Fetch Rewards Review: One Of The Best Cashback Apps Out There

May 4, 2023

Fetch Rewards is a platform that offers cashback on your purchases by scanning and uploading your receipts to the app. The service is free, and they pay you for anonymous user information related to your purchasing habits. Fetch points are valued at 1,000 points per dollar, and you can redeem the points for different rewards, including gift cards from famous brick-and-mortar as well as online retailers.

This Fetch Rewards review shows you can use this app to effortlessly create a source of passive income, especially if you take advantage of the different bonuses and special offers it constantly offers.

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What Is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is a free mobile app that allows you to get cashback whenever you upload your grocery receipt from any store in the United States. Unlike other receipt scanning apps, Fetch Rewards has a clean interface and accepts paper receipts from nearly all physical retailers. You don’t have to stick to a specific brand to earn rewards. As long as your product appears in the offers, you’re eligible for a great reward. The best part is, as they are partnered with several local and international retailers, they also accept their e-receipts.

Wes Schroll, the founder of Fetch Rewards, created the app in 2013 with a few employees. At the time of this writing, due to the massive success of Fetch Rewards, the company has over 800 talented employees working to help you save on everyday purchases. Fetch Rewards has gained over two million people using the app to earn rewards (or get gift cards) in a short period. It has also helped thousands of retailers to know shopper behavior and deliver intelligent, relevant offers that inspire people to act.

In this Fetch Rewards review, we’ll explain if Fetch Rewards is worth it or not. After seeing all the features and pros and cons of the app, you’ll be able to make a final decision.

Features Of Fetch Rewards

As a cashback app, Fetch Rewards has plenty going for it. Here are its most prominent features:

#1 Generate Passive Income

Instead of wasting your grocery shopping receipts, Fetch Rewards gives you the opportunity to turn them into a passive income. Within 14 days of your shopping, you just have to scan your receipt and earn rewards. You can also get gift cards for your points. If you don’t know how much fetch points are worth, you get $1 for every 1,000 points.

There are hundreds of new offers generated on the app every day. From clothing retailers to pet stores, restaurants to gas stations, you will find plenty of stores and products to shop from and get cashback. Unlike other cashback apps, Fetch Rewards allows you to shop from various retailers, so you can choose your favorite brand and get rewarded for it. This is an excellent way to shop and stack your earnings simultaneously.

Fetch Rewards Review: One Of The Best Cashback Apps Out There

#2 Accepts Receipts From All Popular Retailers

Being one of the top cashback apps in the United States, Fetch Rewards is partnered with over 350+ local and international brands. As soon as you see an offer on the app, you can buy that product and upload the receipt to earn cashback rewards. It doesn't matter from which store you buy it. It keeps you from the stress of planning your purchases. From Walmart to Costco, Amazon to Aldi, hundreds of brands are partnered with Fetch Rewards, making it easier for users to shop for their favorite products.

#3 Accepts eReceipts

Fetch Rewards is one of the few cashback apps that accept electronic receipts, which is excellent for people who do online shopping. Fetch Rewards has launched its Digital Receipt Program called eReceipts, which allows you to connect your email account (or online shopping accounts) and earn points for online purchases. Most of the stores that are eligible for physical receipts are also eligible for e-receipts. You have to download the Fetch app for Android or iOS to scan the receipt directly from your smartphone.

Fetch Rewards Review: One Of The Best Cashback Apps Out There

#4 Base Rate Of 25 Points

Whether you spend $10 or $1000, you'll earn a base rate of 25 points. Even if you don't shop from the mentioned retailers, you can upload the receipt on the app and get rewarded with the base points. You will earn more points if your receipt mentions an item present in the special offers.

#5 Bonus Points For Buying Qualifying Items

Whenever I open the app, there are hundreds of offers nearly every day. Unlike other cashback apps, you don't have to activate the offer before shopping. You can go to your nearest store at any time (before the offer expires), buy the item, and upload the receipt on the Fetch Rewards app. You will receive the points instantly and can move on to the next offer to accumulate more points.

