Business Anywhere Review: The Perfect Choice For Remote Businesses

September 28, 2022

If you want to set up a business in the US with ease and 100% remotely, Business Anywhere may be one of your best options. This virtual mailbox, virtual office, and company formation service offers the full package in terms of launching a business and managing all incoming and outgoing postal mail.

Although a great service for remote businesses, it’s not the best option for those simply looking for a good virtual mail address. This is because they offer only three addresses in the US and a subscription model that, although quite cheap, they bill upfront and annually. If you want thousands of addresses to choose from, an equally inexpensive set of plans, and great service, we recommend iPostal1, our #1-rated virtual mail service.

What Is Business Anywhere?

Business Anywhere is a platform that provides online company formation services to entrepreneurs so they can develop their business ventures within the US from anywhere around the world. The company is based in Chandler, Arizona, and was created to bring straightforward company formation services to location-independent entrepreneurs, expats, and nomads.

Their top feature is their ability to provide users with an innovative dashboard that combines all four essential company formation services into a single dashboard. This allows users to manage the entire back end of their business from one place. Business Anywhere has been mentioned in several influential news outlets such as Business Insider, Boston Herald, Fox, and NBC.

Features Of Business Anywhere

#1 Enhanced flexibility and privacy. 

Business Anywhere can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and from anywhere in the world. They feature an intuitive dashboard you can access via any digital device, such as your PC, laptop, or smartphone. You don't need to download any type of software or app to do it.

Anytime you receive mail or a package in your inbox, you can access your dashboard and have Business Anywhere forward it directly to your current location. Business Anywhere can forward your mail and packages to anywhere around the world, and all you need to pay is the postage cost.

Business Anywhere values your privacy, ensuring all your precious information is kept away from spammers and salespeople. Your personal details will never go into public record as long as you use Business Anywhere's service—they will instead be replaced with the company's details.

Business Anywhere Review: The Perfect Choice For Remote Businesses

#2 Straightforward and intuitive process. 

One of the best things about Business Anywhere is that they have the industry's most professional and sophisticated company formation service. They ensure that all your documentation and paperwork are organized and handled correctly and ensure they're not mixed up.

Not only that, Business Anywhere offers to fill most of the forms and paperwork for you so that you don't have to go through each form manually. This not only helps you save time but also helps you avoid documentation errors that can cost you a lot in tax, assets, or privacy.

Business Anywhere practically guarantees user protection to ensure your company never faces future losses related to formation. Their assurance stems from their industry experience, having helped form thousands of businesses throughout the USA.

#3 Top quality service.

Business Anywhere has studied their competition closely to understand what they offer to their users and ensure their own users get the best service in the industry. Business Anywhere offers a premium service with the help of their easy-to-access dashboard that can manage all of you mail and documentation processes.

They also offer a reliable customer service team that can help you out with any problems you face. Their service is highly reliable as Business Anywhere offers to register your business without you having to go anywhere. They fill out most of the paperwork, handle the calls and organize your documentation. The process is fully remote and can be done anytime and anywhere worldwide.

Business Anywhere Review: The Perfect Choice For Remote Businesses

#4 Free consultations. 

When it comes down to actually registering your business, most startup founders have no idea what the process is like and what decisions they should make to register their business. They often wonder if they should register as an LLC or a corporation, what documentation they are required to give, which state would be the best for them to register, etc.

These doubts can often slow you down and unnecessarily complicate the whole company formation process. To ensure this doesn't happen, Business Anywhere offers free consultation services for most business formation packages. If you choose a business formation package over $299, you get to speak to one of Business Anywhere's representatives, who will guide you through the entire process and answer all your questions.

#5 Your own virtual office.

When you sign up for Business Anywhere's service and register with them, you will get access to their user-exclusive dashboard that has all your documents and available services in one place. This is one of the most convenient ways of keeping your business organized online without even having a physical office.

Essentially, with Business Anywhere's service, you can get your own virtual office and use it like your physical one. The intuitive dashboard also features options for developing additional companies, opting in for more services, or canceling your own. You get all the amenities and ease of having your own office as you would in the real world without the mess of paperwork and documentation that can often clutter office spaces.

Business Anywhere Review: The Perfect Choice For Remote Businesses

#6 Affordable and hassle-free service.

Another great thing about Business Anywhere is that their service is extremely affordable and budget-friendly for the number of features they offer. Their company registration services start from $199, and their virtual mailbox plans cost about $20/month (billed annually) but offer unlimited incoming mail and scans.

This is especially crucial for larger businesses and individuals that receive tons of mail in their inboxes. Their service is highly straightforward and hassle-free. All users need to do is fill out an easy online form, and Business Anywhere will handle the rest themselves.

The company keeps track of all your filings and deadlines and conveniently alerts you whenever necessary. This ensures that you submit your forms and documentation on time so that it doesn't get postponed or you don't face a fine.

