PO Box Zone Review: Much More Than A PO Box

September 3, 2022

PO Box Zone is a long-running virtual mailbox and mail forwarding service provider headquartered in Nevada, offering street addresses both in that state and Wyoming. They offer affordable prices for their services, albeit only payable annually and with no money-back guarantee. Apart from their virtual mailbox services, they also offer some special services for small businesses, such as registered agent services through their partner IncParadise.

Although not a bad service and relatively inexpensive, the high upfront cost and few street addresses to choose from make PO Box Zone undesirable for many. If you prefer monthly billing at an equally good price, 2,300+ addresses to choose from, and great service both for personal and business accounts, then iPostal1 is a much better option.

What Is PO Box Zone?

PO Box Zone is an advanced mail forwarding and virtual mailbox service founded in 2001 that targets travelers, retirees, and small businesses, offering its services in all 50 states of the USA. The company is headquartered in Nevada, where they manage its own mail forwarding service with physical employees.

PO Box Zone's top features are its convenient software integrations that upload your documents to the cloud storage of your choice. Another top feature is its advanced mail and package forwarding service, which offers users detailed plans depending on the features they want in an affordable price range.

The system works like an advanced PO Box with the difference that, instead of going through the hassle of picking up your mail in person, PO Box Zone scans your mail for you and uploads it to your account, where you can read it digitally from anywhere.

Features Of PO Box Zone

PO Box Zone Review: Much More Than A PO Box

#1 Access all your postal mail online. 

PO Box Zone prides itself on the fact that it works very similar to your regular PO box, except that all your mail is managed online instead of physically. This means that whenever you receive a piece of mail, it will be scanned and uploaded online within the span of a single day. The same goes with your packages—all the packages you receive at the facility are stored safely, and then you are notified so you can decide what to do with them.

PO Box Zone has a minimalistic and straightforward website that encourages users to access and use it as frequently as necessary. It's user-friendly and ensures that you can easily manage your mail online no matter where they are in the world. Additionally, PO Box Zone offers dedicated smartphone apps for both Android and iOS so you can check your postal mail on the go.

#2 Software integrations.

PO Box Zone offers software integrations right off the bat. As soon as a user is done with their signup process, they can connect their Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive account so that users can upload their documents to the cloud storage of their choice.

This is extremely convenient for users and makes them feel more comfortable knowing that their documents and sensitive mail are on their own cloud storage that hackers cannot access easily.

PO Box Zone Review: Much More Than A PO Box

#3 Free services.

One of the best things about PO Box Zone is that it offers several ‘free' services to its users once you get their plans, which usually come with a price tag with other competitors. One of the features is the automatic removal of junk and spam mail. Whenever you get mail that you don't want, PO Box Zone automatically gets rid of it for you, free of charge.

They also offer unlimited letter processing, which technically means they don't have an incoming mail limit. With each plan, you get your own real street address where you can receive any mail and package you want.

#4 Mail and package forwarding. 

Whenever you receive a mail or package on your virtual mailing address, you can choose to have it shipped and forwarded to your own address so you can check them out yourself. PO Box Zone offers international shipping for all the mail and packages you forward to yourself. No matter where you are in the world, as long as a major delivery carrier delivers to your area, you can easily get your mail and packages shipped to your current address.

PO Box Zone offers several dedicated mail and package forwarding plans for users to choose. These plans are custom-made for users and the amount of mail they are likely to send and receive. If you can afford it, one plan even offers to send your mail and packages free of extra costs once a week (excluding postage).

PO Box Zone Review: Much More Than A PO Box

#5 Registered agent.

If you are forming your own business for the first time, PO Box Zone offers an additional feature of a registered agent with the help of their project partner IncParadise. Their project partner provides registered agent services at affordable rates in every state in the USA. The company has been offering its services for over two decades and has helped thousands of companies in the USA.

If you are looking to get a registered agent along with your virtual mailbox, IncParadise might be a great option because it also offers dedicated virtual office services along with your real street address.

The company takes care of all your legal documentation and organizes it properly while keeping your privacy their utmost priority. To sum it up, if you are a newly formed small business using PO Box Zone's service, you should strongly consider using the service of their partner as well.

#6 Free cloud and physical storage.

PO Box Zone is very lenient when it comes to storing your mail and packages in their mailing facilities. Not only does PO Box Zone have no limitations on the amount of mail you can store in their facilities, but you can do so for up to 6 months. This means that you don't need to urgently cancel your plans or take time to pick up or have your mail delivered to you once per few weeks—you can do so anytime within 6 months. This grace period is much longer than what most other competitors offer. Most of them will barely give you 30 days at the most, while the best ones offer 45 days of free storage.

The company also offers unlimited free cloud storage for users that can't access or prefer not to use Google Drive, Dropbox, or other software integrations.

