SnapMailbox Review: Virtual Mailbox Services Gone Green

September 2, 2022

SnapMailbox is one of the greenest virtual mailbox providers in the US. Apart from offering low prices on most of their plans and high-quality mail scans with searchable text, they help offset your carbon footprint. It does so by donating to an environmental NGO dedicated to reforestation, recycling all unwanted mail, and even reaching out to publishers on your behalf to remove your name and address from unwanted mailing lists.

Even so, SnapMailbox has several cons, the worst of with is having few mailing addresses to choose from, unlike iPostal1, our #1-rated virtual mailbox, which has more than 2,300 locations across the country.

What Is SnapMailbox?

SnapMailbox was founded by Paul E. and his team out of the desire to improve the virtual mailbox space by giving the customers what they wanted—flexibility and reasonable pricing. SnapMailbox's main aim is to provide its users with the ability to access all of their mail online from anywhere in the world while using a real, private and secure street address.

SnapMailbox's top features are its credible physical street addresses, enhanced mail management, highly secure mail scanning that it offers in all of its plans, and a focus on environmentally-friendly operations.

It's also the perfect resource for modern startups. Since it's a cloud-based solution, it is ideal for travelers or business professionals who don't want to use their home addresses or run to the post office to pick up their mail.

Features Of SnapMailbox

SnapMailbox Review: Virtual Mailbox Services Gone Green

#1 PO Box with your own street address.

SnapMailbox offers its users their own street address and PO box where they can receive their mail and packages. These can later be accessed online. SnapMailbox features a national network of real physical addresses to choose from to start receiving packages and mail immediately.

When the facility receives your mail, they notify you and handle most of the work regarding processing your mail. You decide what happens with your mail—you can scan it if you want to see your mail as soon as possible or forward it to your current address if you wish to have the physical copy. Alternatively, if you have no use for it, you can simply send your mail for shredding before even opening it.

SnapMailbox provides full access and mail management for handling your account and the mail you receive.

#2 Reliable mail forwarding service.

SnapMailbox features a very efficient mail forwarding service that acts as soon as it receives your mail and your permission to forward it. Whenever the facility receives your mail or package, you are notified about it and sent an exterior scan of the envelope or parcel. From there, you can easily forward it to any address in the world as long as USPS or FedEx delivers them.

Whether the delivery is domestic or international, users can rest assured that they will receive their package. SnapMailbox has a swift processing time users can take advantage of and schedule their mail or package forwarding within a single business day.

What's more, users get complete forward shipment control and get to track their packages with real-time shipment tracking.

SnapMailbox Review: Virtual Mailbox Services Gone Green

#3 Secure mail scanning with dedicated text search.

Many virtual mailbox providers only scan your mail but don't provide users with a way to organize the scanned mail and search it efficiently. SnapMailbox does its best to help you avoid wasting time searching through your mail by ensuring its scans are much more than just an image.

SnapMailbox doesn't charge its customers for exterior scans, and they never scan the interior without your permission. Once you give that permission, all your documents and letters are scanned into high-resolution PDFs with fully searchable text, thanks to the magic of OCR. This is particularly useful if you receive lots of mail every week and don't want to go through the hassle of carefully reading each piece.

#4 Environmentally-friendly subscriptions.

One of the most innovative features SnapMailbox has to offer is its environment-friendly subscriptions. Considering the amount of deforestation that occurs each year for paper production, SnapMailbox has partnered with One Tree Planted, an NGO dedicated to global reforestation, to help rebuild forests and restore biodiversity.

According to this partnership, each time a new user signs up for SnapMailbox's service, it donates $1 to One Tree Planted so that more trees can be planted and make our planet greener. So far, about $7,000 have been raised for the NGO, which has helped them to assist nature, people, and wildlife in areas needing reforestation.

SnapMailbox also recycles all the mail you shred in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to help the efforts even more. The company will even reach out to catalog makers on your behalf to remove your name and address from their mailing lists to help conserve even more resources.

SnapMailbox Review: Virtual Mailbox Services Gone Green

#5 Dedicated check deposit service.

SnapMailbox offers dedicated check deposit services for all of its users, which means that whenever you get a check in your mail, they'll send it straight to the bank of your choice. SnapMailbox's check deposit service is supported by top national banks in the US, such as Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and more.

The process is straightforward – all users need to do is connect their online account to the existing bank account they want their checks deposited. SnapMailbox ensures that your accounts will be successfully connected within a week, with requests sent out within one business day. When the process is done, users only need to pay a nominal usage fee per deposited check. You can even get a discount if you send your checks in bulk.

Pros & Cons Of SnapMailbox


  • Affordable plans starting as low as $9.99/month, going all the way up to $34.99/month.
  • Highly secure service with dedicated postal professionals processing your mail and 256-bit SSL encryption certificates securing your account.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support team with extremely positive online reviews that can be contacted by phone at 877-214-0121, through a contact form, or through live chat present on the website from Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm CST.
  • Free 30-day trial regardless of the plan you choose, which is helpful for users that want to try out the service before committing to it.
  • Dedicated iOS app (rated 3.7/5) that helps iOS users access SnapMailbox while on the go.
  • Environmentally-friendly operations.
  • A dedicated check deposit service supported by all major banks in the country and local banks that accept mail-in deposits. 
  • High-resolution PDF scans with a full-text search that helps users quickly sift through their mail and skip to the critical parts.