You will get high scores for qualified items, up to 5,000 points for a single item. In some cases, on top of points, you will also get a discount on the product, which is fantastic.

#6 Redeem Your Points For Gift Cards

You can buy a gift card starting from 3,000 points, equivalent to $3. From Amazon to Best Buy, Uber to Walmart, there is a wide range of gift cards available on the app that you can redeem. However, I advise you to get a gift card when you can reach around 15,000 points because there are more gift cards option available in this range. Apart from redeeming the points for gift cards, users can also donate them to charities, like American Red Cross and Girls Who Code.

Here are some of the gift cards available for you to redeem:

  • Target
  • Visa Prepaid
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • The Home Depot
  • Hulu
Fetch Rewards Review: One Of The Best Cashback Apps Out There

As soon as you redeem your electronic gift card, it will be available in your Fetch Rewards account. If your gift card is still processing and you change your mind, you can cancel it and redeem another one.

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#7 Huggies Rewards+ Fetch

Good news for all the new parents out there. Fetch Rewards has a Huggies Rewards+ Fetch program that allows you to earn significant points on buying baby products from the Huggies. For instance, if you buy diapers worth $150, you will earn more than 5,000 Fetch Rewards points and probably an extra discount on the item as well. The higher the price of the Huggies item, the more points you will earn.

The points you get from the Huggies Rewards+ Fetch program are in addition to the Special offers. You can check out the Fetch Rewards website for more details on this program.

#8 Earn A 3,000-Point Signup Bonus

As soon as you sign up on Fetch Rewards, you’ll receive a 3,000-point signup bonus that you can use to buy gift cards from the platform. Not only this, but you can also refer Fetch Rewards to your family and friends to score extra points, simply by sending them a Fetch Rewards referral code. For every recommendation, you can earn up to 5,000 points and use those rewards to buy gift cards of your choice. The best part is that there is no limit on referrals; you can bring as many people as you want and keep earning on the side.

If you are willing to join Fetch Rewards and begin earning cashback, use the code YOREOYSTER and get a $3 gift card right away. Get points for shopping on more than 350 local and international brands, and redeem gift cards.

Pros And Cons Of Fetch Rewards


  • Quick Signup Process: Unlike other cashback apps, the signup process is swift, and you can start earning points right away.
  • Easy-To-Use Interface: Fetch Rewards has a beginner-friendly interface, and you also get a tutorial when you sign up on the app.
  • Over 500 Partnered Retailers: It is partnered with over 500 popular local and international retailers, including Walmart, Target, and Hulu.
  • Accepts eReceipts: Fetch Rewards accepts both physical and eReceipts. After ordering online, you just have to tap the blue eReceipt button from the app and earn rewards.
  • Great Customer Support: It provides excellent customer support to its users. You can send them an email or submit an online ticket, and you will get an instant response.
  • Dozens of Offers Everyday: On fetch Rewards, you'll get dozens of new offers every day, so you can shop from your favourite store and earn points.
  • Bonus Points for Qualifying Items: Get up to 5,000 rewards for shopping for a qualifying item.
  • 3,000-Point Signup Bonus: As soon as you sign up on Fetch Rewards (use our link for a quick start), you’ll get 3,000 points.
  • Huggies Rewards+ Program: For newborn parents, take advantage of the Huggies Rewards+ Fetch program and earn up to 5,000 points for buying baby products.
  • Referral Bonus: Earn up to 5,000 points for recommending Fetch Rewards to your friends and family member.
  • Quick Receipt Uploading: It only takes around 10 seconds to upload the receipt, which is quicker than most cashback apps out there.


  • Limited Points Without Special Offers: The points you get will be limited if you buy a product outside the Special offers.
  • Points Expire After 90 Days: If you don't use your account for 90 days, all your points will expire.
  • Upload Up To 35 Receipts: In one week, you can upload no more than 35 receipts, both physical and e-receipts.
  • Scan Receipts Within 14 Days: After shopping, you have to scan the receipt within 14 days to earn rewards.


