as a $25 restaurant gift certificate or a month of free membership every time users refer a friend or a family member to Americas Mailbox and they sign up.
  • A wide variety of plans that allows users to choose a plan that fits their budget and preferences.
  • Extremely efficient and quick mail forwarding delivery system that ensures your pieces of mail and packages are sent as quickly as possible.
  • RV Campground for customers who happened to be passing by for a local pickup or users that need rest from a long trip.


  • All Americas Mailbox plans either have annual, tri-monthly, or quarterly billing, which is troublesome for users who only need the service for a short time.
  • Almost non-existent variety of locations, with its only current mail facility being the one they have in Rapid City, South Dakota.
  • Plans are highly overpriced compared to the features they offer, with the bronze plan only offering an incoming mail limit of 7 mails which is very unimpressive compared to other virtual mailbox providers such as iPostal1 or Mailbox Forwarding.
  • While the customer support team is responsive and active, they are only available on weekdays from 9-5, not on weekends.
  • A separate start-up fee of $25 is compulsory no matter which plans you opt for.
  • No dedicated Android or iOS app.
  • Mail scans are only offered at high-end ‘Titanium' plans and are charged at an additional fee apart from the cost of the entire plan.
  • Limited cloud storage of 2GB for storing mail scans, unlike many other virtual mailbox providers which provide unlimited cloud storage.


Americas Mailbox features six plans to fulfill different user preferences while trying to stay within budget. These plans are shown in the table below.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
Incoming mail limit7/yearSmall volumeMedium volumeLarge volumeNot specified. 
Plan duration Annual onlyAnnual/QuarterlyAnnual/QuarterlyAnnualAnnual/Quarterly
Postage fund$100 – $150$100 – $150$100 – $150$200 – $500$100-$250

Apart from the price of the plans, users also need to pay a $25 additional start-up fee while opening their accounts. It's also worth noting that the prices above exclude taxes so they’ll increase further when you add them in.

Moving from one tier to the next upgrades your incoming mail limit as well as package limit. Plans starting from Gold filter out your junk mail before forwarding your mail to you. Americas Mailbox's most popular plans are the Titanium plans, the only ones that offer unlimited exterior and interior mail scanning at an additional fee.

While they don't have an official refund policy, its agreement states that canceling your plan forces Americas Mailbox to refund any unused postage and return to sender any mail or packages they have received. Americas Mailbox has costly pricing compared to its competitors, with most of the plans being priced twice what its competitors offer while having more features.

Americas Mailbox – Is It The Best Option For You?

Americas Mailbox is still a relatively small and local business compared to other virtual business address and mailbox providers that have already opened locations across the globe. Being a small company, they value whatever customers they have and reward customer loyalty with lucrative membership rewards and referral bonuses.

However, being a small and local business has a fair share of problems especially compared to other much larger mailbox providers that are spread across the USA and offer tons of dedicated online and offline features. Americas Mailbox is hugely lacking in reliable mail forwarding features that many companies have, such as package consolidation, a more extensive range of delivery options, and free content scanning.

The company doesn't even offer dedicated mail scanning for any of its plans except for its high-end Titanium plans, which themselves charge users an additional fee for scanning interior mail contents. External mail scanning is a fundamental option that almost every mailbox provider has and does for free, even on the most basic plans.

What's more, these plans can only be purchased on annual or quarterly billing, both unsuitable options for users that are looking to try out the service or only need it for a month or two. Its Bronze plan is the worst one because it offers no junk filtering or mail scanning and only has an incoming mail limit of 7 pieces per year. Apart from that, it also charges a $25 start-up fee for all its plans.

That being said, Americas Mailbox is still a great company when it comes to customer support and treating its customers right. Its customer support is active and responsive, and they encourage you to contact them regarding any query or problem you have.

While you are paying a premium price for it, you are getting customer support that makes you feel special and tries its best to resolve your problems. The same can’t be said about most of its bigger competitors that struggle with providing its customers with the type of personalized and dedicated customer support that only small and local businesses can provide.

While we don't recommend Americas Mailbox to most standard virtual mailbox users, it might still be an excellent option for you as long as you don't mind paying a premium price for a basic mailbox service on account of great customer service.

In Summary

Americas Mailbox is a small and local business that doesn't have the features or pricing to compete with other big virtual mailbox providers such as iPostal1. However, the company makes up for that by treating each customer with exceptional dedication and care, which might be a significant deciding factor for some people that prioritize that over features or affordable pricing.

Americas Mailbox FAQs

Is Americas Mailbox legit? 

Yes, Americas Mailbox is legit because it is reviewed and used by hundreds of people online and has a physical facility in Rapid City, South Dakota.

How is Americas Mailbox rated?

Americas Mailbox currently has a 4.7/5 rating on Facebook, 4.2/5 on Google, and 2/5 on Yelp.

What days is Americas Mailbox open?

Americas Mailbox is open from Monday-Friday, 9 to 5.

Who owns Americas Mailbox?

Americas Mailbox was founded and created by David and Barbare Humes who still own it today.

How much does Americas Mailbox cost?

Americas Mailbox costs anywhere from $45+ to $250+ depending on the plan, billing, and features you choose.

Is Americas Mailbox worth it?

Yes, Americas Mailbox is worth it if you value customer support over all else. It’s also a great mailbox for RVers travelling the country.

Is Americas Mailbox safe?

Yes, Americas Mailbox is safe because it features 24/7 secure encrypted online access to your account (as long as it remains active).

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