VirtualPostMail Review: 10+ Years Of Virtual Mailbox Experience

March 6, 2023

VirtualPostMail is a US-based virtual mailbox provider offering real physical street addresses in California, Nevada, Florida, and Delaware. VirtualPostMail offers many services to both personal and business use, including mail and package forwarding, check deposits, and registered agent services.

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What Is VirtualPostMail?

VirtualPostMail is one of the older virtual mailbox providers out there. It was founded just over a decade ago, in 2009, to create innovative mail services that help people live and run their businesses remotely without being tied down by physical paper and location.

The first thing users see when they visit VirtualPostMail's website are these numbers:

  • 98% happy customers
  • $445 million check amounts deposited
  • 12.5 million mail received since 2009
  • 27k awesome customers served

This shows how much VirtualPostMail values its users and their feedback, and how reliable they are as a virtual office and mailbox provider.

Features Of VirtualPostMail

VirtualPostMail Review: 10 Years In The Virtual Mailbox Industry And Counting

#1 Real US street address.

When you sign up with VirtualPostMail at any of their locations, you sign up for a real street address that other organizations will happily ship mail to. VirtualPostMail doesn't offer many options in terms of addresses compared to other virtual mailbox providers like iPostal1 or Anytime Mailbox. Still, the ones they do offer are as genuine and shippable as they can be. These addresses are:

  • Covina, CA, in Los Angeles County.
  • Henderson, NV, in Clark County.
  • Claymont, DE, in New Castle County.
  • Brandon, FL, in Hillsborough County.

You can use VirtualPostMail's street addresses for years to come to receive any type of postal mail. These street addresses can receive mail from any organization and through any delivery carrier, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. In fact, these addresses look so genuine that users even use them on their driver's licenses, credit card applications, and business filings.

#2 Mail and package forwarding.

One of the best features of VirtualPostMail is their affordable and intuitive mail and package forwarding that helps you send packages anywhere you want worldwide. Any package you ship will have a scannable shipping label that allows you to view and manage the package's status online, much as you would normally manage your mail.

VirtualPostMail provides tons of different features to users for forwarding their packages, such as package consolidation, a variety of delivery partners to choose from, scheduling shipping dates, adding package insurance to your shipments, and real-time tracking for the shipments.

Another great feature is that, since VirtualPostMail has incredibly fast processing, packages can be forwarded the same day they are received. VirtualPostMail also gets huge discounts working with major delivery couriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. The company transfers these savings to their users, providing much cheaper shipping costs, even after accounting for the mailbox subscription and other fees.

VirtualPostMail Review: 10 Years In The Virtual Mailbox Industry And Counting

#3 Online mail management.

Anytime you receive mail in your account, VirtualPostMail scans its outside and notifies you through email. Once you log into your account, you can decide what to do with your mail. You can:

  • Scan and open it
  • Shred it
  • Forward it, or
  • Store it

If you choose the scan option, VirtualPostMail will scan the contents of the mail at 200+ DPI in full color and upload it as a high-quality PDF.

To further enhance their mail deliveries and simplify the mail sorting process, users can use ‘smart address tags' that give you a set of standard letter-based tags that you add to the end of your mailbox number, i.e., ‘#1000N' to pre-designate your mail. Each tag has a different letter code and can indicate one of the actions mentioned above (open and scan, forward, trash, etc.). Any new mail containing one of these tags is directly routed and processed according to the tag's instructions skipping unnecessary middle steps and making processing faster.

#4 Dedicated check deposit service.

When you receive a check in your account, VirtualPostMail offers the chance to deposit the check directly into a bank account of your choice. When you select this option, your request is processed, and your check is mailed out to the bank within one business day.

The process is straightforward. As long as your bank supports mail-in deposits, which almost all of them do, you don't need to worry about facing any difficulties while depositing the check into your bank account. What's best about VirtualPostMail's check deposit service is that it is not bound to your subscription plan, and you only need to pay for the deposits you make—no more, no less.

VirtualPostMail Review: 10 Years In The Virtual Mailbox Industry And Counting

#5 Free registered agent service for your business.

Every LLC and LP needs a registered agent of their own because it is their official contact with the state, and it is mandatory to designate one so the government can have an official contact file for your business. Failing to have one can result in severe consequences.

VirtualPostMail offers to be a registered agent for your business to process and receive legal documents on your behalf. This service is absolutely free as long as your account is on a supported plan. VirtualPostMail is one of the best registered agents you can get for your business because they can process your legal documents in a time-sensitive manner to protect your business image in the eyes of the state at all times.

#6 Premium security.

VirtualPostMail is recognized as a registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) at the highest level, which means that the USPS authorizes them to process and handle mail on your behalf. They value user security and privacy the most, which is why all user information transferred between the servers is encrypted with bank-level SSL encryption.

All passwords are stored and made secure with the high-level SHA-256 encryption algorithm and never directly as cleartext. This ensures that no one finds your account's password and gains access to it (unless you leak it yourself, of course).

