What Is A Virtual Business Address?

April 1, 2022
Best Virtual Business Address

A virtual business address is a real street address you can use to receive letters and packages, scan incoming mail and deposit checks, and use as your company mailing address. Virtual business addresses protect the privacy of your home address, make your company appear more professional, and help you grow without the overhead expense of costly offices.

What Is A Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address gives you a physical mailing address where you can accept letters, documents, and packages while you’re away from home. When they receive a piece of mail for you, they’ll scan the envelope or package and email that scan to you.

Getting started with a virtual business address is very simple:

  1. Open an account with one of the virtual business addresses mentioned in this post. I’ve included details about all of their features, including which of them I personally use and why.
  2. The virtual business address you select will assign you a unique mailing address, which you can start using for letters and packages.
  3. Start receiving email notifications every time a piece of mail arrives. and use use your new virtual business address as much as you want.

Standard Virtual Business Address Services

  • Online viewing of letters and packages
  • Open and scan/photograph your letters and packages
  • Shred and destroy unwanted mail
  • Forward letters and packages to your domestic or international address
  • Receive business credit cards and bank statements
  • Receive legal statements and personal & business bills
  • Instant notification when you receive a piece of mail

Advanced Virtual Business Address Services

  • Repack and consolidate multiple packages to save on shipping costs
  • Long-term package storage
  • Deposit checks for you or your business
  • Sign for packages upon delivery
  • Real street address (not a PO box)
  • Personal shopping service

What Is A Virtual Business Address Used For?

A virtual business address is used for forwarding mail while you’re traveling or living abroad, or just to keep you more organized. You can also use a virtual business address to create an online archive of your documents and important papers, or even as an official business address when opening an LLC.

I personally find myself using virtual business address services most often when I’m overseas and need to order things from Amazon and other retailers that won’t ship to my current address. In those cases, I just have the package shipped to my virtual business address, and have them forward it on to my current address a few days later.

Having a real street address can be a huge benefit, too, as many banks and government agencies don’t accept PO boxes as legitimate addresses. This means you can use some virtual business addresses as a registered business address, though not all of them.

Benefits Of Virtual Business Addresses

There are a few major benefits of using a virtual business address:

  • Convenience: With a virtual business address, you’ll have control over all your mail right at your fingertips. You’ll see new mail arrive, be able to forward it to other locations, and even have checks deposited. If the address you choose also provides a virtual office service, you may be able to get a dedicated phone number answered by a real receptionist, too.
  • Freedom To Travel: Have your mail or packages forwarded to you anywhere in the world.
  • Privacy: There are a lot of reasons why you may not want to give out your home address, especially if you’re registering a business and that address will be publicly accessible. Using a virtual business address is a great way to maintain your privacy while still reaping all of the benefits a physical address entails.
  • Registered Agent Services: Some virtual business address services also offer registered agent services, which can offer tremendous value if you’re considering a virtual business address for business use. For example, when a legal document requiring immediate attention is not taken care of in time, it can create a substantial headache for you. The virtual business addresses in the second half of the list above will take care of that for you.
  • Security: The virtual business addresses we recommend above go to great lengths to ensure that your documents (legal, business, and personal) are kept under the highest security. Communications with end users are encrypted with bank-level SSL encryption, and your account will be protected behind a password and 2-factor authentication (2FA) if you choose. Every virtual business address provider in the United States has to follow strict USPS guidelines, and there are harsh consequences if they fail to keep users’ information safe. 

If you’re looking for fewer features, you may be better served by one of the best virtual mailboxes instead.

Virtual Business Address FAQs

Are Virtual Business Addresses Safe?

Yes, virtual business addresses are safe because they’re accessed exclusively online and are not available to the public. All of the virtual business addresses I recommend above operate from secure data centers and comply with the latest security protocols, including 128-bit SSL encryption and full disk encryption for all customer data.

All virtual business addresses in the US must comply with strict USPS guidelines and face stiff penalties if they fail to keep users’ information safe. Virtual business addresses are not permitted to release their users’ addresses to anyone unless they are specifically instructed to do so.

Does USPS Offer A Virtual Business Address?

Yes, USPS does offer a PO box virtual mail service. However, USPS PO boxes cannot receive shipments from any other shipping carrier, which is why it may be a good business move to get a virtual business address address as well.

Can You Pick Up Mail From A Virtual Business Address?

You can pick up mail from some virtual business address, but not all of them. You’ll need to check with your virtual business address service’s policies before receiving any packages so that you don’t get charged an extra pickup fee.

Is It Necessary To Have A Registered Agent?

Yes, every LLC and corporation is legally required to have a Registered Agent in each state where they do business. Some virtual business addresses can serve as a Registered Agent for you, eliminating expensive legal fees and allowing you to focus on building your business.

Can I Use A Virtual Business Address For My LLC?

Yes, you can use a virtual business address for your LLC, and thousands of companies already do. Whether you already have an established LLC or are opening one for the first time, a virtual business address can save you time, money and effort in the process, making your business less burdensome and more profitable.

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