  • A limited number of locations compared to other virtual mailbox providers like iPostal1 or Anytime Mailbox, which offer hundreds of mailing facilities across the entire country.
  • While the customer support is excellent, it is only active on weekdays, which can be a problem for users if they wish to contact customer support on those days.
  • The company has an iOS app but doesn't have an Android app which is bothersome for users that don't own Apple devices.
  • Low mail scan limit on all the plans might force users to opt for additional mail scans that cost $2.25 each.
  • There are a few specific locations where users have complained about bad service, including delayed mail shipments and failed deliveries.
  • No local pickup for people who live nearby and wish to pick up their mail personally while on the way.


All SnapMailbox plans offer pretty much the same features across the board, with the only incremental differences being the incoming mail and scan limits. We summarized the differences in the table below.

Incoming mail limit30 mail/month60 mail/month120 mail/month240 mail/month
Mail scan limit5102040
Mail recipients23410
Cost$9.99/month or $99.00/year$14.99/month or $149.00/year$24.99/month or $249/year$34.99/month or $399/year

Along with the reduced price, users can get a 30 days free trial to try out the service regardless of the plan they choose. There is also a storage fee for mail after 30 days and a storage fee for packages after 7 days. These fees range from $0.10 to $0.30, depending on the size.

SnapMailbox's most popular plan is its gold plan which offers up to 120 incoming mail/month and a scan limit of 20 for up to 4 mail recipients. There are also many additional fees attached to the service, such as $0.35 for each extra mail you get, $2.25 for each extra scan, and $5.00 per month for an additional mail recipient. That said, SnapMailbox has pretty affordable pricing compared to many other virtual mailbox providers out there.

SnapMailbox's refund policy states that if you cancel the plan during your initial free trial period, you won't face any charges later. If you cancel after that, any credits remaining in your account at the end of your plan will be refunded to you. This refund does not include the plan's subscription fees.

SnapMailbox – Is It The Best Option For You?

SnapMailbox is a great virtual mailbox provider that offers its customers many innovative and dedicated features, along with a great customer support team. However, before you decide if SnapMailbox is the best option for you, you need to understand the company's problems and whether they are a dealbreaker for you.

Firstly, SnapMailbox has a limited number of locations available throughout the country compared to many other virtual mailbox providers that provide hundreds and even thousands of options to choose from. This can be problematic if you want your mailing address to be in a specific location where SnapMailbox doesn't have a mailing facility yet.

It's also important to note that changing your addresses from one location to another is not free, and there is a charge of $10 for each address change you make. SnapMailbox also features a significantly lower limit on mail scans than other options, which forces users to go over their plan limit and pay additional fees most of the time.

There is no local pickup option for people who happen to be traveling near their mailing address and want to save themselves the trouble (and fees) of forwarding their mail. There are also quite a number of locations that are notorious for having failed deliveries and delayed mail forwards.

That said, SnapMailbox offers many dedicated and innovative features to make up for its plans' low mail scan and incoming mail limits. Its service is highly secure, with proper SSL encryption for online accounts and professional staff processing your physical mail.

Not only that but SnapMailbox's customer support has very strong positive reviews and is very responsive and patient with all user queries and problems. But perhaps SnapMailbox's most unique feature that other virtual mailbox providers rarely offer is its environmentally-friendly subscription plans.

If you're looking for a more sustainable way to handle your postal mail, potentially offsetting some of your carbon footprint, SnapMailbox is one of the very few ways to do so.

If you are okay with using a limited number of locations and paying some additional fees from time to time, then SnapMailbox is a good option for you. In the end, since the company also offers a free trial period, there's nothing to lose if you decide to give the service a try.

In Summary

SnapMailbox has an excellent customer support team ready to solve your queries anytime you want, with a good range of plans and innovative features unique only to them. As long as you don't mind paying the occasional extra charges and a low variety of locations, SnapMailbox might just prove to be a reliable option for you.

On the flip side, if you're looking for an address in a specific location, SnapMailbox may not even be an option. In these cases, your best bet is our #1-best rated virtual mailbox, iPostal1.

SnapMailbox FAQs

How much does SnapMailbox cost?

SnapMailbox costs anywhere from $9.99 to $399+, depending on the plan and billing options.

Is SnapMailbox worth it?

SnapMailbox is worth it because it offers good service, excellent and responsive customer support, environmentally-friendly plans, and highly secure service.

Is SnapMailbox safe?

Yes, SnapMailbox is safe because it has dedicated postal professionals processing your mail and 256-bit SSL encryption certificates securing your account. 

Is SnapMailbox legit? 

Yes, SnapMailbox is legit because it is a registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) with the U.S. Postal Service and has been reviewed by thousands of customers online.

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