VirtualPostMail's mailing facilities also have round-the-clock surveillance with security alarms and camera systems to protect your mail and packages. Your mail can only be accessed by authorized personnel who themselves have gone through a background check.

Pros & Cons Of VirtualPostMail


  • VirtualPostMail is very safe. All passwords are stored and are made secure with the high-level SHA-256 encryption algorithm, and their physical mailing facilities have round-the-clock surveillance to protect your mail and packages.
  • VirtualPostMail a registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA).
  • If you own a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or Limited Partnership (LP), VirtualPostMail can act as your registered agent for the service of processing and receiving legal documents on your business's behalf. This service is free with any plan you choose except Henderson, NV's Starter plan.
  • Unlimited cloud storage for all your mail as long as your account remains active.
  • Unlimited incoming mail on all plans above the Plus tier.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (something you don't get with a PO Box provider, for example).


  • A very limited number of mail processing centers across the country, with only four centers currently active to scan and process your mail and packages, which can cause a lot of mail and package delays.
  • Expensive pricing compared to their competitors, such as iPostal1 and PostScan Mail, which offer similar plans at half the price.
  • VirtualPostMail has a suspiciously low number of reviews on all major review platforms despite being around for more than a decade now, which is highly concerning.
  • Customer support is only active Monday through Friday (and not on holidays or weekends) from 9 am-5 pm PST through phone at (909) 235-6245, or email at [email protected].
  • No dedicated apps for Android and iOS, forcing smartphone users to access VirtualPostMail's site from their browser.


Incoming mail limit25UnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited
Scan limit1050100150
Maximum recipients251020
Extra mail/piece$0.50FreeFreeFree
Extra recipient(s)/month$5$3$2$2

VirtualPostMail's most popular plan is their Plus plan, and one look at this table is enough to tell you why. VirtualPostMail's Starter plan might suffice if you receive a very limited amount of mail, but it generally doesn't make financial sense for the average household.

This is because starting from the Plus plan, you don't get an incoming mail limit, so you won't need to pay extra if you get more mail than your allotment. Additionally, some services like the registered agent are only reserved for Plus plan or better users, such as the registered agent services in Henderson, NV.

The Plus plan costs about $35/month and offers unlimited incoming mail, up to 50 mail scans, five recipients, and $3 per recipient if you decide to add more recipients. VirtualPostMail has a full refund policy within 30 days of account activation if you are unsatisfied with the service.

As mentioned above, VirtualPostMail's pricing is expensive compared to competitors like iPostal1, whose plans cost half of what VirtualPostMail's plans cost. While there are a lot of lucrative features involved in the steep pricing, such as unlimited incoming mail, we still think that these features do not justify the expensive price tag VirtualPostMail's plans come with.

VirtualPostMail – Is It The Best Option For You?

VirtualPostMail offers users several great and intuitive features combined with world-class security and professional business support. However, just like many other virtual mailbox providers, VirtualPostMail also has a few problems that users must be aware of before deciding if it is the best option.

Firstly, not only does it not offer any addresses outside of the US, but it has a very limited number of locations within the country. With only four active mail processing centers, you get virtually no choice when it comes to your desired street address.

While they offer great security features such as their SHA-256 encryption and unlimited incoming mail on most of their plans, these are still very expensive compared to what most virtual mailbox providers charge. Their starter plan is affordable but very limited, and the only next decent option is the Plus plan which costs $35/month—the same price that most virtual mailbox providers charge for their high-end premium plans.

The company has received almost no reviews online despite being more than a decade old. Their customer support isn't active on holidays or the weekends, and they don't have a mobile app yet (although they do plan to release one soon).

That said, if it is world-class security that you are after, you need professional support for your business, and you don't mind paying the premium price for extra features, then VirtualPostMail is a good option to consider.

In Summary

VirtualPostMail is a good service with many lucrative features, support, and security. However, these benefits come at a premium cost and only in a very limited number of locations, making VirtualPostMail a good choice only for a select number of people. If you're looking for a street mailing address outside California, Nevada, Delaware, or Florida, then VirtualPostMail isn't for you.

VirtualPostMail FAQs

How much does VirtualPostMail cost?

VirtualPostMail costs anywhere from $20/month to $90+/month, depending on the plan you choose and the features you use. 

Is VirtualPostMail worth it?

Yes, VirtualPostMail is worth it if you are looking for world-class security, intuitive features, and premium business support and don't mind paying a premium price or facing slight delivery delays due to the limited number of locations. 

Is VirtualPostMail safe?

Yes, VirtualPostMail is safe because it uses SHA-256 encryption to protect the information that travels between its servers and around-the-clock surveillance to protect its facilities. 

Is VirtualPostMail legit?

Yes, VirtualPostMail is legit because it is recognized as a registered Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA), which means that the USPS fully authorizes them to process and handle mail on your behalf.

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