Pros & Cons Of PO Box Zone


  • One of the cheapest plans for mail forwarding in the entire virtual mailbox industry. If you opt for PO Box Zone, you won't need to worry about your expenses going overboard.
  • A real street address that users can have their mail and packages shipped to and businesses can use as their business address.
  • Software integrations with major cloud storage platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  • Mail recipient limit of up to 6 people on all their plans at no extra cost. This starkly contrasts with other virtual mailbox providers that offer only one free recipient and charge users for each additional recipient.
  • They offer several features for free on all their plans, such as junk and spam mail filtering and shredding and no incoming mail limit.
  • Active customer support that is responsive and helpful, and can be contacted via email at [email protected] and through phone at +1-702-871-8678.
  • Dedicated Android (not rated) and iOS (rated 5/5) app that helps smartphone users access PO Box Zone's website in a very mobile-friendly way.
  • An easy and simple account setup process that can be finished in a few minutes, saving users time and effort.
  • Dedicated registered agent services available for small businesses with the help of their project partner IncParadise.


  • While PO Box Zone offers extremely affordable pricing for the number of features they offer with their plans, they are still charged annually, which can be troublesome for users that just want to try the service out for a while. 
  • Like SnapMailbox and other virtual mailbox providers, PO Box Zone offers very few virtual street addresses to choose from and only in Wyoming and Nevada.
  • PO Box Zone has an overly simplistic website that lacks features, options, and information for users which can be troublesome both before and after purchasing their service.
  • While PO Box Zone has advanced mail forwarding services, its package forwarding features are still rudimentary compared to other virtual mailbox providers such as iPostal1.
  • PO Box Zone does not offer free scans with their plans, and each letter is individually scanned and individually priced for around $1-$2, which can quickly add up if you request a lot of mail scans.
  • Excluding the total postage cost, PO Box Zone charges extra for each mailout you do, which can go as high as $5.50.


While PO Box Zone offers three separate plans, they only share one incremental difference, and that is the price of each individual mailout. We summed up the price difference in the following table.

Lowest planModerate planHigh-use plan
Price per mailout (excluding postage)$5.50$2.50Free once per week

Apart from this, all PO Box Zone plans charge $1 for each individual letter scan and feature a recipient limit of up to 6 people. The plans also feature unlimited incoming mail, free mail shredding, and automatic junk mail removal. Additionally, they offer software integrations and dedicated mobile apps for the additional convenience of mobile users.

PO Box Zone does not offer refunds—once you pay the annual fee on one of their plans, there is a very small chance that you will ever see your money back. While PO Box Zone offers excellent pricing exclusively on their plans as compared to their competition, they do charge an extra $1 for all 10-page scans, $2 if it's between 10-20 pages, and $3 for 20-30 pages. They also charge individual mailout rates for each mail or package you forward.

PO Box Zone – Is It The Best Option For You?

PO Box Zone is exactly what they say they are: an advanced PO box company that scans, forwards, or shreds your postal mail for you. However, being just an advanced PO box company and not a fully-fledged virtual mailbox provider has its own share of problems, which you must be aware of before deciding if it's the best service for you.

One of PO Box Zone's biggest disadvantages is its peculiar pricing system. Their pricing features an annual billing system instead of a monthly one and comes with tons of hidden costs that you won't find until you thoroughly search yourself. While the plans themselves look highly affordable at first, coming off at just $99/year, the actual charges start adding up when you start scanning or forwarding your mail.

Each scan costs anywhere from $1-$3, depending on the length, and each mailout costs anywhere from $5.50 to $2.50, depending on your plan. It also has a limited number of locations, not enough virtual mailbox features that the competition commonly has, and its website is a bit too simple.

That being said, PO Box Zone still has one of the most affordable plans in the industry, and as long as you manage your mail properly, the hidden costs will often be justified because of the plan's affordable price. PO Box Zone is also one of the only providers in the industry that features a dedicated smartphone app and software integrations for their users at this price point.

As long as you are not afraid to commit to PO Box Zone's yearly plans and can identify what features you need the most, PO Box Zone can prove to be a good option for you.

In Summary

PO Box Zone might not feature a diverse variety of locations or dedicated online features. However, they do have one of the most affordable pricing in the industry paired with good service and software integrations to make up for it.

PO Box Zone FAQs

How much does PO Box Zone cost?

PO Box Zone costs anywhere from $99 to $250+, depending on the plan and options you take.

Is PO Box Zone worth it?

Yes, PO Box Zone is worth it because it has one of the most affordable pricing in the virtual mailbox industry for its services.

Is PO Box Zone safe?

Yes, PO Box Zone is safe because all mail is handled and scanned by their professional staff, emphasizing your privacy, so you can be assured your mail is safe. 

Is PO Box Zone legit? 

Yes, PO Box Zone is legit because it is owned by Eastbiz.com, INC and has received several reviews online.

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