Fetch Rewards is a totally free cashback app, you don't have to purchase anything to use the app. There are no special features that you have to buy, Fetch Rewards have made everything free for their users.

As Fetch Rewards earn from the retailers by providing them valuable data so they can improve their products and offer improvised deals, they don't charge any fee to their users. They charge their partnered retailers an affiliate commission, known as a “referral fee.” Besides this, they also make money through interchange fees.

Fetch Rewards Revenue And Valuation

According to a popular platform known as Crunchbase, Fetch Rewards has successfully raised $581.8 million over 10 funding rounds. On April 7, 2022, fetch Rewards was able to raise over $240 million, which took their total funding to over $500 million. Some notable investors, including Nielsen and DST Global, have invested in Fetch Rewards due to their success in the American market.

As stated by PrivCo., Fetch Rewards has a post-money valuation ranging from $1 billion to $10 billion, which is significant compared to other cashback apps. Currently, the company is valued at around $2.5 billion. The CEO of Fetch Rewards revealed it is expected that Fetch will generate $100 million in revenue annually.

Fetch Rewards Competitors

There are a few Fetch Rewards competitors, including Honey, Rakuten, and Ibotta. Ibotta, the most popular rival, was founded in 2012. It allows you to snap a picture of your receipt (only physical) and earn rewards based on your shopping amount.

Unlike Fetch Rewards, you have to manually select the offer before you shop for the item. If you forgot to choose the offer, you wouldn't get any points, even if you have bought the item. On Ibotta and other apps like Ibotta, you have to shop at specific stores. You can't just buy the item from any store and upload the receipt to earn points, as you can on Fetch Rewards. Although the app has a huge user base like Fetch Rewards, they give fewer rewards and have a fewer partner. Ibotta takes more work and earns you less cash.

In Summary

Due to high rewards and a wide range of partnered retailers, Fetch Rewards is one of the best cashback apps in the United States. For frequent shoppers, Fetch Rewards can be a great way to generate passive income and get gift cards. You'll only get a couple of extra bucks if you're not a frequent shopper. While some people think they can get away with using fake receipts to earn more money, this rarely works. Fetch has a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists that use A.I. to spot fakes on the spot and close down any account that tries this.

Furthermore, for every trip your make to your nearest restaurant or gas station, you’ll get up to 5,000 rewards (even more with Special Offers). You can also use it as your go-to savings app. The best part is, unlike other cashback apps, Fetch Rewards also accepts e-receipts and allows you to shop from any store you want (and get 25 base points). Nearly all the users who use this app have excellent reviews on Fetch Rewards.

If you want to earn a nice bonus and also save money every time you shop online, here's how:

  • Sign up with TopCashback, a cashback portal currently offering a $15 signup bonus that's extremely easy to get.
  • The average TopCashback user saves $450/year, with savings of up to 30% on fashion, 40% on cosmetics and beauty, 50% on travel, and much more.

Fetch Rewards FAQs

Is Fetch Rewards actually legit?

Yes, Fetch Rewards is a legit cashback app that has been rewarding users since 2013. It allows you to scan physical and e-receipts, earn points, and redeem gift cards.

How much are 500 Fetch points worth?

500 Fetch points are worth $0.5. The most popular gift cards start from 3,000 points, which is equivalent to $3.

What does Fetch Rewards do with your receipts?

When you scan your receipts on the Fetch Rewards app, you get cash back on your purchases. Fetch Rewards registers the information on the receipt and sells it anonymously to other interested parties, such as their partner's marketing teams.

How many points is $1 on Fetch?

In Fetch Rewards, 1,000 points are equal to $1.

Is Fetch Rewards safe?

Yes. Fetch Rewards is perfectly safe. Fetch doesn't share your personal information with its marketing partners. The company makes money by selling anonymized, pooled data that can't be traced back to you in any way. Additionally, since it's Fetch that is paying you and not the other way around, Fetch Rewards doesn't require any banking or credit card information.

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