Pros & Cons Of Business Anywhere


  • Unlimited scans and incoming mail for all virtual mailbox plans, ensuring you never have to worry about mail limits or pay extra storage costs.
  • An extremely intuitive and sophisticated dashboard that keeps track of all your documentation, forms, and deadlines.
  • Easily accessible company registration process that can be finished in under half an hour and a few days more to complete the entire registration process.
  • Business Anywhere features accredited online notaries of their own and can help you easily get in touch with a public notary to ensure that all your documents are notarized.
  • No-junk-mail guarantee that ensures users don't get a piece of junk mail in their virtual mailbox and can quickly sift through only relevant and important mail.
  • For a flat annual fee, Business Anywhere provides new businesses with registered agent services that manage all their legal documentation and ensures their company meets the legal requirement of having a registered agent.
  • Business Anywhere features a professional team that provides strict and thoroughly vetted security protocols to maintain high security standards.


  • A limited number of mailing addresses on their virtual mailbox plans, with locations currently available in Arizona, Wyoming and New Mexico.
  • There is no option for local mail pickup, which doesn't allow users to come and pick up their packages from the mailing facilities.
  • Business Anywhere offers virtual office services with their plans but doesn't offer a fax number, a phone number, or a custom caller tune for the number.
  • Business Anywhere only offers annual billing options, so you'll need to pay upfront to use their services.
  • There is no visible way of contacting Business Anywhere before signing up with them, which means that users need to make an account and possibly purchase a service to contact the company.


Business Anywhere offers three business registration packages. We summed up the differences for you in the following table:

Package OnePackage TwoPackage Three
Everything from Package One plus…Everything from Packages One & Two plus…
1st year registered agent servicesEIN application filing Virtual mailbox with address 
1st year registered address30 minute consultationUpto 2 mail recipients
Mail scanning of legal mailCustomized operating agreement Unlimited incoming mail and scans
Operating agreement templateWorldwide package forwarding
Automated compliance 
Automated annual renewals 
Filing articles of organization
$199 + state filing fee$299 + state filing fee$499 + state filing fee

In essence, all of Business Anywhere's virtual mailbox plans offer the same features, such as unlimited incoming mail and scans, junk filters, and automatic scans. The only difference as you move up from one tier to the next is the number of mail recipients on each plan.

Their most popular virtual mailbox plan is Package One, which comes at around $240/year. Considering the monthly costs for the plans come at about $20/month, Business Anywhere's virtual mailbox plans can be considered highly affordable compared to their competitors, especially when you count that they don't have any extra costs for mail and scans.

However, the amount is billed annually, which can be a heavy blow to your finances—especially for users who only need the service for a few months.

Is Business Anywhere The Best Option For You? 

Business Anywhere is a relatively new company formation services, virtual office, and virtual mailbox provider with a sophisticated setup process and innovative features. While they have a great arsenal of features ready for their users, they also have some problems that you need to assess before deciding if it's your best option.

Firstly, Business Anywhere isn't the optimal choice for most virtual mailbox users as it currently only supports three major locations as mailing addresses. What's more, these addresses don't even offer local pickup, and you need to get your postal mail forwarded to you even if you live next door to one of their facilities.

They offer a virtual office for businesses but don't offer dedicated features as iPostal1, and other competitors do. The website is difficult to navigate, and users can't contact customer support to clear their doubts until they sign up for the service.

However, their biggest disadvantage is their annual-only billing. According to our research, Business Anywhere only has annual billing for most of their plans, not monthly billing like most other service providers. This can be a burden for many users who are only looking to try the service for a couple of months before committing to it entirely. While the plans are affordable in the long term, users would still need to pay a large upfront cost if they wish to use the company's service.

That said, their intuitive features and straightforward plans can be an excellent choice for people who want to quickly set up a service without worrying about extra charges and knowing exactly what they're paying for. If you are okay with paying an annual upfront subscription, you will find Business Anywhere to be a more cost-effective way to set up and run a remote business in the US.

All in all, Business Anywhere is a service that does get the job done, albeit at the cost of limited locations and non-dedicated features.

In Summary

Business Anywhere has its share of flaws, but it can be an excellent choice for a select number of people, particularly those looking for help with setting up and registering their business in the US. If you happen to be one of them, then Business Anywhere might be one of the most cost-effective options for you.

Business Anywhere FAQs

How much does Business Anywhere cost?

Business Anywhere costs anywhere from $149 to $499 per annum, depending on the features and plans you take.

Is Business Anywhere worth it?

Yes, Business Anywhere is worth it if you are okay with paying a large upfront annual fee, don't mind a limited number of locations, and aren't bothered with the number of dedicated features available.

Is Business Anywhere safe?

Yes, Business Anywhere is safe because every piece of postal mail enters a thoroughly vetted protocol to ensure security and is handled by Business Anywhere's professional team, not by third-party staff.

Is Business Anywhere legit? 

Yes, Business Anywhere is legit. It has a physical office in Chandler, Arizona, and several major review websites have reviewed it.

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